Tara Reid not ‘family friendly’ enough for Dancing with the Stars

Tara Reid needs work and she needs it bad. Mostly because booze doesn’t grow on trees. (Hang tight, Tara, I’ve got people on it.) She’s tried to score a gig on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but network execs are looking for someone that, how do I put this gently? Isn’t a drunk stupid whore. FOX News reports:

According to our inside source, the perennial party girl has applied for the show multiple times but was rejected each time on the basis that she isn’t “family friendly” enough. Ouch.

But, hey, guess who is apparently fun for the whole family: Kim Kardashian! Oh, wow, that makes almost perfect sense if this were Retarded Land:

And speculation has been stirring for quite some time about whether Kim Kardashian will bring her booty into the ballroom — but it looks as though it’s going to be a double whammy this season. A Kardashian camp insider said that Kim will be battling against her mom, Kris Jenner.

Okay, let me make sure I’ve got this straight. Raging alcoholic with Franken-boobs: Not quite family entertainment. Chick who’s famous for getting peed on: “Kids, go get grandpa and gather around the TV. This is more wholesome than church!” I’m starting to understand the terrorists now.

Photos: Flynet