Tara Reid proves that clothing lines do, in fact, grow on trees

August 26th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Tara Reid showed off her clothing line “Mantra” at the When I Move You Move show in Las Vegas yesterday. Between Tara and Heidi Montag I can only assume they’re handing out clothing lines to anyone with a pulse. I should get in on this action. I’ll call my line “Buy this Crap.” It’ll be bold, daring and everything yet nothing at the same time. (Read: Whatever the kids at the sweat shop can throw together – then embroider with puppies.)


  1. Bleh

    She looks like she has had her eyes done…she’s way too young for this plastic surgery..

  2. Ebb

    love the classy butt cheek hanging out in pic# 2. some things you can never unsee

  3. Mia

    She needs to do some serious butt squats with weights and tone up that flabby butt cheek! Poor plastic surgery mess.

  4. ralph

    #2, butt cheek??? Its more like just a fold of skin. SHE HAS NO BUTT.

  5. Karen

    Well…”Mantra” is much better than “Sagging Pancake Buttcheeks Frankentits BumpyBelly…with Gin”

  6. Casey

    The dress itself is sort of cute…if it was a little longer.

  7. Heidi

    In the close up of her top half she looks weird, and she has Chiclet teeth.

  8. Rich

    What are the odds that she is wearing any underwear??

  9. HolyHell

    So she’s making clothes now because her actiing career tanked?

  10. yeah baybee

    She has the body of a 40 yr-old

  11. Joe

    If you don’t want to bang the ultimate party girl Tara, you’re either gay or a bitter fat chick. Most commenters at celebrity-bashing sites belong to one of those two groups, as is obvious at this one.

  12. Mike

    Would love to drink this girl’s douche water. I would love to do her in every which way.

  13. She looks like a hooker I saw walking on Sunset this weekend. I wonder how much she charges?

  14. Ted from LA

    That is one dumpy ass. Mike, please tell me your goat has a nicer ass than this.

  15. vg902

    @12 ,that’s NASTY

  16. Mike

    Ted #14, of course. But Tara is still a fuckin hot human being. Nothing can beat my goat though. Only bad thing is my goat doesn’t douche, so have to settle for Tara’s hot, nice and smelly douche.

    I would just love to bathe in her douche, smell it, lick it right off her pussy lips drop by drop.

    That would then provide the lubrication I would need for my cock to slowly enter her pink slightly used vagina.

  17. Jumpin_J


  18. Erica

    I think most guys on this site love a girl with a really flat ass. They’re all obsessed with anal sex (gee, I wonder why…) and it won’t work with a girl with a big ass because their tiny penises won’t be able to penetrate.

  19. Deacon Jones


    Uhhh,,get off the computer before your mommy catches you, mm-kay?

    A trashy blond with fake tits and a raspy voice? Fuck yeah

    With the lights off? Fuck yeah

  20. Erica

    #19 – exactly. Trashy blond, fake tits, flat ass, raspy voice…then a shemale…then – finally – a thin blond guy. Out and proud. Come on, Superfish guys, it’s a small step for you, just go ahead and make the transition and save us girls all the bullshit about anal sex. You’re right, it’s completely normal. For gay guys (you).

  21. Maggie From Buffalo

    I find in quite refreshing to see Tara Reid doing something that doesn’t involve her crawling out of a club half cocked with one of her tits hanging out!!! WAY TO GO TARA!!!

  22. ChicagoEric

    Mantra???…. Anyone notice that is the name of Joe Francis’ Girls Gone Wild company. Mantra Films. I bet Joe financed this line of clothes cause he was tapping that fugly butt….Maybe Tara slept her way to get this clothing line.

  23. Marina

    The name don´t match with the line… big mistake of design! She knows what “mantra” means???????????

  24. rough daddy

    lol this proves it if this drunk can have a clothing line than anyone can,,,nice back crack!

  25. Janey

    She looks just like Paula Deen of the food network. Only a younger version. They could definitely pass as mother and daughter.

  26. Randal

    Tara, you continue to make men weak in the knees when you turn your head and smile in their direction. Always a pleasure to see you being beautiful.


  27. rough daddy

    yea randal youre trying to get into her pants hey? i dont blame ya,,,i remember a fresh face tara oh boy…

  28. NY Ted

    Fuck…I was my car with better rags then that crap…!

    Amazing what dumb people with too much fucking money will buy these days!

  29. Ed Castillo

    no aaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss!

  30. GG1000

    That’s it Tara love, turn to your right. Now walk straight ahead – see it? The rack with the pants on it? Choose a pair darlin’

  31. biteme

    I am going to wait about a week and pick up a shitload of Tara’s crap from the clothing discount bin. I am tired of using my socks to wipe up my man goo.

  32. Corrections :

    By “hooker I saw”, I meant to say, “dude that I blew”, and by “on Sunset” I meant to say, “in Compton”.

    So fucking close.

  33. traa

    Wow! Sweeti~~~She is more beautiful than many models of Richromances.com which is a site for beautiful people.

  34. ishi-san

    @ 11: based on what data / statistics do you make such a statement???? I think I could come up with more types than those two……

  35. It’s so cute how she looks so proud of herself while standing there in that little turquoise dress…. it’s the same look of achievement my son had when he first managed to dress himself too.

  36. which plastic-surgeon was on stroke now?
    WAS IT dr. BUTT?

  37. Sangria

    Anyone notice her butt is really saggy?

    LOL @ 11. Joe, your ignorance makes me lol almost as much as your lack of taste. If you want a dried-up, drug f*cked coke whore, just head to the seediest part of the city closest to you. You’ll find plenty of party girls there just waiting to bang you for a buck. :)

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