Tara Reid pays her way out of trouble

tara-reid-payoff.jpgWhen the well starts to run dry over in Celebrity Rumor Land, it’s nice to have a drunk Tara Reid stashed around to squeeze out some alcohol-infused stories and fill it back up again. The good folks over at ToGawp have an exclusive eyewitness account of the latest in Taradise, which includes paying off a car owner after she hit them in her car:

A well-lubricated Tara Reid was seen outside of Dennis Rodman’s Newport Beach house on Wednesday morning, paying off a local resident after slamming into their car.

According to our eyewitness, Ms. Reid’s “pupils were clearly dialated, fow [sic] what reason I don’t know.” After exiting their respective vehicles, Tara told the owner of the other vehicle that she “didn’t want to deal with insurance,” and promptly handed the gentleman $700 to “forget it ever happened.”

On second thought, it might be too quick of us to assume the pupil-dialation was the result of alcohol. A sensuous night with Dennis Rodman would leave any woman staggering around like a drunk the next morning, muttering to herself over and over again, “It was bigger than a baby. It was bigger than a baby!”


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