Tara Reid looks really smart

February 12th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Tara Reid showed up to Jermaine Dupri’s Grammy Invasion Party looking about as intelligent as we’ve come to expect. Namely very. I mean, c’mon, her face looks Photoshopped. I half expected there to be a speech balloon coming out of her mouth saying: “Hyuk hyuk. Hey guys, I’m over here. Want a pickle?”


  1. heyheyhey

    42–no you are not

    this story is worthless

  2. after seeing all these britney posts, tara’s starting to look pretty damn good….and smart…and clean….this is a sick, sad day

  3. The-Guslet

    To be fair… she has looked *MUCH* worse…

  4. sharpei dude

    “C’mon guys…I’m really Tara Reid! Go find the the manager and he’ll vouch for me. I’m famous and people like me!!!!”

  5. licklick

    Could I kindly request that smelly whore cunt Zanna #26 and her limp dick pussy-whipped boyfriend Italian Stallion #16 take their problems elsewhere?

    What a couple of shitwads. Fucking pukes like these should get back together again and kill each other. Who needs asswipes like them on this site anyway?

  6. woodhorse

    #51 worthless?! Hardly. Be more observant. That damn cheap jewelry does not match that dress and it doesn’t match each other. Her whole outfit looks like it came from a garage sale. She’s pretty kind of. But PLEASE let this be a lesson on how NOT TO DRESS. God that outfit makes me SICK.

  7. billabong021

    Hmm, she doesn’t seem able to smile properly…

  8. ceb364

    “17. Posted by CirceNYC on February 12, 2007 10:55 AM

    Say what you will, but she’s a super pretty girl, and could still carve out a decent career in romantic comedies.”

    If by ‘Romantic Comedies’, you mean; ‘Soft Core Porn’, I agree.

  9. nicole

    oh mi gosh. I wish i was as smart-looking as tara reid!! these pics are classic except this time she should have done the stupid face and shown her tits again to the world ;]



  11. stuckinaneffinpothole

    well she doesnt look totally wasted like in most of her pics.. but i dont doubt that she had a couple in her by the looks of the first pic

  12. caliente Laina

    wat does she do now??wat is she known for that people remember or care about?? only thing i remember is the boob incident where they say it looked like a wolf chewed it sideways

    prediction:she will make a sex tape so she will be “embarrassed” and “mad” its everywhere in stores!!


    she will go to jail

    Her only options

  13. Carsten5577

    She might as well have “I’m a moron” written with a black marker on her forehead.

  14. crazyotto

    this broad is just like every other skank whore in New Jersey bars.Drunk and easy,take a number.

  15. Liz Krome

    Wow… now there’s a winner. First she’s scarred for life, literally with the far from perfect boob job and the warped liposuctioned tummy she’s been blessed with. No wonder everytime this borad has a picture taken, she’s never with a man. Tara, maybe next time only go for 3 lines of coke and not 4… especially on the night of the event… gosh!

  16. Anexio

    Last suckers!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. she’s just a disaster

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