Tara Reid shows off her gorgeous abs

July 17th, 2007 // 258 Comments

Tara Reid showed up on a Malibu beach yesterday still sporting the world’s most disgusting stomach. There’s a pretty simple solution if your stomach looks like this: don’t go outside. Or at least not in a bikini. If my stomach looked like this I wouldn’t even take off my shirt to shower. I get the feeling her plastic surgeon wasn’t even a doctor, just some lawn mower she got into a two-hour conversation with and decided to let operate on her.


  1. boze

    i threw up a bit

  2. sdijghj

    How does that even happen?

  3. grolt

    Her breasts don’t actually look horrendous here, but damn if that cover shot of the abs doesn’t win scariest photo of the year. Looks like a ghost got stuck inside her stomach.

  4. michelle

    Gross; her legs are in no better shape either.

  5. Toonkinstien

    gives new meaning to washboard abs.


  6. Kathleen

    She really needs to get a one piece bathing suit.

  7. Of course, baking out in the sun / tanning beds will not help tightening that skin.

    The abs themselves aren’t bad. She doesn’t have any fat covering them. But it looks like the same guy who botched her nipples when he did the boob job also performed some lipo and tummy tuck.

    Get another plastic surgeon and take that skin OFF!!! She’s got the money. I guess she doesn’t want to recover during the summer months.

    PREDICTION: Surgery in fall/winter

  8. amber

    my god. this chick used to be so hot. what the hell happened?

  9. Superfish

    i swear im gonna show this pic to those cute little kindergarten kids in the school down the street and tell them that if they don’t ear their vegetables, this is what will happen. how could you let your stomach out knowing it looks like potato salad?

  10. #8 I sorta kinda accidentally maybe in a way stabbed her with a freezer knife. Police say i kept stabbing her, but it wasn’t like that. She just kept getting up and running into it. her fault, not mine.

  11. anita

    For God sakes cover yourself!!!!

  12. me

    AH! MY EYES!

  13. I just threw up in my mouth on that last comment. ugh. Tara Reid should be the first non-celeb bitch in history to not ony shoot herself in the vajayay, but walk barefoot on glass first just to make the incident sound more like her.

  14. Lola

    #9 — I was actually eating potato salad when I saw the pics and now your post…..Im going to go throw up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. #13 and all i did was stab her. wow, you really got it down-packed don’t cha?

    Tara Reid isn’t even famous anymore. So if someone murdered her to the point where she wans’t even recognizable…would they care? just asking

  16. Ooba Gooba

    What exactly does this chick do? No TV show, no movies, no music career…….yet she shows up at all the clubs and hangs out on the beach all day. Does she get paid to do nothing?

  17. Superfish

    #14 sorry. are you eating ice cream too? cause she sorta favors my least favorite flavor…french vanilla.

  18. Linzers

    you know what? poor girl. i really do feel bad for her. she’s got one of the prettier faces in hollywood so it is really quite unfortunate that her body looks like that. other than the stomach, she seems to be taking care of herself. she looks hot!!!

  19. Tara's Nemesis

    #16 didn’t you know? she gets screwed up in the stomach for a living! yea, that’s it! She randomly talks to people off the street and as soon as they pick up a fork or a pocket knife, she lifts her shirt up and says “GET TO WORK!”

  20. Bite Me!

    It looks like her stomach has been eaten by the flesh eating bacteria. But her tits look good. Can the fish crop all of the pictures to just show the boobs and the snatch.

  21. gotmilk?

    what, britney has that damn yorkie for all of a day & she’s already asking people to dog-sit. tara is too kind.

  22. Splooge

    You know if you’re tit fucking her, you won’t even see her stomach, so who really cares?

  23. Jennifer

    I think she looks all glowy and fit too, she’s beeyoutifull!

  24. Linzers

    some of the pics like 4th row, third pic, you can’t even tell that anything is weird about her body. in fact, crop her head out of the photo and i bet, her body gets mistaken for ummmm…i dunno…loahn? minus the freckles and pasty skin of course. anyone with me? look at the pic!

  25. Conky

    The morale to the story is that you should never EVER consider discount plastic surgury.


  26. Conky

    or moral. lol


  27. havoc

    Hey, I’ve had worse…..

    But yeah, if you’ve got the money, get the that shit fixed STAT…..

  28. Elizabeth

    I just had three babies in three years and my stomach doesn’t look that gross.

  29. star69

    I am literally speechless. I would feel sorry for her, but looks like she is totally confident and dares to do beach sports in a bikini in front of the paparazzi. She doesn’t need any pity obviously. I’ll save my pity for Kim Kardashyan’s ass that she’s so self concious of and covers it up even when she goes in the ocean. Poor Kim.

  30. star69

    Only an insane person can laugh like she does in every picture and not worry about the people who are violently vomiting around her after seeing THAT. She’s mean.

  31. lis

    Ack, she stole the govenator’s stomach!!!!!!!


  32. adeliza

    That sure is a cute little dog in pic 20! Ruff Ruff!

  33. ziggurat

    Bride of Frankenstein has a curious set of cuts under her posterior, presumably from whatever surgery sculpted her rump. One can’t put a price tag on this stumpet. One needs to be paid to be in her company–or drunk on abscinth and smack.

  34. Summer Kat


  35. Chauncey Gardner

    You know, that’s one stomach I would absolutely not cum on, ever. Not because she’s gross, but because she’d never get all of the semen out of the gnarly creases. It would be cruel.

  36. Christ on a Crotch

    Still grossie after all these years (thinking of Pail Simon).

    Holy Heckle and Jeckle, is that cooze disgusting. Thank ME for investing in that Bally’s membership. Thank you BALLY’s (sending a special blessing to the Bally corporation).

    That beyotch has to be ten years younger than me and I STILL look better. Holy Crapoly!!!!

  37. Bite Me!

    @35 Chauncey you are such a giver!!!!

  38. adeliza

    that’s what a towel underneath a couch cushion is for.

  39. dan

    quaid… start the reactor… free mars!!

  40. Clarenece the Clown

    Hilarious. A 25 year old cow who already needs plastic surgery to remove the cellulite, flab and Jell-O.

    Mentally this girl’s about as solid as a soup sandwich.

    Mooooooooooo. Go home, cow.

  41. Egregious Philbin

    Who has done her plastic surgery, Dr. Nick Riviera?

  42. Cher

    She should wear a one piece that would cover her yucky stomache

  43. sicasso

    She never was pretty. She never was talented.
    Is it too early for her to move into that Screen Actor’s Retirement Home? Because her time out in daylight should be limited for the sake of the children.

  44. Ball Sandwich.

  45. lambman

    Remember the first American Pie movie? Before we hated every single person in the cast who is not Alyson Hannigan? She was cute back then!

  46. Super Gooner

    Why is it frowning at me?

  47. Jimbo

    i dont know what you guys are talking about… i’d hit that ALL NIGHT LONG!! ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT… i’d especially stomach fuck this bitch. Right in those grooves where her stomach should be… that would feel so good. sooo good!!! soooo hotT!!

  48. LJ

    There is something so wrong with every part of her. Brain, face, breasts, abs, legs. Oh I take that back, her hairs ok.

  49. Vanessa

    Whatever! leave her alone, im sure none of your asses are perfect, its not like she’s claiming to be miss Universe or anything. Let her be…

  50. leelee

    The guy that preformed her surgery WASN’T a plastic surgeon… maybe it would’ve been funnier if instead of saying “wasn’t even a doctor” you said “wasn’t even a person”

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