Tara Reid & Sister

20041022_tara.jpgAm I the only person that didn’t know that Tara Reid had a sister? And not just a sister, but a sister that looks so similar to her that they share the same terrible boob job. I understand that when you’re a young blonde in Hollywood it’s almost mandatory that you get breast implants, but nowhere is it stated that they have to be terribly done. I can’t think of any great boob jobs off the top of my head, but I can’t really think of any worse ones than these either.

I understand why people think Tara Reid is hot, because she reminds them of all the slutty sorority girls that were in college, but she’s seriously ugly. Take away those fake boobs and blonde hair and you’re left with a flat-chested bald thing that’s probably very ugly. Wait, I was going somewhere with that but now I can’t remember because there’s a horrifying image of a bald monster in my head. Oh well, at least Tara’s sister isn’t shy about her nipple.

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