Tara Reid talks about her messed up body

October 11th, 2006 // 103 Comments

  1. mogirl69

    that’s sad and disgusting… she should have gotten surgery to boost her self-esteem… or i.q.

  2. pixel killya

    Nice of her to admit things that everyone with functioning eyesight already knew. What a mess.

  3. aussiecrumpet

    Im thinking all the years of alcohol abuse didnt really help the healing process either.

  4. januaryanne

    i dunno i think it’s ballsy of her to be so candid. i mean my stomach is a bulgy, ripply thing but i don’t do interviews about it.

  5. Hey, Superficial douchebag, it’s late and everybodys gone home.
    Try again tomorrow.

    METS in six in the World Series

    To the Lidle family,
    I’m deeply sorry for your lose.

  6. Dory

    Yuck Yuck Yuck. Why would you do that to yourself. Why. There was nothing wrong with her breasts seriously and the stomach… would a few crunches have hurt?

  7. my boobs look better than those

  8. Elizabeth

    eww she is not was not 110 pounds

  9. sexybitch

    That’s the problem with lipo – after the fat’s vacuumed out your skin can end up lumpy and looking like a carpet with vacuum tracks. It never looks right, no matter what that sleeveless scrubwearing asshole Dr. 90210 says. Lay off the booze & nachos and just go to the gym fer Chrissakes.

  10. pursang

    You want six packs Tara? Then hit the gym and lay off the six packs of good old Iron City. No, you’re in Hollywood so you decide to take the easy way out and go to Habib’s Cut-Rate High Risk Plastic Surgery Clinic. Did you get the professional discount Tara? I hope so because you’re obviously a damn brain surgeon to have so many plastic surgeries go horribly wrong.

    Here’s a tip for the future Tara, if your plastic surgeon also has certificates on his wall that state he successfully completed Muffler Repair School that isn’t a good sign. I know in your feeble mind it must sound great, but trust me it isn’t.

    Last but not least, if your gut looks like that cover it up. Do you know how many people are going to stick sharp objects in their eyes after seeing that mess? At the very least it’s going to cause a shitload of people to have nightmares tonight.

  11. sexybitch

    That does it – I’m going as a fat-sucking cannula for Halloween – the horror! I’m also starting a fund to buy her a knee-length t-shirt so we don’t have to see her lumpy navel any more.

  12. mgcsinc

    Who in the hell is that hideous woman in the pink? Good god!

  13. here

    Headlights point down; I’d hit it.

  14. mirandawilde

    Is there no conditioner in the land that she lives in?

  15. Flip21

    Her shirt expresses more confidence than she does.

  16. sexybitch

    There was, but her surgeon lipo’d the fat out of the bottle.

  17. @12

    Fuckin’ A! She looks like Samara from The Ring got her. That is equisitely ugly!

  18. RichPort

    I imagine it’s pretty much like this whenever some lucky everyday guy gets the chance to bang a used Hollywood starlett. The shock of seeing those plastic parts naked and having to touch tits that feel like erections can really destroy one’s fantasy of B Hollywood perfection, especially when it turns out the bitch can’t suck a decent sausage of fuck worth a fuck.

    The real reason she got her tits redone is because Dennis Rodman popped them. His enormous johnson forced air up through her cervix which ended up surrounding her lungs, literally popping her tits off as it rushed out. If you pulled fingerprints off of those pockmarks on her stomach, you’ll see they’re the perfect match for Rodman’s hands, complete with huge thumb prints on the small of her back. Rodman reportedly left her motionless for hours, as he finished himself off by wacking off to pictures of himself in last year’s Vera Wang bridal gown.

  19. assfacecocknocker

    id stil go the cow!

  20. Trashy, busted up whores.

  21. sexybitch

    Rodman has a lot of nerve wearing white.

  22. ___

    I can’t believe they gave her the cover. Like it’s going to help her career at all. It will just help her live in L.A. for maybe another year.

    In other news, Elton John gets ass raped by Walt Disney (pic) -



  23. Madrid Marriott

    The thing with this whore is that no one with any ounce of self esteem could possible have EVER found her attractive. She’s less than not pretty; she is, in fact, distinctly ugly. She never had a good body. She was never in shape. She never had a personality to speak of. She never had a hint of talent.

    And to the fellas who did find her attractive, and, worse still, who still say you’d “hit it” — you’re fucking pathetic and deserve to be dunked in a bath full of Paris Hilton Herpjuice. (It’s available in your local supermarket under the Newman’s Own label).

  24. Amy3000

    I’d Hit It….with a rusty fucking crowbar.

  25. ApacheRose

    Black bra, white shirt… she hates her tits. Yeah right.

    Gotta be sure to leave a seat for her on the celebrity “rocket to the sun” reality show. She can sit next to Lohan and compare boobs.

  26. yuckyfresh

    wow! i was gonna come on here and say there’s no way she’s 110 lbs, unless she’s a dwarf, and that if she’s so flabby and gross looking she should put on some clothes, but you guys are all over that shit, nice work!

    as a final thought, anyone remember how cute she was in the big lebowski?? “i’ll suck your cock for a thousand dollars.” that girl’s got talent!!

  27. CruisingForCock

    Regarding the shirt

    A. You CAN and SHOULD cover up the mess by wearing a longer shirt.

    B. “You were never my boyfriend” I can just hear the “AMEN” from all the men.

  28. I’m such a disgrace to myself and my family. I’ll never come back.

  29. My friends know I’m a waste and I have severe mental problems.

  30. SuperWoman

    uuh.. is her belly bruised.. or just dirty from digging in the dumpster for beerspit??

  31. Sheva

    She should have stayed with alcohol. She would have fucked herself up a lot worse.

    Wot a disaster. The state of NJ should declare her a disaster area.

  32. Gryffydd

    She should have used the Ab-Abber 2000!

  33. I just threw up. I think there is a lesson to be learned from this interview.

  34. nooneyouknow

    i can’t believe no on has commented on her BAD extensions. i mean, that’s a MULLET. oh, the horror. the horrors!!

  35. Not only is she converting her body into a potato, but she’s wearing Lindsey’s shirt from a few years ago.

    Tara Reid: Truly a Fallen Star.

  36. redsoxrule

    i’m consoled only by the thought that thurmon will be catching cory’s first pitch in heaven. [snicker]

  37. blissa

    She looks like shit – and it’s not necessarily because she went to a bad doc, it’s because plastic surgery LOOKS AWFUL in general.

    Good for her for talking about it though. Next step – not showing off the carnage at every opportunity.

  38. uecker

    Juuuust a bit off course

  39. Holy Jumping Fuck! What a trainwreck of a stomach!

    Goddamn you, you cheap, coked-up, lice-infested wretch! When you are hiring somebody to CUT IN TO YOUR BODY the last thing you want to do is use a coupon. You must be out of your fucking mind.

    I can’t believe I ever dropped a load while thinking about what could be under those sexy clothes. Now you have ruined what may have been a pretty decent body. That makes you a stupid, greedy whore in my book.

    Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. You get everything you deserve. I am SO glad that the Lord Jebus put you on the earth to show the rest of us just how fucked up we could all be. I for one feel a whole lot better about being just an average guy. Thanks, dumb-ass!

    Miserable wretch. Maybe you should do us all a favor and promise to wear nothing but fumpsuits from now on.

    Fuck-a-monkey, it’s been ten minutes since I looked at those pictures and my eyes STILL burn.

    Go throw yourself in to traffic. Bitch.

  40. Angry Ferret Jones

    mother fuckin’ fumpsuit = jumpsuit.

  41. uecker

    I do believe this is the first time a pitcher has become famous for being a fireballer at the age of 34.

  42. Shise

    Fugly BIATCHHHHHHHH. Needed a chef and personal trainer to get those abs she desperately wanted…… Proabably to pissed to make a sound decision.. Where is her mother??

  43. Dead_Swanky

    tara- why not take a leave of abscence and get things together, rather than grasping for any type of publicity

  44. GorillaGrod

    And why is she hanging around with Carrot Top’s twin sister?

  45. Jenn

    What IS this? The Red Carpet of T-Shirts that say Stupid Shit?!

  46. Browchay

    What the hell is that think in the pink shes standing next to ? .. How ugly ?!?

  47. She is actually signing pictures of herself from when she ‘used to be hot’.

    “No really, that is me. Was me.”

    Hey, but don’t knock plastic tits: mine look fab ;-E) Not all surgeons screw up.

  48. Tracy

    You think her belly looks bad? You should see her liver!!

  49. Grope For Luna

    She looks a little old and broken in the top pic, but she actually looks pretty and girlish in the bottom left one.

    Why does she keep showing off her lumpy tummy?

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