Tara Reid still has big boobs

December 29th, 2005 // 32 Comments

The folks in the JJB Forums have posted some recent bikini pictures of Tara Reid in Miami. There’s nothing especially interesting about them, but if you’re into big breasts and rolls of stomach fat then you’re in for a treat. Because, uh, Tara Reid has big breasts and rolls of stomach fat. And also a very capable brain I’m sure.

[Image: Goff Photos via JJB]


  1. Because of the Mammoth Fun Bags in this photo, I’ll going to issue Tara a free pass on the weird stomach. Just this once. Because I’ve been drinking heavily. And I may try to insert my penis into the USB port, so back off.

  2. kixbooty

    that pic is so not tara reid! look at the face!! tara tits are not that nice looking either…the only thing that resembles tara in this picture is the gross stomach. take a closer look people…its not her.

  3. kixbooty

    okay maybe it is her…she does look pretty feral. sorry i was mistaken.

  4. BrendaPayne

    How has this girl not posed in Playboy yet? She seems beyond eager to show off her ginormous fake milk jugs. I remember when her boobs were this big (http://members.aol.com/punksk8ter169/images/alyson+hannigan,+tara+reid,+shannon+elizabeth,+mena+sovari+in+bikinis+(1).jpg) But then I remembered how much I love big firm boobies and I said, “Thank you Tara, for giving up on trying to have talent and just showing us your rack.”

  5. turtlecock

    Put some clothes on you skank. Nobody wants to see your frankenboobs. Don’t make me lose my horny!

  6. Sheva

    These don’t look like the horror show that she had earlier when she had destroyed her body. Looks like she went in for a tune up and came out with a supersizer at MickeyDs.

    She should at least consider donating half to Paris.

    Oh yeah, she’s now disgusting on the outside as well as the inside.

    It’s about shape that makes the beauty not size. There’s plenty of us guys out there who just love a good tear drop when we see one.

  7. MrPloppy

    Kelly Brook played Lex Luthors girlfriend in Smallville 4 years ago. Yesterday she opened the Harrods sale. I thinks that

  8. MrPloppy

    Ooops wrong screen. I have to many tabs open in firefox.

  9. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    I would totally hit that….twice even!!!

  10. derekd

    Those tits are too damn big on her. Fucking people always go over the top. She should take her ass to the gym and get rid of the cellulite on her ass. Blechhh!! Speaking of Dr. Frankenstein has anybody seen her stomach? NASTY!

  11. superficielle

    Sheva wrote “tear drop”… i’m just curious if that’s a common phrase amongst guys?

    I like it. : )

  12. MortyFishbein

    Surprisingly enough, her brother doesn’t talk much about her if you ever visit his store in LA. It’s like he’s trying to remember a tiume when she was cute and sober and, uh . . . less skeezer-ish? I dunno.

  13. voodoochild

    Excuse me waiter, I’ll have butter with my rolls. Thanks.

    Yes, “Tear Drop” is a much favored boobage descriptor. It’s much cuter than Fun Bags.

  14. GutterStars

    i remember wayyyy back in the beginning when i thought tara reid was going to turn out to be a really sweet girl. what a trashy slut! she has aged REALLY badly too….
    i also agree—why is she not in playboy yet??

  15. LoneWolf

    “Tear drop” usually refers to the shape. Personally, I’ve never met boobage that I didn’t like, regardless of the size or shape. Related to that, I’ll admit that I’d like to hit Tara once – kinda like when you get a craving for junk food even though you know it’s bad for you – it just takes good. Similarly, a sloppy, big-boobed skanky party ho is not without a certain appeal. Plus, I’m sure she’s willing to do anything in bed. Good times.

  16. ShanDourdan

    Forget her stomach, why are her fake breast practically in her knickers?. I know she’s bending down but isn’t surgery supposed to make them more pert?. Maybe the surgeon got her drunk before the surgery so she wouldn’t notice the botched job when she woke up?.

  17. wheresthejunk

    Maybe she just wants people to pay attention to her huge boobs instead of her hideous face.

  18. HollyJ

    I did an ER xray of a woman once, and I kept having an artifact on the xray, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

    Eventually, after some very personal ‘digging,’ I found the the culprit: a Mars Bars wrapper that was stuck under one of her huge flopping boobs, between her boob and the first fat roll of her belly.

    The wrapper still had a piece of Mars Bars it in, all sweaty and melted. The woman only said to me “Oh, there’s where that went” casually, as if she lost food in her folds all the time.

    This picture vaguely reminds me of that.

  19. pixel killya

    It’s always interesting when a girl gets lipo and then puts the weight back on and more. More puckers than Richard Dawson at the Playboy mansion.

  20. Tania

    Anything that takes the attention away from her catcher’s mit face and burnt up hair I’m all for!

    I wonder if she’s had another boob job though…they look WAY bigger than they used to.

  21. Zanathon

    If she was a boxer, the ring announcer would call her, Tara “Learning To” Reid.

    Not being able to read fully explains why she chose many of her unmemorable acting roles.

  22. Vanya

    HollyJ…that is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read…

  23. sadietolstoy

    I wonder what would happen if someone stuck a pin in those big fat fake boobs?

  24. dogfoodfive

    Am i the only person who actually feels physically sick looking at that picture?!?! Just my own opinion of course, but i aint a big fan of fat rolls

  25. CrimsonGal

    The rolls on the tummy are probably still from too much lipo – without wearing the prerequisite corsett for recovery and not getting enough massage to smooth out the skin…. she probably also had a sh***ty doc.

  26. Princess-Megs

    Honestly this is the best pic of her that I’ve seen in awhile, ususally she looks like a strung out crack whore looking for her next fix. Good going Tara, just let us all check out your boobs, and make fun of your tummy, better than having us call you a crack whore.

  27. fatgirl


  28. fatgirl


  29. hermanita

    LOL. Just two days ago she had no breasts, and now she has two huge melons. Unless she’s had 6 babies in that time, I’m thinking they’re fake.

  30. Skippy

    All that boozin’ wouldn’t be doing her belly a favour.

  31. thatoneguy2

    you know what? its one oclock in the morning, im listening to slayer, and i had dinner at the taco bell/long john silver combo down the street, so im in a good mood and ill say shes fuckin hot even with the belly rolls

  32. A Nobody

    Being superficial is one thing but being dumb is another, people.

    I know you boys spend your days masterbating on boobies, but I just thought you should know that women’s bodies bloat when we get our monthy period. Boobies get bigger, your whole body gets fatter, and your hormones go wild. That’s why a lot of celebrities get mistaken for getting a boob job when all they really did was start their menstrual.

    I never knew a girl’s boobs could actually get THAT big, though.

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