Tara Reid still wearing a bikini

October 21st, 2008 // 90 Comments

Tara Reid continued her Miami vacation yesterday which begs the question: Does Tara Reid even work? Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice she’s rocking the rare under-cleavage which almost (almost) distracted me from the Fleshy Picasso she calls a stomach. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to pour scalding hot coffee in my eyes. Ooh, hazelnut!


  1. Naulboy


  2. ph7

    OK! They terrorists have finally won! Imposing pictures of Tara Reid on us has broken our will and destroyed our way of life.

  3. Schlep

    Nevertheless, I’d hit it.

  4. What made her decide to sleep in a box of prunes?

  5. Mia

    She should wear a one piece or boy shorts swim suit to flatter her body.

  6. What made her decide to sleep in a box of prunes?

  7. NO, I didn’t think it was worth saying twice. Fucking computer.

  8. Erin

    She already looks like Magda from “There’s Something About Mary” -

    “The last time I had a pap smear, the guy needed leather gloves and an oyster shucker.”

  9. Shes doing a public service! not to take the easy way out when it comes to hard work,,,lazy fucks…

  10. denise

    would someone please buy this “woman” a mirror

  11. Naddy

    LMAO at # 4 LOL

  12. scrooge

    the last pic…….that’s how i’d hit iiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  13. Just Wondering

    Is she hanging out with Amy Winehouse? That crack’ll age you fast!

  14. blah

    At least her stomach isn’t as bad as it used to be. It’s still messed up…but not as much as before.

  15. Seriously.. Kate Gosselin’s tummy tucked stomach looks better than Tara’s. Kate’s was free, and I’m guessing Tara actually paid for hers.. I’d demand a refund!

  16. Deacon Jones

    @13 – Beat me to it

  17. Reason

    @13: So, so true.

  18. Wait, wasn’t her stomach looking worse than that? I saw pic of her looking much worse than this. Still, her mid section looks weird. I’d still bang her. She’s still got something over an average woman.

  19. Aja

    She looks fine, I don’t get it. Stop nitpicking, she is very attractive overall.

  20. dieinafiredanecook

    #18 what might that something be? Oh, yeah, that’s right: SuperHerpes. I almost forgot. That and enough extra skin hanging off her midsection to cover a 67 Cadillac Sedan Deville. I’d it it with a shovel to keep it away from my kids.

  21. Tim

    Buncha Alzheimers patients here today. Previously we’ve seen pictures of her John McCain butt and her butchered boob job, but now they must have magically fixed themselves, because some are saying she’s attractive except for the tummy bumps. Like infants who think stuff only exists when they look at it.

  22. craigj

    The rack is looking good. The stomach and ass give me shivers, and not in a good way. Still, you know you’d hit it if just given the chance.

  23. surlywench

    I don’t get it. Unless she lost a tremendous amount of weight her skin shouldn’t have the elasticity of a 70 year old.

    Anyway, it really serves her right for using plastic surgery as an alternative to exercise. Lazy bitch. Hope her liver rots away.

  24. Rick

    I’d hit it if given the chance??? Really???

    Guys who have done the casual-sex thing enough times know that there are times when an attractive girl gets her clothes off and you discover something…ugh. Like the time I’ll never forget that a girl with one of the best asses I’ve ever seen got naked with me and let me run my hands over her HAIRY ASS. Yes, hair on the butt cheeks themselves. No, not peach hair. Dark hair. In all my binge drinking since then, I’ve killed many brain cells but not the ones that store that very vivid memory. Thank you God.

    So, no thanks on Tara. Running my hands over her bumpy tummy and over her collapsed butt are experiences that I don’t want stored in my brain. Plus, she’s always drunk and there’s a 50:50 chance she’ll puke into your mouth, with some nice frothy semen on top from the bj she just completed with way too much drooling. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that magic.

  25. i want to start a philanthropic cause to fix tara reid’s stomach. the top third is looking pretty good. it’s just the rest that makes my soul cry. and is that amy winehouse from three years ago? it looks like they are leaving a restaurant and amy pulled a fast one by hiding her left over mashed potatoes in tara reid’s stomach. the british…so inventive…

  26. randy

    This is stupid, she is still amazingly beautiful, her face is just so pretty!!!

  27. Soandumbut

    I’m sure I’ve seen those girls in a zoo with a cute baby black faced animal clutching one with its face to the other.

  28. Sport

    I give her another 18 months until her money and ‘fame’ run out.
    Porn is waiting for you Tara.

  29. When I initially saw Tara Reid in a bikini a question came to mind, “Would I rather have a pretty face with a nasty body, or vice versa?” The answer really is I don’t know. She’s pretty in the face, but her body needs to stay covered up yo!

  30. hendero

    #24 Rick – I’m not sure I’d equate the opportunity to have sex with a well-above average looking woman with an admittedly questionable stomach who has appeared in a couple of hundred million dollar earning movies to encountering a hairy ass on some random chick you met in a bar. I think I’d still take the chance on Tara.

  31. RamaOtster

    I am so glad that I am not the only one who saw Magda in those pictures.

  32. Brenda


    lmao@the guys saying they’d still “hit it”. This girl has destroyed her own body with relentless partying and botched unnecessary plastic surgery. But she buys a bottle of peroxide and a couple of implants (put in during yet another poorly done surgery, complete with nipple scarring) and the guys still swoon. She beats a blowup doll, sure, but just barely. So I guess she’s your perfect girlfriend after all.

  33. Stephiphany

    I think they make bathing suits that cover the abdomen while still showing off those big jugs. Oh well. At least she’s wearing shorts.

  34. icarus

    22. craigj – October 21, 2008 12:44 PM

    The rack is looking good.

    Apparently you haven’t seen the wardrobe malfunction revealing the Frankennipples then.


  35. mel

    what’s with her tan!

  36. sla

    She would look better with more eyeliner.

    Is that a stubby rabbit’s foot around her neck? Yuck.

  37. Dammit!!!!! Everyone beat me to THE WHINEHOUSE CRACK. Crack…haha. Oh, also #34 I checked out that link. Yeah, she’s got some scarrin goin on there..

  38. 20-20

    How can there be a debate? She’s the latest creation of Dr. Frankenstein. Who told the vision-impaired about this web site?

  39. Pink

    @ 32: True , still guys would hit her, me including, and everyone who denies that lies.

  40. Randal


    You are quite attractive when compared to Madonna.

    So is Richard Simmons, that fire-fro crotched bastard who stole my heart.


    - Randal

  41. Mandy

    “still guys would hit her, me including, and everyone who denies that lies.”

    Have any of you ever gotten laid? With a girl under 200 lbs? A decent-looking, reasonably intelligent, employed guy could go out today and hook up with a girl who looks better naked than Tara.

    Pretty much tells you who’s writing the comments.

  42. Jethro

    Ya know the Crypt Keeper’s chick is kinda hot…..well considering his looks and all!

    I’d say she’s gonna end up working at sleezy biker rallies and stuff.

  43. sh

    she still have great tits

  44. gqbuckeye

    What is up with half this girls pics looking doctored… first she has clay-mation stomach, then not so much… first you see cottage cheese thighs… then well, meh… still kind of cottage cheese thighs… just less cheesy?!?!

    I would hit that $hlt till the bumper fell off and she gets hated on daily… since when does America hate bimbos with giant racks and a butterface?

  45. Don

    Hey Mandy , looks like your jealous cause u never got laid.

  46. Bickus Dickus

    She looks like one of the Nazi’s in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when they opened the Ark and all the Nazi’s melted. These pictures are taken “mid-melt”.

  47. Allen's Woody

    #1 – Which is probably the command you gave your suck buddy last night right after he secured your wrists, huh?

  48. koj

    Pig Face.

  49. Nick Hogan is a fag

    Absolutely disgusting. She should cover that nasty, crusty, filthy shit up before someone becomes traumatized.

  50. sexy brains

    Do you notice the way her right nipple is all perky and pointing like a headlight straight ahead, while the left one is pointing at the ground?

    And then there were the pics a couple of months ago showing the butcher job around her nipples. Poor girl. She must have sub-zero self-esteem….

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