Tara Reid wears deceptive clothing

September 22nd, 2005 // 60 Comments

It’s ironic because she’s not sexy. Unless sexy means always drunk and has the IQ of maple syrup.


  1. You’ve insulted Maple Syrup. I’d much rather take advice from the Aunt Jemima bottle than Tara Reid.

  2. heartstring

    Tara Reid in real life reminds me of her character in The Big Lebowski. except she’s more blonde and tan now.

  3. CastIronBitch

    Aight, she things she’s all that, but when chicks like her (or trying to be her) come into the bar, we either make fun of them until they cry, or just fucking leave, because nobody wants to see their cootchie up in the air while someone takes a shot of tequila out of it.

    And yes. I have seen that. And no. Don’t ask.

  4. Horace H. Kempster

    Is it possible that her skirt was being sarcastic?

    I vote “yes”.

  5. I’d still hit it.

  6. Honestee

    There’s nothing sexy about that flat booty.

  7. ensiform

    This website is often quick with the hyperbole in its snark, but man, it really is quite amazing just how un-sexy Tara Reid is. For a young rich actress with access to all the best beauty tips and treatments, known as a sex symbol, she’s decidely non-sexy. I mean, nearly every girl in, say, my psychology class is much hotter than her.

  8. When will these stupid skirts/pants/whatever go out of style. Nobody who wears something that says “sexy” is actully SEXY.

  9. Nikk The Templar

    My god, she has ugly knees.

  10. therapture

    Stupid cunt she is….totally a loser.

    And now instead of being a skinny, drunken whore, she is starting to go to the side of an overweight drunken whore…

  11. jfive

    maybe shes iliterate and somebody told her it sais dumb drunk whore??

  12. mrwok

    Why is she famous again?

  13. Slare

    All you fuggers would still hit it.

  14. That1Guy77

    That’s messed up. How dare you say maple syrup has an IQ equal to Tara Reid when it’s at least double.

  15. UUUOOOOHHH!!! She’s sexy… as sexy as my dad when he gets up

  16. the_superfotoshopper

    Man, her legs look like they caught on fire and someone put them out with a rake.

  17. jon

    Those $1 flipflops complement her $2 haircut and the $3 i paid her for a blowjob. It was a crap blowjob you see.

  18. Steff

    She was sexy before she got her breast implants and transformed into some skanky little party girl.

  19. sugarplum

    What on earth happened to this woman?
    I remember Van Wilder and there was something worth watching. But this… this is a disgrace.

    However, all you average and below average looking girls out there, rest assured, if Tara did it, you can too!

  20. maetl

    so rectangular. not sexy!
    her ass is like a pancake.

    now where’s the aunt jemima?

  21. AmberDextrose

    Her Skirt? You want to talk about the skirt when she has that pile of straw on her head?

    She actually asked a hair stylist to put in extensions to match her existing *thatch*.

    But the skirt, yes: she should be sued for false advertising. What next? Paris Hilton wearing a top that says “brainy”?

  22. aliciaflower04

    i don’t get it. this chick doesn’t seem to care about being pretty, or a good actress, or a role model. instead she gets a boob job, goes to the tanning salon every day, bleaches her hair, smokes, has lots of sex, parties, and spends thousands of dollars on purses. uh oh, i think i just lost my will to live. :-(

  23. Wackbag

    tr is repulsive…has anybody caught the show “taradise”? It pains me to watch..her poor parents. There is no reason for her to be hanging around showbiz her ass is as irritating as her voice. And her boobs are reminicent of Ms. Chokesondick

  24. Thundercleese

    Seriously, Mrs. Butterworth would OWN Tara in Jeopardy!

    Of course, I would still bang Tara before I would stick it in Mrs. Butterworth…


  25. Proteon

    Tara Reid is the Tawny Kittan of your generation.

  26. Karl Hungus

    Next stop: porn industry

  27. mutterhals

    the most depressing thought is as the rest of the world works for a living, Ms. Reid gets to bounce around exotic islands, flashing her hideous private parts and lounge poolside. i hope she gets genital warts.

  28. Ms. Dilligaff

    You said it Karl…her “co-stars” better double bag it, though; I’m guessing we’re waaay past genital warts with this one.

  29. Tommy Cruise

    I don’t think she knows what the back of her skirt says. I think someone just painted that on there as a joke. Kind of like putting a sticker on someones back saying “Kick me”.

  30. aldo


  31. Juliette

    Ugh, there is NO hope for this one.

  32. goldilocks

    her legs are STUBBY! so, so stubby. and yes, she had no ass, doesnt it make us normal people feel better? Thank god the pressures of fame don’t force me to have hideous breasts. and be stupid.

  33. Ava333

    What are you guys all talking about??? Tara Reid is just soooooo pretty!!! (psyyyyyych)! haha

  34. hautecouture18

    is it just me or did she get a lil chubby… she used to be really skinny.and the outfit and lovely flip flops are not flattering at all. she looks short stubby and fat.

  35. cbgblena

    I think that skirt might be a few years old. Like from when she was actually, well, sexy. I kind of like the newer, skankier Tara. She makes me feel soooooo pretty.

  36. mac2048

    “Tara Reid in real life reminds me of her character in The Big Lebowski. except she’s more blonde and tan now.”

    And chunky, don’t forget that’s she’s horribly, horribly chuncky now.

  37. Grey

    she has a fat mans ass… you know flat with pimples on it. you can see it peeking through the top of her skirt. she doesnt even have a bump on her back big enough to hold her skirt up!!!!

  38. mutterhals

    I can’t in good faith call her fat. i can say she is a drunken flat assed silly tit, but thats like sodomizing a dead horse

  39. What do the following things have in common? Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, flattering photographs of Tara Reid.

  40. Momo

    No ass, horrible hair, Mandee’s brand clothing, and dolla store flip-flops. What is wrong with this chick? I’m a drunk and i manage to have better style.

  41. the_superfotoshopper

    He fixes the cable?

  42. Juliette

    One will tend to get fat when their diet consists of 6 gallons of alcohol per day and late night fast food binges.
    What a role model.

  43. OdetoBrit

    She is like a cross breed of paris hilton and britney spears… A terrible, terrible experiment in useless celebrity hybreeding that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

  44. ZaZ

    I’d swill a bunch of brews with her.

  45. Lizardqueen

    Why doesn’t she just cut to the chase and yank off the Y.

  46. BastardotheGreat

    Godamn she looks so not hot. Tara, if you are reading this, feel free to jump off a chair head first. Only then will you have an excuse to look like shit!

  47. Who is this ugly bitch’s guardian angel, man? Is it just me or do all of these Hollywood fuck ups somehow luck into celebrity and just laugh at the rest of us as they party and fuck and screw and make gazillions of dollars? I mean, how do you explain Ben Affleck and J-Ho? They both, combined, still have no talent. As for TaraDitz, how can someone so nasty and ugly and rude and crude and inane be a total success in this country? Oh, wait. Am I talkin’ about Taraditz or George Bush?

  48. Jaxx

    you guys are rough .. shes just a 29 year old sorority girl .. ‘always drunk and has the IQ of maple syrup’ – statements like that make the frat-boys are line up around the corner

  49. stinkypinky

    Well..I would hardly call her a total success. Sure she was in a few stupid movies but I don’t see her stumbling up to accept an Oscar, boob hanging out of her dress, treating us all to not only a drunken rambling acceptance speech but another look at her fucked up nipple.

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