Tara Reid has really excellent hair

January 12th, 2007 // 141 Comments

Tara Reid showed up as a special guest to a cocktail party at Conrad Jupiters Magic Millions Carnival in Australia looking like she found a wig from a dumpster and threw it on. My guess is she tried styling her hair by herself after a night of drinking and passed out halfway through. And the hair magazine she was using as a guide was actually an old issue of Zoobooks.


  1. danielle


  2. misanthrope


  3. HollyJ

    Well, they say the 80s are back. Looks like 1/2 of Heart is already making a come-back

  4. Pointandlaugh

    I didn’t know Billy Ray Cyrus was a spring color. That dress really brings out his eyes.

  5. Jedi Kevin

    Looks like it was made from Farrah’s shaved pubic hair.

  6. wedgeone

    danielle’s got a talking mirror!

  7. LL

    Nice she-mullet. Joy and Patty the daytime hooker from “My Name Is Earl” can do better than that. Damn.

    What is it with all these Hollywood chicks and their weaves now? Are they too busy showing their naughty bits and sleeping off a hangover to get a decent haircut, so they just slap some fake hair on and call it good?

    And that dress makes it look like her boobs are being propped up by that lace panel, which, come to think of it, they probably are.

    Swing and a miss, Tara. Sorry, thanks for playing.

  8. mztry

    She looks very nice and very classy!

    keep on showing the world you are on your way UP girl!

  9. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Speaking of Farrah, I know she’s very seriously ill and everything, but whenever I read about her being sick and they finally mention that it’s anal cancer, I bust out laughing. Can’t help myself, I’m going to hell, I know.

  10. magickal

    There’s that tell-tale, bulbous drunkie nose again.

  11. jojo


  12. danielle

    I believe that’s what YOUR mirror states after seeing you naked.

    All those stretch marks…(shudder)

    The horror…The horror♥

  13. diarrhea riot

    I can’t get the word “dirt starfish” out of my mind…..

  14. RussianMafia

    The 80′s aren’t back. Lingerie does not a dress make. Painkillers aren’t tic tacs.

  15. RussianMafia

    The belt looks like a dead stretched out monarch butterfly.. NOOO save the butterflies

  16. marme

    Aww I dont know why but I feel bad for her.

  17. ashleighnicole

    she looks good.

  18. miggs

    it’s Cowardly’s daughter, Drunkenly Lion

  19. Ardee

    these pictures scare me.. She scares me.

  20. Oh man the 80′s really are back? I didn’t kniow tara reid got the Dolly Parton biopic.

  21. Oh man the 80′s really are back? I didn’t know tara reid got the Dolly Parton biopic.

  22. She just got out of her audition for Splash 2.

  23. CartoonBetty

    If you have ever been to Aus you realize she is perfectly in style. The 80′s never ended there. It’s horrifying.

  24. Mo

    She looks like a hair band’s hooker.

  25. whitegold

    Stupid hair or not, she’s still damn hot!!! The hair can be fixed.

  26. Charm

    simply hideous

  27. BarbadoSlim

    Hooker! she looks like a hooker.

  28. polypam

    Here is Tara Reid paying homage to her New Jersey roots…

  29. LMAO, that’s an awful pic. She looks nice (minus hair) in the other pics though.

  30. ponk

    jeeeesus tap-dancing xrist damnYelle, you must have about worn the “refresh” button clean off your browser by now. How wet do you get when you get to be the first poster? Does your HoverRound have a ‘Vibrate’ setting?

  31. ponk

    miggs, that was good.
    looks like she caught paris’ wonkey eye.

  32. Fisher55

    wait–since when does FF have anal cancer?

    since when does anal cancer exist?

  33. ponk

    gotta love damnyell’s always witty “I know you are but what am I” comebacks.

  34. karifarrell

    Ever notice how whenever she gets all dressed up and goes out and people take her picture she always has this look on her face like she was just elected “Prom Queen”….when actually everyone in the world thinks she is a total fucking joke!!!
    It makes so sad for her, I think I want to cry….
    But you just keep your head up there, purty one!

  35. gatorbates

    Her hair needs more semen in it. I hear there’s plenty of it being shot around the NBA.

    Tara Reid + an NBA player = USA passing China’s population.

  36. BarbadoSlim

    @33…the first occurrences of anal cancer-”assus maleficus”- are suspiciously concurrent with the beginning of Robin Williams’ comedic career.

  37. pookiedoo

    Her hair really, really scares me. She should star in a horror movie about it.

  38. moparella

    I’m getting a flashback to PTA mothers in the mid 80′s, who have mini-me’s with the same hair.

  39. karifarrell

    #31, that is some funny shit. I hate poters who post numbers…
    Look, I’m #39…wait but I type freakishly slow and I have dial-up, so by the time I hit send I will be like 57 or something probably….

  40. ponk

    dial-up kari? i’m impressed you can even reply on today’s threads with dial-up.

  41. combustion8

    I’d hit it… with a bat.

  42. Yellow hair.
    Yellow teeth.

  43. woodhorse

    try again with something interesting, Fish. Her hair is exactly the same as Paris’ Troll Doll hair, Britney’s Troll Doll hair, and is the same texture as Trump’s Troll combover.

  44. TheSlick

    At least her stomach was covered up.

  45. ballsweat

    Actually, this is what all blondes look like here in Australia!!

    BTW, can you please stop sending these skanky pissmops to Australia?? We have enough of our own overrated, stinking bushpig celebrities to fawn over without importing more from the US.

  46. sol

    looks like her right eye is finally starting to skeet over

  47. karifarrell

    Yeah, it’s true I have dial up here at work, but that wasn’t really the point, the point was that I hate it when posters say what number they are (they’re wrong half the time anyway) oh, and I’d be wrong every SINGLE time cause I type like a retard and plus the dial up shit…yep, but I remember years ago when the very first person ever posted the word “FIRST”…..

  48. dreamhypnotique

    One of her eyes seems to be smaller than the other, as if she’s perpetually squinting. It always looks like the camera caught her just milliseconds after someone slapped her really hard.

  49. madruga


    Actually, this cum guzzler bitch was invited to make an appearance…FOR $500’000!!!

    You ever wonder why these people don’t just crawl into a gutter and die, well there’s 500’000 reasons for ya…


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