Tara Reid looks like my grandmother

December 3rd, 2007 // 71 Comments

Tara Reid arrived in Sydney, Australia on Saturday and apparently aged 30 years during the flight. Jesus, she looks likes she should be working the concession stand at a Bingo tournament. And then after work she can go home to her trailer in Orlando filled with cats, empty gin bottles, and put on a tattered bathrobe that says “Sassy” on the back. The government should put Tara Reid’s face on cartons of cigarettes. Not only will people immediately stop smoking, they’ll buy packs just to throw out their car window onto the freeway. You know, in case voodoo really works.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Texas Tranny

    I hate the VS line of “pink” it’s not sexy. Teenage stuff.

  2. Oh holy hell..

  3. 2 girls 1 cup

    God she looks like the cryptkeeper.

  4. I meant all the typos in the post..

    Get it together dude. Bathrobe, not bathroom!!!

  5. Awww, he fixed it..

  6. budaily had this ages ago. and shes charging something mad. go see

  7. dongball

    This is the best site by far, but the new photo viewing format sucks. you can’t click and just see the enlarged version of the photo you’ve clicked on: it requires another step. That said, please kindly ignore the fact that I’ve just implied that I wanted to see a larger picture of Tara Reid.

  8. MindRiot

    Holy crap, my eyes.
    lol #3 – good call.

  9. Amanda

    She looks like Gollum in the first pic!

  10. Amanda

    She looks like Gollum in the first pic!

  11. Kingsley Amis

    Mommy, make the scary wax-woman go away!

    Why is she carrying a balloon? Did she bring her special balloon all the way from the States? When I first saw the picture, after retching, I thought she was wandering the halls of a hospital after undergoing some radical, but tragically unsuccessful, treatment.

  12. RichPort

    Who woulda thought the flashing of one augmented boob a few years back would result in this? Gone are the days she could crawl, anally bleeding, out of Dennis Rodman’s bung-alow… gone are the days of her watching Paris get waved through another velvet rope as she dies a little inside… gone are the days her rippled belly engengered so much interest… gone are her days as a thousandaire. I believe we refer to that color as “whorange”.

  13. jeff

    dongball – this just started relatively recently. i’m with you on all accounts – i need my trainwrecks just a click away, not 7.

    come on superficial – put it back to how it was please!

  14. ChicagoEric

    Tara Reid looks like she’s on the way to looking like the next Phillis Diller from Match Game fame. Wow, how she has fallen far from the hottie we saw in Van Wilder.

  15. Geof

    Then I want to motorboat your Grandma’s boobies…. Brbrbbrbrbrbrbrbrb!

  16. OK, THAT I wouldn’t do with your weiner. That’s more gross than the brit-gina and paris’ vaccum mouth…

  17. #7 and 13, not only that but it is making the site RIDICULOUSLY slow..

  18. I feel like I’m on DIAL-UP!!!!

  19. Sledman

    Ok, Serious Question: What exactley does Tara do for a living. I see her on this site, and occasionally on Extra, but Job wise? She hasnt starred in anything since American Pie. Shes not on TV. So why all the Jet Setting? always at the beach, now Sydney? I’m being honest here, not trying to make a joke or anything. She couldnt have possibly made that much money in her short lived career as an actress. Anyone have a clue how shes pulling this off?

  20. RiqO

    I don’t mind the new picture format too much — as long as I’m viewing the site in a browser. In the RSS feed, it’s broken and I get a bunch of missing image links. That’s annoying.

  21. Big

    Who is the low down no good egg suckin dog responsible for this change in format?

  22. Vince Lombardi

    I guess that International Date Line was too much for Tara’s plastic surgery to handle. Man, she’s a wreck.

  23. joejoe

    OMG! She’s HIDEOUS!…she started sliding downhill right after Josie and the Pussycats. And you spoiled youngsters and newbies to the internet have NO IDEA what “slow” is. Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! I had to wait 2 more seconds to see some beast’s face! Cry me a river! I once repaired computers with a 10 Mhz clock speed and we thought 20Kb/s was fast!

  24. Juistweg

    New picture format has broken the RSS feed…

  25. p0nk

    when did Tara start chemo? she’s on chemo, right?

  26. #19 I think she make her living as a crackwhore. Not even the main crackwhore, but assistant crackwhore..

  27. Lauren

    Having just made this long flight to Sydney, NSW recently, it’s not surprising she looks like a weathered tarp covered in glitter. I’m not sure I came out so well myself.

  28. #23 you’re old.

  29. 23apples

    I was going to comment on the fact that a flight to Australia from the United States is long and tiring and I’m sure a lot of people come out looking like this… but you’d think Tara Reid would fix herself a littttle tiny bit more than this, considering she is still getting photographs taken of her (despite no longer having a career).

    Plus, I’m pretty positive that the appearance of her orange skin, skeleton like neck, and saggy chest result from something other than an airplane ride.

  30. D. Richards (Chemist.)

    “Grandmother”, HA-HA! The only thing I’m seeing are two breasts (?) and a gigantic face. Ladies, take-it from Tara; gigantic balloon-tits make you really attractive. Oh, and an incredibly emaciated neck. Lose neck-fat, stat!

  31. Ya man

    Wow….if your grandma looks like Tara Reid, then your grandma is freaking HOT.

  32. tbojangles

    looks like she had a supersized glass of aids to drink….

  33. Erin


  34. ack

    poster child for why we should all slather on the sunscreen

  35. shishkabob

    The fact that she’s flaunting her plebian Victoria’s Secret Pink wardrobe shows how much of a D-List star she really is.

  36. Superbad

    she looks like Bea Arthur…..’s mother!!

  37. HA!

    Ewwwww…..And she looks MAAAAAAD skinny! What the hell, Tara, back to the old yeyo, girl?

  38. HA!

    19 – Sadly, people still pay c, d, and e list celebs to hawk their stuff. And, even sadder, there are men and boys around you would pay to get her autograph and a picture with her (sigh).

  39. Matthew

    after she went to the airport she went to SKYBAR

  40. cookie monsta

    she looks like pam anderson with no makeup ….. you can all see her on that fab new site “eeeeeewwwwwwww.com”

  41. Carson Daly

    Actually the saddest thing is that one lonely balloon shes carrying for no reason, it looks like shes being discharged from the hospital!?!?

  42. woodhorse

    Then your grandma needs to lay off the sauce and Mystic Tan.

  43. truly julie

    So this is what it looks like to have the life sucked out of you…

  44. Igottabemeee

    “Grandma, I’m not going anywhere with you. People will think I’m hanging out with Tara Reid!”

  45. Kerbear15

    Yes, the new photo format SUCKS!! Put it back to the old way, when you could just click on the image you wanted to see englarged. Hmpf. I don’t want to see all the photos. blah.

  46. makemepuke

    Can you say, “ANOREXIA NERVOSA”

  47. Who is Britney’s fan? I got a news that she had a profile at interracialconnect.com, a niche interracial dating site for singles from each race. seems the username is britenybabe there. wanna check and IM her there. OMG.

  48. L.Linus

    This is how you look after years of partying and getting screwed. Britney, this is your future and if you don’t change your way.

  49. jacknasty

    um, is this post sponsored by AA or the anti-tobacco people? Cause I think I just quit smoking and drinking

  50. Roflcer of the Lawl

    So I left this picture open and left my comp for a min, I came back and my niece and nephew who are just learning to speak are saying ewwwwwwww in unison at my comp. It was kinda funny that even at that age they know she is gross.

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