Tara Reid makes out with people watching

June 20th, 2007 // 83 Comments

Now that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are out of the picture, Tara Reid has taken over the LA party scene. She was spotted making out with some random guy outside Hyde last night with a bunch of people in the car. No, wait, that’s not fair. I call him some random guy but Tara’s known him for at least, what, twenty minutes? They’re practically married.

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  1. chill

    frist ?

  2. Donkey

    Is she into Paki’s now?

  3. kate

    what! so close to first…

  4. Ooba Gooba

    What exactly does this chick do besides go to nightclubs and whore around?

  5. Taki

    Who cares about Tara… who is that hot chick next to her???!!!

  6. JrsyGrl

    To be fair, there isn’t one picture of actual lip contact. They look like they are messing around for the cameras. You guys are reaching!

  7. She takes up space and gets really bad plastic surgery. That’s about it.

  8. kate

    hey.. now that i look closely, #6 is right… there’s no lip to lip contact, more like lip to nose, at most.

  9. yeahright

    They’re not even kissing, check out the last couple of pictures. He’s got his jacket inbetween their lips.

  10. IGuessHe'sMuslim

    Maybe he’s just sniffing her breath. Those members of the ‘religion of peace’ aren’t allowed to drink.

  11. CheatingGetsItFaster

    Is that Russell Peters?
    That girl has permanent drunk-bloat. LOOKS LIKE THE PIG’S HITTIN THE SAUCE AGAIN.




  13. CheatingGetsItFaster

    Is that Russell Peters?
    That girl has permanent drunk-bloat. LOOKS LIKE THE PIG’S HITTIN THE SAUCE AGAIN.

  14. IGuessHe'sMuslim

    @5 You are right to ask! She makes Tara look like a wart.

  15. miss oblivious

    They are letting her into Hydes? I thought they stopped doing that. Maybe Hydes is really going downhill. I was gonna say that girl to the left of her is really pretty. But then I saw the pics that were taken from the front of the car and she doesnt look as attractive. But boy does she ever look pissed! I would be too if I had to listen to Tara’s annoying nasal-y voice, blech. And Tara is starting to look like Sally Struthers in those pics taken from the front of the car, hehe.

  16. KV

    at least she’s got a driver unlike the rest of the rest of the dumbass celebrity drunks!

  17. Jesus-The-Ever-Loving-Christ

    For the love Me…

    The gay Indian guy is NOT tring to kiss the little pork chop… He is just hamming it up for the sub 80 IQers..

    On to more important things…

    Jesus commands that Tara Reed own and use a treadmill from this day forward… Do that and you can all have your foreskins back…

    The Big JC – Universal Savior and Christ

    (PS. Send me the number of the brounette care of the Pope…)

  18. no1justminda

    She’s actually licking the boogers out of his nose.

  19. Dan

    She looks kind of swollen.

  20. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    fucking terrorists…

  21. star69

    He’s doing a tequila body shot on her face.
    And then they’re going to take a walk on the beach where he’s going to rape her.
    Then she’ll be in the hospital, crying and whining about it, trying to tell what really (might have) happened and what not.

  22. pointandlaugh

    holy shit that chick next to Tara is BEAUTIFUL. HOT. SEXY. I want her.

  23. Eric

    Remember what a big deal it was when her boobs popped out of her dress. Seems kind of tame now that Bratney, Hohan et al have flashed their cooches to the world.

  24. He looks like a really creepy homeless dirty dude… ewww

  25. Donkey

    Note to Tara;
    You shouldn’t hang out with a girl that is that much hotter than you. It really makes you look like the fat/ugly friend that nobody wants.

  26. Googolygoo

    Kissing or not, could he be fingering her boob any more?
    He’s uglier than the big zit on her ass. No, wait. That’s her face.

  27. domingoflores

    who cares if they are kissing or not, its just play time for the cameras, who is to say that she didn’t get wasted and had soem buttsex with this derka derka …

  28. domingoflores

    who cares if they are kissing or not, its just play time for the cameras, who is to say that she didn’t get wasted and had soem buttsex with this derka derka …

  29. Andre P. Miles

    I like those pictures at the top! I would love to bang her! She is hot, ever since that whole body thing! I would love to rub my cock on her face!

  30. CaffeBeotch

    Seeing this only reminds me how much I despise Tara Reid.

    Skankety-Skank Skank.


  31. c

    She is fat and bloated

  32. imanobody

    Is that Evander Holyfield driving???…I was wondering what he was doing these days.

  33. mle

    at least her legs are crossed…

  34. Cindy

    Nice elbow patch.

  35. carsten5577

    Who’s the swarthy dago?

  36. Big Mama

    Why is she kissing an ugly, old terrorist looking guy. She can do better than that. Hell, anybody can do better. She has to be on drugs.

  37. francesca winkle

    The guy is so ugly. I hate his thick eyebrows and his nose is HUGE!!! Yuck.

  38. Quinn

    She’s got the backwards skunk on her head. Would make more sense to be seen with ugly fat friends… her amazingly hot friend makes her look xtra hideous.
    Bollywood look out, botched-niptarra’s a comin’ !!

  39. Cracka

    So who is the monkey in the ugly jacket kissing her?

  40. spoofy mcgillicutty

    The guy is a full blown douche, and she barely passes for almost hot. Fuck em both.

  41. spoofy mcgillicutty

    However, my pal Albert thinks shes the hottest thing since a High Colonic. Rock that shit Alb, I think shes checking you out…

  42. dannielynn'sdaddy

    I think I’ve solved the mystery, gang. 1. Stringy blonde hair. 2. Slutty, off-the-rack dress designed to show off legs and nipple scarring. 3. Greasy guy in suit, unwilling to kiss her yet unable to stop groping the frankentits. 4. Photos of Ms. Reid showing off her “wares” before climbing into the back of a limo with two unknown people. It’s obvious that Tara Reid is now a prostitute. Not the “cheap whore” kind that she used to be, but a real live “blow you in the alley for $20″ kind of prostitute that she was destined to be. Obviously, the icky guy is Brandon Davis’ father and the blonde is his mistress. They are looking to spice up their sex life with some serious S&M games and needed a subby who would forget their safe word even after they branded it into her thigh.

  43. Jessie

    Why are you even posting on Tara? She’s below D-list.

  44. B Locs

    is that the newest american idol in the second row from the top (of pictures) second from the left? uhhh… if it’s not.. it’s her sister. =)

  45. sharpeidude

    This fucking Habib she’s kissing now has a raging case of trench mouth.

  46. SlamBamWibbetyWHAMBAMBADAM


  47. SlamBamWibbetyWHAMBAMBADAM

    Rrrred dut!

  48. jus'stupid

    Camera hungry fags. Wilt away and die.

  49. I’d poke her in the pooper.

  50. just me

    The girl in the pic with her is pretty. And she does not actually kiss this guy. But why would she pretend to make out with HIM of all people? I dont get it. Weird.

    But her friend is pretty. is she “someone”?

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