Tara Reid still alive

June 19th, 2007 // 59 Comments

Tara Reid was spotted in Manhattan yesterday, which isn’t really news, I just thought it was funny that the paparazzi are still following her around. The guy at Starbucks who makes my coffee has a bigger career than her.


  1. That bag of Starbuck’s has a bigger career than her.

  2. blahblahblah

    who cares

  3. Wonky

    Let me tell you – if you keep those butchered funbags hidden in a bra, I’d be happy to go balls deep in her all night.

  4. jrzmommy

    Yesterday? Why in the fuck is she wearing fur in NYC when it’s this hot? She’s like those bozos that would wear ALL their new school clothes the first week of school, regardless of the 89-degree temperatures…sweaters, suede shoes….morons.

  5. Tara

    “Let me tell you – if you keep those butchered funbags hidden in a bra, I’d be happy to go balls deep in her all night.”

    As long as you’re ok with me spraying the Budweiser shits right back at ya! I usually get good elevation so at some point you’ll need to change your name to wonkyeye.

  6. The hooters still look gynormus.

  7. Jimbo

    She needed to throw something on to cover up the Steamer I gave her. With her boobs, I called it “Chunky Peanut Butter”

  8. yolatengo

    wow, it’s pretty fucked up Tara Reid is looking better than britney

  9. Hollard

    I would fuck Tara Ried just for the story and so would all you fat bastards that read this site. FOR THE STORY DAMMIT.

  10. RichPort

    She looks great all covered up! You can hardly see the wrinkles in her sausage sheath!

  11. The hooters still look gynormus.

  12. Jimbo

    I love it when my troll Shack tosses out a little steamer talk.

  13. At least that picture had about 20% of a boob.

  14. Michelle Double D

    i think she was in Toronto last week end, no ?

    ok, next time i heard about her, she was dating Sergei Federov. i guess it should be in her bio, no ?

  15. havoc

    Not be a problem for me….I bet she’s a fun piece of ass.

  16. Jackspratling

    Yes, maybe the guy at Starbucks who makes the Fish’s coffee has a bigger career than Tara, but his tip jugs aren’t bigger than hers.

  17. I actually kind of like that cleavage shot. Probably because her drunk, alcoholic face isn’t really featured too well.

  18. jrzmommy

    Michelle Double D….you use that fucking gay assed No shit at the end of your sentences too frequently for my taste, No?

  19. jumpin_j

    Nineteenth, beootches!!!

  20. yolatengo

    #18 grumpy much?

  21. DancingQueen

    Who gives a rats ass about this bitch?

  22. jrzmommy


  23. She was good in The Big Lebowski. All downhill since then…

  24. Rancid Dead Squirrelman

    13 Love the boob shot today. that chick is fucking messed up. go bern.

    your article sucked though.


  25. dannielynn'sdaddy

    I came only to cry in horror at her purse. It matches nothing! Has she pawned all her other purses for beer money and this is all she has left?

    Seconding whoever said she looks better than Britney.

  26. Jimbo

    @23 this is as good as she gets. She has just enough to make one boob look good and nothing else.

  27. Jimbo! you’re not really the jack in the box guy…….

  28. Sheva

    At least if you’re a Jersey girl with no career ahead of you, at least you could be smart and keep the cute factor. But no, she had to go and butcher a perfectly good body.

    Those implants are ugly as shit.

  29. Rachel

    you know the way she drinks that’s surprising, but i still loved the dumb blonde role in Josie and the Pussycats. can’t hate her, i’m a drummer.

  30. Jimbo

    No, I just thought it was funny. I guess I should add some stuff out there. You don’t look like a fishstick ether

  31. WowJustWow

    Mango stained cellulite and shorts.

    Ya, that works…

  32. Fumus

    Her career after the Big Lebowski

  33. Victor

    Oh man, I have always wanted to stick my dick in that bitch. That is one hot bitch. That is my DREAM GIRL. If I could, I would pay to fuck her once. I would give my left nut, just to get my dick wet from her pussy.

  34. sea

    Tara Reid was the original plastic surgery horror that all other boozing starlets should have learned from but obviously didn’t.

  35. woodhorse

    #25 No shit. And it looks like she stole her shorts from the Y. Maybe that’s where she lives now. I could have gone all week without looking at that fugly purse. Some white people get on my last nerve.

  36. Bob

    um thats LA, not manhatten only LA does the rating system at restauraunts with A, B, and C….theres an A sign right behind her…nice job messing that one up

  37. mia

    Why the hell should a purse match with something? She can have a purse made of a trash bag for all I care, as long as it is useful and not just a fucking fashion accessorie.

  38. mia

    And why those sociopath have to drive fucking SUV to go from the shopping center to the restaurant?

  39. Alayney

    What’s with the FUR coat and SHORTS? I know somebody would wear a short dress and a fur coat but this just looks WEIRD. Something a kid would do. Yeah, I’m happy anytime I see cellulite on a celeb. Makes me feel better about myself. :)

  40. That’s really weird. Why would she still be alive? Last I hear, she was bangin’ Trott Felipe at Saddle Ranch in the bathroom and the toilet overflowed and then Ben Stiller walked in with a Ferret and was all nervous and stuff. How zany is that?

  41. poorlycutpaperdoll

    uuu… so it’s LA huh.. check yer story up next time ppl

  42. Donna

    some pretty mean cellulite on her thighs in picture #3.

  43. The Superfish guy is on coke

    She just left her promo for a new flick called “dime-store hookers” and she’s wearing one of the costumes from the set.

  44. ssdd

    She’s got that alcoholic red-face glow.

  45. Sauron

    I’m glad she’s still alive.This is typically a woman who’s looking for a new religion.

  46. miss oblivious

    Oh, thank God. I was seriously getting worried for awhile there that something might have happened to her…you know, like she got hit by a bus or something. Or locked in the looney bin, or sent off to live in the amazon, or….hey, a persons got to have hopes and dreams. I seriously wish they would make an isolated island for all these fake bimbos and has beens, and just drop them all off to live w/ each other and fend for themselves so we would never have to see these plastic people again. Who would you like to drop off on fake bitch island? Let’s start w/ Tara’s wrinkly ass.

  47. A

    Hello…there are tons of pictures of her at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto over the weekend. Jesus Christ, try to stay on top of things…

  48. Crap Tonight

    How can she be so washed up and also
    so unwashed at the same time

  49. Slick Rick

    You can’t believe that the papparazi are still following her around and yet you still post the story. It’s ironic that you bloggers are the main reason the celebs you hate become even more famous.

  50. mary

    Where is this parking garage in New York City? Does she have a doggy bag? I kind of like that she’s got sandwich in one of those plastic containers like the rest of us. I give her credit for not wearing hair extensions.

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