Tara Reid pays her way out of trouble

March 8th, 2006 // 42 Comments

tara-reid-payoff.jpgWhen the well starts to run dry over in Celebrity Rumor Land, it’s nice to have a drunk Tara Reid stashed around to squeeze out some alcohol-infused stories and fill it back up again. The good folks over at ToGawp have an exclusive eyewitness account of the latest in Taradise, which includes paying off a car owner after she hit them in her car:

A well-lubricated Tara Reid was seen outside of Dennis Rodman’s Newport Beach house on Wednesday morning, paying off a local resident after slamming into their car.

According to our eyewitness, Ms. Reid’s “pupils were clearly dialated, fow [sic] what reason I don’t know.” After exiting their respective vehicles, Tara told the owner of the other vehicle that she “didn’t want to deal with insurance,” and promptly handed the gentleman $700 to “forget it ever happened.”

On second thought, it might be too quick of us to assume the pupil-dialation was the result of alcohol. A sensuous night with Dennis Rodman would leave any woman staggering around like a drunk the next morning, muttering to herself over and over again, “It was bigger than a baby. It was bigger than a baby!”



  1. Xarah

    Her being drunk is new news?

  2. krisdylee

    mushrooms make the pupils dilate!!! uuhhh, not that i’d know that personally or anything.

  3. happy_bunny

    LSD and X make pupils dilate too.
    I’m not sure alcohol does though.

  4. rachelmelanie666

    lovely imagery….i think i threw up a little at the thought of dennis rodman’s penis:(

  5. downshine

    and i thought the prostitutes in the red light districts were sluts….they’ve got nothing on Tara or as i like to call her Tarwhora the skanky skank.

  6. ceymick

    The folks at ToGawp are disingenuious liars, as they have no “exclusive eyewitness account.” That story is nothing more than a practically verbatim version of something that aired on the Kevin & Bean Show this morning (an LA morning show on KROQ). The guy who Reid apparently hit called in and told them this story, and their “quotes” are his nothing more than his quotes. Shame on ToGawp.

  7. Tara wasn’t talking about auto insurance, guys. When she said, she “…didn’t want to deal with insurance,” and promptly handed the gentleman $700 to “forget it ever happened.”, she was talking about her vagina insurance. All the new Hollywood starlets have vagina insurance these days. After she spent the night with Dennis, her “lady business” was left somewhat disheveled.
    The nice man was simply a freelance vagina redecorator who does house calls.

  8. miadm2002

    Who cares?

  9. prideofchucky

    “A well-lubricated Tara Reid”


    I picture her, head-to-toe DRIPPING of Denis Rodman’s ejaculate. I beat the shear force of something his size is akin to a seltzer bottle attack…

  10. prideofchucky

    I mean seriously, the guy could use his penis to HYDRAULICALLY MINE Mount Kilimanjaro..

    (it’s big in other words..)

  11. I’m not sayin’, but I’m sayin’ that that picture gives her Kristy Alley potential.

  12. hafaball

    She’s so down in the gutter now, even if I did have sex with her, this is how the conversation I think would go.
    “You know, I had sex with that girl from American Pie.”
    Some person, “Cool, Shannon Elizabeth?”
    “No, the other one.”
    “Alyson Hannigan?”
    “No, the blonde.”
    “Natasha Lyonne?”
    “No, just forget it.”
    “Jason Biggs?”

    and so on…

  13. First Natasha molest a neighbors dog and now Taradisegoes loca.

  14. That Dick is muthafucka…I know moms is
    proud girl keep up the good work!!

  15. DrDanny

    Just as an aside: how do we know Rodman’s dick size?

  16. BronwynIsaac

    yeah bigger then a baby…a VERY VERY SMALL BABY…heh

  17. bella1218

    she makes the britney spears pics look so good right now. ugh…

  18. Sheva

    Sing along with me” “Right here in Taradise.”
    A land of anal pleasures where the Rodman leaves her stumbling in delight.

    “Right here in Taradise.”

  19. Tania

    Her face looks fat in this picture.

    After bangin’ Rodman, I think it’s more like TEARadise.

  20. That $700 was her coke allowance for the week. This weekend should bring us more exciting news about her and her trying to get a bump in Beverly Hills.

  21. Alucard

    Not only her pupils were dilated.

  22. asenath7766

    #17-jeez, she looks like a different person in that pic. She’s definitely looking more white trash than Britney now.

  23. tits_on_snack

    i thought this was going to be about her paying back those diamonds she stole. but no.

  24. Did she have to run in and give Dennis and his 6 friends each another BJ to earn the $700.00 to pay the guy?

  25. Did she have to run in and give Dennis and his 6 friends each another BJ to earn the $700.00 to pay the guy?

  26. I’m sure she had to run back in the house to give Dennis and his 6 friends each another BJ to earn the $700.00 to pay the guy.

  27. gogoboots

    Yes Tara Reid makes for good celeb filler. Then again there’s always Paris Hilton getting slapped with a restraining order for harassing this dude who told her supposed Greek boyfriend not to go out with her. Either way, it’s a field day!

  28. jager2ways

    Where the hell did Tara Reid get $700!? Has Dennis Rodman been reduced to paying for sex?

  29. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey guys, I saw Tara Reid the other day, and she was TORE UP! She smelled like vodka, and then her boob fell out. It was totally out of character.
    Sidenote: Alucard – good one.

  30. That image of her above would look better with halloween make-up and top ears, making her look like a chipmunk or squirrel.

  31. #20.. uh coke makes you SKINNY, not the other way around.

  32. dimestoredetective

    Was the well lubricated Tara spinning on the worm?

  33. gogoboots

    Maybe she was on E with Dennis Rodman…yuck!

  34. senin

    The dude she smacked into should have held out for more money. The whole Rodman thing is disgusting. No combination or amount of drugs and alcohol can render him attractive. YUK!

  35. Don'tPanic

    Would $700 even buy someone off? Even a small ding in a car can cost mosre than that to repair. Unless there was absolutely no damage, that’s a rip off.

    On the other hand waiting with Tara Reid for the cops to come wouldn’t be pleasant either. Maybe the $700 is worth it to get the hell out of there.

  36. Somebody smacked into my bumper and their insurance got billed $1,500 to repair it. the guy should have held out for more money. She CAN”T have put anything away for her retirement and this downward spiral is just going to pick up speed.

  37. poopstick

    The Poop say’s “SKEAT SKEAT SKEAT”!! Hey, I thought Dennis was married?

  38. Tink

    when i first looked at the picture I thought it was Bette Midler– poor tara

  39. QOTD

    Fuk that shit, he should sui the shit out of that drunk, low class, trailer park hermit before the statue of limitation runs out. I would leave her w/ only the clothes on her back.

  40. hermanita

    THAT’S TARA REID? It looks like this retarded girl that works in Wallmart and earns like 2 bucks an hour. Eek

  41. LaydeeBug

    Gawd I hate this cooze! She looks like a mule.

  42. totally agree with #41!!!
    ha ha

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