Tara Reid to open her own fast-food restaurant

March 19th, 2007 // 58 Comments

Tara Reid is starting up her own fast-food joint called Ketchup and plans to open it in Los Angeles on March 31. She says:

“You probably won’t see me behind the cash register, but I’ll definitely be in the kitchen making sure everything is done right.”

I know she has some experience in the restaurant business (she’s also invested in Bella, Geisha House and The Shore), but she’s not mentally capable of running a restaurant. The chef will be grilling a hamburger and she’ll step in and go, “No, no, like this,” and she’ll pick it up and put it on her head. Then she’ll walk around and squeeze ketchup on everybody while screaming “Pillow fight!”


  1. Saera

    she cannot pull those glasses off.

  2. Conky

    Just what LA needs… another place selling $12 hamburgers.

  3. I was having intercourse with my grandmothers purse today, but at least that is more acceptable than Tara Reid slinging meat! Gawd our luck she will read the expiration dates ass backwords and give everyone a horrible case of food poison!

    Eh, yeah this comment sucks!

  4. fame is funny

    Any reason why her neck is about 3 feet long?

  5. techclerk

    This brings to mind my favorite Ronald Reagan quote, “Ketchup is a vegetable.”

    Proven once in 2004 and proven again today.

  6. techclerk

    Would you like to D-cup size that combo?

  7. techclerk

    Excuse me. These fries are cold, limp and saggy, but I can see you have your own problems, Miss Reid.

  8. techclerk

    It is nice to see that there is justice in this world and Tara ultimately ends up where she was supposed to be… the kitchen of a fast food restaurant. The universe wins again!

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