Tara Reid stays classy for Christmas

December 27th, 2006 // 17 Comments

  1. cairyn

    Wow, first.

    My first idea was to liposuck, but it might be even more gruesome after that.

    I fear that she has for long been a lost case, guys.

  2. oye mine arse hurts

    i’d eat her pussy. granted, some of it might drop off into my mouth, but that’s a big part of the attraction.

  3. these pictures of Tara are scaring me. Help.

  4. I hate plastic surgeons…not that that’s the only thing that ruined Tara Reid…brains help, but still…

  5. blueman

    After that one set of Tara looking good again, I was hopefull, but now just sick to my stomach again.

  6. NicotineEyePatch

    There isn’t enough hot sauce in the world to make that ass taste good.
    Not that I’d know, but it looks like a plastic bag full of wet bread dough that’s been jumped on by a couple of golfers, and I know how much hot sauce you need for that.

  7. absolutelybecky

    I suppose she should start buying clothes and wearing them…

  8. Laura

    cmon guys………its not that bad is it?

  9. Ugh, it looks like an old piece of meatloaf left out for a few days.

  10. maddawg_pimp

    I’d hit dat!!! I likes my wimmen wif sum meet on da bones!

    I’d even eat dat pussy. cause a brotha gotta do whatta brotha gotta do.

  11. Happily Never After

    If you call that “meat on the bones” I wouldn’t want to see what skeleton you would call skinny. Yes she has some cottage cheese, but so what, this is a free country, let the woman wear what she wants to!

  12. crystina

    i hate the fact that this dumbshit bimbo is sporting a pair of slip on checkered vans.

    the shoes are way too cool for her.

  13. rukia

    Why does she looks disgustingly flabby on the top two pictures, but looks skinny in the bottom two?? Makes no sense

  14. lol, mash potatoes!

  15. I think I have to puke……

  16. She should put a bit of weight on and get some jog pants

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