Tara Reid looks decent in her bikini

February 19th, 2007 // 134 Comments

  1. RichPort

    #104 Sometimes you even fool me. Nice try once again. And your comment about me liking prison sex at the previous post couldn’t be farther from the truth. Get a life assbag and stop trolling me.

  2. Lowlands

    What would Tom do?

  3. hastapasta

    what would Britney do?

  4. misanthrope

    He fucking posted it again? It bears repeating: WiseMan is a special kind of crazy. Since he’s hit every thread with this crap…any chance he’s a goner? I think this qualifies as ‘obnoxious or promotional’.

    WiseMan… you do know that this *isn’t* a site about religion? And you do realize that *you* are the intolerant one? Isn’t everyone that isn’t Islamic supposed to convert or their as good as dead? Oh, I’m sorry, Islamic Extremists. You have a lovely way of recruiting people.

    You do realize that there isn’t an invisible man in the sky, don’t you? Insulting? Well, it’s my belief… I’m now imposing it on you. Tit for tat.

  5. Lowlands

    Anyways,i’m outta here and i’m gonna check some myspace-pages.Maybe when i find a good one i take it.

  6. misanthrope

    Yippie! He’s gone!

  7. jebus

    Yo did WiseMan just say he lets chicks eat grapes out of his ass?

  8. RichPort

    Fuck yeah Mr. Fish. Delete that WiseAss bullshit! Score one for the Fish. Now if only you would do something about my troll all will be well in Fishland.

  9. RichPort

    #107 – Yes he did, but I don’t think it was him, I’m pretty sure it was the same asswipe who has been trolling me.

  10. wedgeone

    Thanks, Mr. Fish! I go to the submissions page, make a request, and BAM! it happened.


  11. misanthrope

    Re: 104… *they’re. And, sorry for my rant.

    @108… I think that’s only fair!

  12. grape

    Thank christ. Can he log in again or does it block his typekey thingy?

  13. misanthrope

    The numbers are all goofy now.

    grape… I’m not sure what the deal is. Seems there are more than one ‘WiseMan’. Don’t know if just the post was deleted or he was banned.

  14. Lowlands

    One thing more,if you’re a really cool and hot chick and you notice at your myspace-page somebody without a profile-pic (pics are soon in progress) spamming you with ‘add me’,just add the person because it can be me!Okay?

  15. Lowlands

    Also girls if you’ve secretly a spare-part-boyfriend,don’t add me.I like cool and hot babes sleeping naked not in their pyamas.

  16. NipsyHustle

    Dear Tara,

    I heard you were down cause white men don’t want you no mo’. Girl, it’s alright. Pretty little blue eyed blonde like you is always Blue Chip to a black man. I don’t mind that you have high mileage and excessive wear and tear. Your paint job is flawless. Come on over to the darkside.


    Tyrone aka “Chocolate Thunder”

  17. KismetKate

    Maybe after all that botched plastic surgery she realised all she has to do to look good is to get a good personal trainer, and these are the results, she has a way to go but she is looking really good! I am happy for her!

  18. comewithmeshowyobones

    Does anyone even care about Tara anymore?


    That’s what I thought.

  19. AnnoyingPseud

    Sheesh this isn’t news. She was on TV somewhere stating that she had reconstruction to her belly due to the bad lipo she had that left the belly all lumpy and ugly.

    Leaving only a personality-ectomy to cure everything else which is wrong with this girl.

  20. RichPort

    Who knew it was possible that you could saw off your buttcheeks and sew them to your chest.

  21. RichPort

    Though I am certain that posters have endured perhaps dozens of “real” RichPort posts, including his “Astafalah Azeem” post ( which is simultaneously hateful, desperate and gay enough to be undeniably written by the “real” RichPort ), this is my only post all day.

    Congratulations and good night, Tea Bag, enjoy your new Internet “friends” ;^)

  22. Whatever she did, it’s good to see that she is getting back to normal. Whatever was going on before seemed really bad for humanity.

  23. TrannyGranny

    Looks good to me….good enough to jack off to. Like Mother T’s corpse.

  24. dumbbrunette

    it doesn’t even look like she has a belly button…. it pretty much blends in with her stomach. wtf.

  25. Spetsnaz

    She does not look decent!

    She looks like a sausage. She has ugly saggy fake tits and no waist.

  26. bluejeanbaby32601

    damn, I’m 54 and my stomach looks better than hers….. so much for lipo!!

  27. PandaPoacher

    Do those of you saying that she ‘looks good’ realise that she is 31 years old?

    Yeah, she’d ‘look good’ if she was 51… but a 31 year old with a body like that should be ashamed of herself.

  28. WiseMan swore at me. He’s special.

  29. misanthrope

    @128… He’s especially crazy.

    Having said that, I feel bad for my rant. I look like an intolerant fool. I didn’t mean to be a jerk to anyone but WiseMan. He deserved it, but anyone else reading it might take offense. So, my apologies.

  30. woodhorse

    #120. I did. I saw it on Janet Jackson over a year ago. She couldn’t even look at her shoes without putting her chin into her butt crack.

  31. woodhorse

    #129 No apology from you necessary. And after being exposed to Sewer Mouth Wiseman, an apology from him wouldn’t do any good. Every time he posts I feel like taking a bath. PLEASE! Trash Wiseman at any possible moment.

  32. woodhorse

    Wally I adore you. But you knew that already.

  33. KismetKate

    PandaPoacher -

    Ashamed of herself? What the?? What type of standard are you setting here? What is a 31 year old woman supposed to look like? Yes she is 31 not 21!!!

  34. yeah, but please, she still doesn’t even come close to being hot enough to be a movie star…

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