Tara Reid looks really smart

February 12th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Tara Reid showed up to Jermaine Dupri’s Grammy Invasion Party looking about as intelligent as we’ve come to expect. Namely very. I mean, c’mon, her face looks Photoshopped. I half expected there to be a speech balloon coming out of her mouth saying: “Hyuk hyuk. Hey guys, I’m over here. Want a pickle?”


  1. BarbadoSlim


  2. siliconsaint69

    I can’t believe I used to want to fuck her…*shudder* although you have to admit she looked pretty damn fine in Van Wilder… oh fuck just shoot me now.

  3. not in your face i promise

    hard to know from the pic on the far left whether she spits or swallows.

  4. Stupid chicks really put out.

    Me likee.

  5. p911gt10c

    I love that last pic

    “Hey you guys, it’s me! Tara Reid! I’m famous!…….You guys??”

  6. Troller

    So she’s on the press, paparazzi and fan side of the fence…

    “”Like no, really I’m Tara Reid – I’m s’posed to be “the list”, I’m famous, really…. let me in.”"

  7. Troller

    p911gt10c – jinx buy ya a coke.

  8. p911gt10c

    Trolley- Great minds thinks alike.

  9. 86

    I’d rather listen to Michael Jackson’s new single than look at this trainwreck.

  10. RichPort

    It would have to be real dark in the club and I’d have to have just made a bet that I’d get blown in the bathroom. Other than that… (vomits).

  11. WiseMan

    I’d fuck this slut and spunk in her face just for the sake of it.

  12. Kristin


  13. I have a question, How many years can pass before a person isn’t allowed to reference a past job as a reason you should know them?

    Example. How much longer can Tara reid say “I’m Tara Reid, I was in the movie American Pie” to try to get into a club?

  14. Anexio

    You guys all suck!

    Tera has 3 Major, major movies coming out this year. She is a big star and is just going to get bigger.

    Land of Canaan (2007) (post-production) …. Amy
    Senior Skip Day (2007) (post-production) …. Ellen Harris
    Clean Break (2007) (completed) …. Julia McKay


  15. RichPort

    Anexio, straight to DVD doesn’t count. I’m sure Circuit City and Best Buy decided not to include them in the pre-order system.


  17. CirceNYC

    Say what you will, but she’s a super pretty girl, and could still carve out a decent career in romantic comedies.

  18. lambman

    she looks fine,

    If she’s SOOOOOOOOO unfamous why does this site report on every single thing she does? It looks like all she did hear was were a decent dress and show up for an event not looking intoxicated…somehow The Superficial thinks its news

  19. RichPort

    #17 – You may be right. Just, for the love of my eyes, NO NUDE SCENES.


  21. ceb364

    What’s up with the dude behind her? He looks like a Dick Tracy villian; “FlatFace”!

    I bet HE gave her a flatface.

  22. elizabeththewellread


    Ummmm. . .no romantic comedy actress should have a voice which betrays a two-pack-a-day and two-cocks-a-night habit. The country learned its lesson on Kathleen Turner.

  23. jrzmommy

    She could star in Aliens IV. It’d be very believable when the little alien is about to pop out of her stomach.

  24. You know, I used to think all the crazy shit Tara Reid did was some desperate cry for help from a tragic, lost soul who was desperately unhappy with life and herself. Looking in her eyes, however, I’m now coming around to thinking she’s just borderline retarded.

  25. wacka wacka

    re: #20 – “Comments will be moderated and obnoxious or promotional comments may be removed.” I guess the key word there is “may”…

  26. Zanna

    I know that’s not the real Stallion up there…but nice try, fuckhead.

  27. RichPort

    #20 – Email naked pics of yourself and your stool to people you don’t know? No wait that’s Wally.

    RichPort troll in 3…. 2…. 1….

  28. RichPort

    Zanna, don’t encourage him by saying Nice Try. Encourage him by sending him a letter bomb or express mailing him anthrax. Or a vial of AIDS infected semen… you know, a virus to kill a virus.

  29. allyoops!

    ok, i love mocking the drunken hurricane of disaster that is tar reid as much as anyone else—maybe more, but we need to be fair here:

    in the large photo she has a look on her face as though someone said something confusing to her, and she was just taken aback.

    now, my guess is that a friend from the correct side of the metal barrier wanted to get her attention and yelled, “tara,you’re on the wrong side of the bar!”

    what tara clearly heard was, “tara, you’re going back to mars!” and she thought to herself (which would explain the dumb founded look): “wow, i need to get smarter friends. i’m from jersey, not mars—duh…what a dumbass…”

  30. Italian Stallion

    @20 Your jealousy is showing……..

    I’m not as good at poems as my troll but I’ll try…….

    Wally likes cock in his ass
    He’s asked all of us
    but we all passed
    He crys like a little bitch
    because he has no friends
    Every single day
    he swears it’s the end
    I wouldn’t be surprised
    if he likes boys too
    I read something about him here
    about a whole Boy Scouts troop
    One of these days
    he should pull that trigger
    but much like his life
    he just fakes it like a wigger………

  31. Zanna

    I can’t get my hands on AIDS infected semen. How about AIDS infected sea-men?

  32. RichPort

    Zanna, you leave Wally’s dad out of this!

  33. Zanna

    Insert Foghorn sound here……LOL

  34. pinky_nip

    Hey, haters of Wally… you’d be pissy too if you lost your balls in a freak pepto-bismol misunderstanding.

  35. Italian Stallion

    @34Pinky- That’s why I love you……..

  36. jrzmommy

    23–I’d never say something that pedestrian.

  37. Goo goo g' joob

    If you want to go off-topic for the thread, please take it over to Ferret’s. Thank you.

  38. jrzmommy

    My comments are the same as my favorite pastime: cutting.

  39. #14 Anexio……

    Her last movie Incubus, didn’t even make it straight to video, they had to offer it as a download. Can you notice a difference there between her and somebody like say, Parker Posey that although her movies aren’t blockbusters, are well regarded small movies. “National Lampoon’s Senior Skip Day” won’t be on two VERY important lists.
    First List it won’t be on
    List of movies that critics like

    Second list it won’t be on:
    Lists of movies that will actually open in a theater.

    So there ya go. You can put shit into a pair of heels and a some blond hair extensions it’s still shit.

  40. RichPort

    Wally’s pets are now emaciated.. or anally violated. Or both.

  41. Italian Stallion

    If you want to troll everyone on the thread, please take it over to Perez Hilton’s.
    Fuck you!!

  42. Superevil

    Am I the only one that thinks this article is just filler between Anna Nicole posts?

  43. Pikachelsea

    I am so sick of Tara Reid and her big fake flapjack boobs. And vapid facial expressions. And drunken antics.

  44. Lowlands

    Tara Reid isn’t very smart ofcourse.She took her remote-control from home with her and now she’s expecting she can also open this gate with.On photo 4 from the left,finally the quartercoin fell when she realised her remote-control doesn’t help.

  45. Lowlands

    (44)Life can be so disappointing…

  46. karifarrell

    What a beautiful disaster.
    I love the way she keeps getting back on that horse. She’s either very determined, very ballsy, very oblivious, or just plain DRUNK ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!!!

  47. NipsyHustle

    god can she look any more desparate? she is the poster child for “used up drunk skeet pit”. why hasn’t she died off already?

  48. kickservebt

    Is that Buzz Lightyear standing behind her in the the last pic?

  49. oh, you sly boots.

    lol, 48.

    She has mad plaque on the third photo.
    Egh, gingivitis.

  50. kathleen170

    Back in her prime I used to think she was pretty. Now I just… don’t…

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