Tara Reid still alive

June 19th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Tara Reid was spotted in Manhattan yesterday, which isn’t really news, I just thought it was funny that the paparazzi are still following her around. The guy at Starbucks who makes my coffee has a bigger career than her.


  1. mary

    Where is this parking garage in New York City? Does she have a doggy bag? I kind of like that she’s got sandwich in one of those plastic containers like the rest of us. I give her credit for not wearing hair extensions.

  2. shittylips

    dontcha know this idiot has been in Australia making ads for a internet company called “DODO” how entirely appropriate, as her career is dead as one, or DOODOO she looks like shit…..

  3. A picture of Tara Reid with her boobs partially exposed is like a picture of one (or both) of the Olsen twins dressing like bums- happens all the time.

  4. HotDogger

    Christ, I thought that first picture was of Bret Michaels from Poison.

    Think I would have preferred it that way.

  5. tonycatman

    She is gorgeous.

    I want to make whoopee with her.

  6. star69


  7. #35=CopyfuckinCat=hypocrite*Y*

    Tara Reid===wide azzz,ugly bitch…
    maybe woodhorze wantz to shove that
    horzewood up her wideazz…

  8. wudhorsisaracist

    Is it woodhorse, or woodhead? Like you, some white people get on my last nerve too. Some of every kind of people get on my nerves. Usually, it’s the fog-blathering, chap-flapping, douchebags. The ones that make stupid fucking generalizations about everyone else.

    You a hater? Racist?

    Seriously, you shouldn’t be trifling on websites, when you so desperately require an education.

    Don’t some PEOPLE just frustrate you?

  9. #58
    It’s woodhorse,and all of these so-called
    stars are nothing but alcoholics, drug
    abusers and they think their shit don’t
    stink, so if anyone gets on my nerves, it’s
    you. We are on here to hate, what about
    that don’t you understand?

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