Tara Reid says she’s not an anorexic booze hound

January 9th, 2008 // 79 Comments

Tara Reid insists she doesn’t have an eating disorder or a drinking problem. In fact, Tara would much rather stay in and, knowing her, probably read the Bible to orphans. Here’s what she said to OK!:

On her weight:
“I’m not too thin. I go up 10 pounds, I go down 10 pounds. I was thin for a movie that I just finished [the upcoming horror film Vipers]. Now they’re going to see me and say I’m too fat because I’ve gained 10 pounds… I can’t win!”

On supposedly partying every night:
“I don’t like going out every single night. I like to hang with friends and eat and sit next to a fire — that to me is the best night.”

On people calling her an alcoholic:
“If I have a drink in my hand, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic. If I want a glass of wine, I want a glass of wine. I shouldn’t be afraid of it because of what the media might say. Anything you do, you’re screwed. That’s the lesson I’ve learned.”

I just noticed Tara Reid is not only full of shit but has an unusually long neck. Must be a side effect from all that anorexia. Or the debilitating alcoholism. I can’t decide. Then again it could be the whoring. Can’t forget the whoring.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. pilatunes

    Is that a clear plastic thong? mmmmmmmmmmm, er, on someone else anyway.

  2. redsonja1313


  3. someone

    “I don’t like going out every single night. I like to hang with friends and eat and sit next to a fire — that to me is the best night.”

    Anyone else read this the first time and thought she said she likes to ‘eat and shit next to a fire’?

  4. ubee0173

    sooo… is she becoming amy winehouse, or is amy winehouse becoming tara reed… its morphin’ time!

  5. ack

    dammit, someone already pointed out the man-hands.

  6. 10pound


  7. bangthegenius

    #22 and #35, you both dominate. i am humbled.

  8. lastngelman

    I’d hit that.

  9. Ript1&0

    God Tara.. just be glad anyone still gives a crap at all.

    And the neck has built up a good solid foundation of muscle from giving head, hasn’t it? Good job.

  10. lastangelman

    Full of shit and cat pee, but who cares? I still haven’t seen any of her movies. Is it worth it?

  11. jo smo

    She looks damn good … cept I’ve looked at that titty and I’m afraid

  12. jason

    Ahh, just like the old days…p0nk and Rick, sidling up next to each other for some cyber cocktalk…good times, good times. One word, fellas: Massachusetts.
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  13. Doc

    Definitely doable… is that wrong?

  14. Elk

    It’s not the anorexia or alcoholism that bugs me about her, it’s all the poorly done plastic surgery. Not that it would stop me from going drinking with her.:)

  15. And she used to be cute too. So sad.

  16. cookie monsta

    You are so a fillthy rexy drunken slut Tara!!!! At least the boys still wanna screw ya, not so much with the std’s like your compatriots……

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  18. Ammie

    I’m all about “to each their own”, yada, yada……..Do what you do……..If you’re a lush-be a lush-why lie & deny?

  19. Anonymous

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  20. lily

    who wears belly chains anymore?

  21. George Best

    35..best post ever.

  22. Lush Spice

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned that godforsaken hat! And how the hell does she sit without any ass cheeks. I guess her spine must really be hurting.

  23. beauty

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  24. Arguman

    she should take up sitting in that fire instead

  25. I must say tara looks really gorgeous. she has got so nice smile. Simply stunning. I think belly chain with that long boot are suits on her.

  26. r4i

    someone please remind me what this anorexic booze whore did to become a member of the celebutard race?

  27. Hi Guy’s,
    i used to watch her show when she visited all the party destinations around the world and even though she did have a lotta adult-themed fun, she seemed really cool & down-to-earth. for real, people hate on her for no reason.

  28. Thanks for taking the time to write this post

  29. she should take up sitting in that fire instead

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