Tara Reid is still a sloppy drunk and other news

July 24th, 2009 // 41 Comments

- Jessica Simpson is looking happy. A little too happy. Which means the McRib’s back. Aww yeah! [Lainey Gossip]

- Jennifer Lopez turned 40 today. 40?! So, wait, 10 years ago I was fantasizing about a 30 year old woman’s ass? Ahh, gross. Remind me to go back in time and burn myself. Sick. [PopSugar]

- Amy Winehouse has been acquitted of assault charges for attacking a dancer trying to take her picture. Wait. Who’s Amy Winehouse again? More importantly, does she have 800 Asian children? That shit is so in right now. [PopEater]

- Kelly Clarkson continues her journey to become a modern day Mama Cass. Someone hide the ham sandwiches. [Celebslam]

- Rihanna goes for the Ace Ventura look. Oh re-e-e-ally? — Shoot me. Shoot me now. [The Blemish]

- Gwyneth Paltrow debones a chicken on GOOP. That “DAYAMN!” you just heard was Colonel Sanders’ ghost who just informed me he’d “eleven herbs dat ass.” [Just Jared]

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  1. Balls


  2. amanda

    rihanna is more going for the “Egon from the Ghostbusters cartoon” look if you ask me

  3. Iambananas

    Tara Reed’s such an ugly sloppy drunk, I thought she was David Hasselhoff.

  4. Gah

    Why does her waist look like a melted candle?
    Pic #2 – what, is her leg rejecting the sewn-on corpse part??

  5. netstarman

    What lab did this for a experiment The Tara Reid put together body parts, with the stomach that looks like spilled melted cheese that fell on the floor with the dog peeeing on the cheese.

  6. jojo

    Can somebody please get this girl to eat some protein and bench some heavy weight – her skin is so loose she needs to fill it up!?

  7. Josette

    My goodness Tara, what happened?

  8. hamper_lint

    I am scared …

  9. Sassy

    SHE WAS SO CUTE back in the American Pie days….!!!! She had a weird raspy voice, but she was cute, blonde, natural….now she’s a saggy skinned, orange, ratty haired and just plain Tori Spelling GROSS. What the fuck happened??!! Oh yeah….the boobs, it all started with the munted boobs.

    Fucking hell.

    Like her boobs….it was downhill from there.

  10. Beetlejuice

    It’s eleven herbs. Not seven. No I don’t eat that shit.

  11. Venom

    It’s so sad. Tara used to be so pretty and look at what she has become.


    I actually liked her well before American Pie when – believe it or not – she had some meat on her bones. Yet she was so cute that somehow she still managed to look good to me in her AP days.

    And isn’t it ironic that Tara and Lindsay used to hang out alot back in the day? Notice the parallel in their lives/career?

  12. Beetlejuice

    Fat will never be pretty, girls.

    FYI, if any dude tells you you’re pretty and you’re at least 20 lbs overweight, he’s just out of other options and wants to stick his dick in SOMEthing wet.

  13. whatever

    the fish actually just is not funny. i seem to recall him revealing that he was around the big 3-0 himself….so for him to even make a joke about j-lo being old at 30? give me a break. i am sure he is not pulling women of any age.

  14. starstruck

    i only clicked the kelly clarkson link cause i knew it would make me laugh

    in regards to the fat comment, i aggree that fat isnt…ATTRACTIVE to most unless you have a fetish, but i’ve got a fair few overweight/chunky friends with very pretty faces. thank you very much.

    they call them butterbods ;)

  15. Hulk Lover

    You can’t spell irrelevant with Tara Reid. OK so there’s no D in “irrelevant”, but you get my point.

  16. Tom K

    This is the career and life Lindsay Lohan can look foward to. Like looking into the future.

    Sad bunch whores these party girls.

  17. Brat

    Rhianna’s hair looks ridiculous!!!!!!!! And Amy Whinehouse is the ZEITGEIST!!!!

  18. Tara is not fooling anyone with the fake contact lenses just as Gwyneth is not fooling anyone that she dropped out of that college she mentioned a/1 semester. A friend actually got her in there because only community colleges would accept her. What a pretentious twat. If she just gave it up & stoppped pretending, people might “like” her.

  19. friendlyfires

    Britney Spears dad would be Bill Gates rich if he went into the business of straightening all those silly drunk dumbass celebritards and making ‘em bankrollable again. Who’d a thunk Britney’s career would come back from the grave and cast a zombie walk through America and Europe and back again?

  20. mimi

    what’s up with her leg in the second pic???!! o:

  21. juugi

    rhianna’s hair looks hot.
    and tara is totally rockin those daisy dukes.

  22. Galtacticus

    What happened to her!? She looks healthier maybe even a younger. . !?

  23. Darth

    She covers up her belly button like a good moslim girl covers up her hair.

  24. Rhialto

    Her skin looks more smooth.We’re not the only ones who are thinking she looks better.Because there’s even this guy who’s putting his life at risk by physical contact.

  25. Martina

    I see some improvement here. I’d say she’s almost – ALMOST – back to the point where she could do a sex tape.

  26. Gando

    Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be quite handy in the kitchen!? We’ll keep a close on this.

  27. Courtyardpigeon

    He eyes and face are so pretty. And then, the train wreck happens at the neck down. Sad.

  28. Nero

    Hope the guy got his tetanus vaccin.

  29. Darth

    Seriously i didn’t know that Amy Winehouse is such a gnome.

  30. I like tara’s sloppiness!!

  31. iambananas


    I would rather a girl be 20 pounds overweight than look like that. I think a girl with more meat on her bones is WAY prettier than what ever the fuck that is. There’s nothing wrong with a girl who has something to her instead of being a nasty stick.

  32. This chic has a funny shape. She looks like she has xtra skin.

  33. i m not dina u fat pigs


    Needed to be said one more time.

  34. Confuzzled

    Is it just me or is The Blemish a cheap imitation of the Superficial, or does Fish own it? Who went first, blemish or fish? =/

  35. WTF

    What the hell? Was she is a knife fight? What is that scar on her leg? Did she try and steal some meth from Lindsay and get cut?

  36. Sandy

    O.k., there have been moments where I”ve *gasp* sympathized with Tara Reid. Poor girl gets her body slammed almost every other week and most of the malformities are due to plastic surgery gone bad. No tears were shed, but I’ve given her stories a “tsk, tsk” a time or two. But now the pity party is at an end. Why in the world, if you know your bod is something from Frankenstein’s castle, would you continue to wear stripper-ho cast offs? Is she that desperate for publicity? You work with what you have: she has a pretty face and a body that looks like it was invaded by cottage cheese parasites. Get a clue, Tara! Put on some damn clothes.

  37. Kelly

    I can’t really tell from those pictures if she is drunk or not,maybey it’s just me. She’s putting lip gloss on and hugging a guy and she looks good. Thin and fit. I had read she was sober hope she didn’t fall off the wagon.She has beautiful blue eyes. So sad about Kelly Clarkson gaining all that weight,she really good in her first few videos. Hopefully she will lose it but either way she has a really great voice.

  38. We are thinking only that he looks better.Because by physical contact there is also the guy who is risking his life are not.

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