Tara Reid – murderer?

December 16th, 2005 // 24 Comments

*bwy.jpgA new wrinkle has appeared in the case of George Smith, the man who went missing while on a honeymoon cruise with his wife in the Mediterranean. It appears that Smith ran into Tara Reid just hours before he fell overboard from the Royal Caribbean ship last July.

On MSNBC, Smith’s wife said that Reid posed for a picture with her ecstatic hisband while they were visiting the Greek island of Mykonos, where Reid was filming an episode of her E! channel travel show, Taradise. “He finally worked up the courage and asked her for a picture, which I still have,” Hagel-Smith said. “He was so proud of that picture.”

Now I’m not saying that Tara Reid had anything to do with the disappearance and possible murder of George Smith – hmmm, on second thought yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. It may seem out of character, but again, this is Tara Reid. She’s basically some sort of alcoholic vampire. She’d screw a moose for a double-shot of tequila. Hell, she might screw the moose anyway.


  1. suzy

    i think calling her a murderer is a little bit extreme

  2. FIVE0

    I don’t think Tara “actually” murdered that guy, but that Franken Tit of her’s, could’ve caused him to gouge his eyes out and then stumble blindly towards the rail and fling himself into the water to end his agony.

  3. Tha-Flash

    Someone’s gone missing? It must be murder!

  4. rivercmb

    I wouldn’t blame old gang-bang, her drunken ass can barely stand up much less kidnap and kill someone.

  5. “He was so proud of that picture.”

    I’m not totally sure, but I think that is the seventh sign of the apocalypse.

  6. artmonkey3000

    I think her perfect storm of STDs have evolved into some sort of autonomous monster, bent on murder, destruction, and publicly humiliating the host body. It’s scientific!

  7. sammygirl

    How does it feel to have Tara Reid be the last face you see before you die?

  8. nikki

    Man Meets Tara

    Man Jumps Overboard

    priceless!! LOL!!!

  9. JerseyGirl

    Tara’s a JerseyGirl! WooHoo!

  10. MortyFishbein

    Let’s be real. She drank, like, a whole bottle of Absolute, the liter jug, of course. She blacked out and probably killed him during a raging threesome with he and his wife. The wife just doesn’t want to admit that she was involved in a threesome with Tara Reid. Oh, and that she was at the scene of her husband’s death.

  11. .shiny.

    do not even deny that any of you would sleep with her..talking about her having stds and all is just a coverup..you people find her hot in a weird way..ADMIT IT!!!

  12. .shiny.

    oh and too bad about the man dying..hmm

  13. beachedwhale

    Anybody else think it is weird that this newly-wed would be so excited to get a picture of tara reid? If I were the new wifey-poo, I’d be pissed that my new husband was that excited about getting a picture with her on OUR honeymoon, and that he was so proud of it.

  14. MrPloppy

    Maybe Wifey and Tara are lesbian lovers and just got rid of the husband for the insurance. Sure it

  15. She probably walked away and he sliped on the trail of lube she left behinde and fell over the edge of the boat. Either that or she was so drunk that she mistook him for a bottle of Vodka and drank him.

  16. Jenny

    maybe she’s hiding him in her closet and made it look like he fell overboard as a coverup.

  17. derekd

    The only thing she ever murdered was my hard on. By that I mean just looking at her makes my pp shrink.

  18. Donna A.

    I was thinking that maybe the wife threw him over board. She got tired of him saying how hot Tara was. Threw him and the blunt object (the one she hit him with) over the side. He’s shart bait now.
    Donna A.

  19. i’d kill myself too if i were trapped on a boat with tara reid. i think everyone within a 5-mile radius of her gets herpes, and once you have herpes, life’s just not that great anymore….

  20. Sheva

    I used to think she was cute but like a bad nightmare the true her got out and when she got done, she:

    became a raging bitch alcoholic
    destroyed a perfectly decent rack
    developed cellulite on a frame long before its time.

    Tara Reid, ugh.

  21. bafongu

    “He finally worked up the courage and asked her for a picture, which I still have” Hagel-Smith said. “He was so proud of that picture.” That hyphen-ated last name tells you who the killer is…

  22. Tara Reid is such a BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING, HEAVENLY creature of God… May He bless her pure little soul this Christmas.

    (I ate Vodka and tomato paste sandwiches for dinner tonight)…

  23. derekd

    Tara hot?!? UGH! Have you seen her ass? I’d say she has some cellulite but there aint nothing lite about it!

  24. ThatsHot

    You’ve all got it wrong. They ran off together because hubby had finally found the REAL woman of his dreams (not that bitch of a woman he married who doesn’t have a rightous alcohol tolerance and BITCHIN’ botched breast implant scars! Ripped-up tits RULE!). And Tara, well, she couldn’t possibly pass up the blessing of a man that could stay in her presence for more than 5 minutes and not make her face resemble her hidious frankentit (thanks for that one FIVE0; priceless!).

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