Tara Reid looks like my grandmother

December 3rd, 2007 // 71 Comments

Tara Reid arrived in Sydney, Australia on Saturday and apparently aged 30 years during the flight. Jesus, she looks likes she should be working the concession stand at a Bingo tournament. And then after work she can go home to her trailer in Orlando filled with cats, empty gin bottles, and put on a tattered bathrobe that says “Sassy” on the back. The government should put Tara Reid’s face on cartons of cigarettes. Not only will people immediately stop smoking, they’ll buy packs just to throw out their car window onto the freeway. You know, in case voodoo really works.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Good Thing She's Happy

    She must be on Prozac. She seems delusionally happy when practically everyone is making fun of her.

  2. joey8956472

    she is very lovely.

  3. angelna89564

    she is very lovely in this pink suits. but someone said she joined an online service sugardaddyMeet.com.it is a site for rich men to date sexy women.. spoil and support them.

  4. It could have all different. If there was simple a bit of dicipline and will-power in your body. I must say now, when my grandma was alive she really looked better and her TITS were quite in better shape than your GREMLINS!!
    In a few years time has come for seeking new friends in the home for the elderly!!

  5. When will light-skinned women learn that they should keep away from sun tanning? Having low melanine levels and thinner skin than men means they will quickly start looking like an old wrinkled leather bag.

  6. Nobody

    Looks like somebody left that thanksgiving turkey in the fryer just a little too long.

  7. Ash


  8. Sebastián

    #12 Ha! Whorange!

  9. girlsy


  10. girlsy


  11. trasef

    she is lovely. her beautiful album was found on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “SearchingMillionaire.com”. many fans like it.

  12. Crawford

    I’m offended. I’m from Orlando, and we would NEVER let Tara Reid buy a trailer here. Besides, it’s Tampa and Miami that have all the grannies….we’re a happenin’ place.

  13. danny

    she is still as sexy and even more sexier than she once was.. you all are just haters because tara is still beautiful and very attractive here’s to the hottest woman in the world, Tara reid……

  14. PostmortemG

    I’ve always thought this lady was pretty, but she’s definitely not looking her best here. I’ll take care of you, Tara Reid – I’m a talented, handsome artist. E-mail me. =D

  15. mike

    She looks good here to me.. I agree with you danny she is one of the most attractive woman in this world..

  16. Guest

    She looks so old cause she spends too much time in the sun DUH!! She’s not ugly, she just needs to wear make-up && not tan so badly XD

  17. KittyCat

    Tara really needs to lay off the sun, lipo and booze….. Other than that, she looks OK.

  18. charle

    i don’t think she is beautiful. every time i signed in http://www.sugarmommymeet.com and there were always many men talking about her how sexy and pretty … you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….

  19. dbizle

    That’s one milf/gilf I would not do. There i said it. Even I have morals.

    Im a freaking liar, I’d totally cut her neck off and bone ‘er hard

  20. HystErica

    She looks like the old ladies that put on their best Bratz-wear to spend the whole day at the local Indian Casino. I bet when she goes bra-less her boobs are in her lap.

    Also, with all the plastic surgery she’s had you’d think she’d get her top lip evened out…

  21. melissa

    What is wrong with you people, this is just tara without hardly any makeup on and just casually dressed, relaxed…. what’s wrong with that?! She does’nt look bad at all, look at her skin……NO makeup, pretty smooth actually. And maybe she has some drinking problems or whatever, but i would be willing to bet more than half the people writing these negative posts also have alcohol or other problems! Also i would be willing to bet not half of you are as attractive as tara reid either!! You know it’s a fact that people that constantly put other people down or are constantly pointing out other people’s negatives, is because THEY THEMSELVES have low self esteem, in other words ” Hey look at ugly tara, and all of her problems….huh…I guess my problems aren’t so bad, ha-ha-..tara’s ugly!” Truth is people need to worry about YOUR OWN problems and shit before you worry about tara’s!! Oh ya… and GROW UP!!

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