Tara Reid looks decent in her bikini

February 19th, 2007 // 134 Comments

  1. Niecy

    She looks alright but she is still a stupid drunk.

    Looking better than Britney Spears is not hard to do these days.

  2. BarbadoSlim



  3. Felix LaPoubelle

    I don’t know what criteria we are supposed to be using to judge her value, but she is continually displayed in the public eye. She’s not a good actress, she’s not smart. Does she sing?

    Well if she’s to be judged on looks alone, she’s a solid 6.5

  4. Josh_Lavarn

    Only decent movie acting she did was in American Pie when she got her beaver munched. She makes a better porn star than movie actress.

  5. Cindy

    come on, fiddyfi, whip it out, don’t make me beg

  6. misanthrope

    @57… Don’t forget The Big Lebowski. She played a dumb whore really well.

  7. Anglophile

    Someone needs to say it for the record: Past roles, drinking history, Carson Daly etc. notwthstanding, she looks gorgeous.

  8. BarbadoSlim

    @59…you are shitting me? She was in The Big L?!?!

    I’m gonna check it out. That gives her automatic points in my book, man.

  9. jrzmommy

    Once when I was a kid I had the misfortune of barging into a room at my family’s beach house, and seeing my grandpa changing into his swimsuit. I know he was an organ donor, but I had no idea that Tara got his ass when he died.

  10. Jnicole28

    does anyone else think she sometimes looks like a Who from Whoville?

  11. Walter Sobchak

    It’s too bad somebody stole her ass, it really tied her body together.

  12. misanthrope

    @61…Nope, not shitting you. When I first saw it I don’t think it registered, since I had no clue she existed. I watched it again literally the other night. She plays the old, fat, rich guy’s wife. She’s not in it much, so she doesn’t have a chance to ruin it.

  13. wedgeone

    #48 & 59 – Tara or DamYell?
    #55 -
    Chad: “Hey, Brett! What are YOU doing?”
    Brett: “Sitting here watching the market recap, drinking an import.”
    Chad: “You are correct. YOU ARE COR-RECT!”


  14. BarbadoSlim

    @35 Spindoc, there is NO way your theory is not true.

    And the way she looks she must be doing some nasty, perverted shit, like fucking pygmies and bushmen or Yaks and shit. All for the amusement of asian and ex soviet bloc millionaires.

  15. Lambency

    I think Britney and Tara are having a “Freaky Friday” experience.

  16. kbryna

    her bellybutton is all fucked-up-looking, though.

    i wonder how much money she has spent to look this “good”????

  17. sol

    i bet her friends spend a lot of time helping her out when she gets stuck inside the toilet seat.

  18. 86

    With a rebel yell she cried whore, whore, whore

  19. Lowlands

    I think the best for Tara Reid is a pitch and feather treatment.For sure it will give her career a boost and she’ll feel herself very comfortable because it’s her own culture.

  20. sol

    great, #71 just conjured sid…i’m guessing “lipo in the wind” this time…

  21. misanthrope

    Also, BarbadoSlim… I went through the ‘Huh, weird, I guess she’s not all bad’. Then back to, ‘Why did the Coens put her in a movie?’ It’s very confusing.

  22. diddles

    When did she get ass implants?

    I’ll suck yer cock for fifty dollars.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    @74…I’m renting TBL as soon as possible. I just NEED to see how she managed not to fuck up one of my favorites movies. The Coen Bros. are gods they even managed to make me watch Julianne Moore.

  24. HollyJ

    What a fucktard

  25. misanthrope

    @76… The Coens are amazingly talented. I could go on and on. I was just as surprised as you are that she was in Lebowski. I guess they just knew a vapid whore when they saw one? Julianne Moore had a pretty good character, but then again they all did. Of course she had to be naked… I think it’s in her contract.

  26. misanthrope

    @78 and 79… What the hell? Fricken psychopath.

  27. Lowlands

    I’m thinking about going to join Myspace.At least there’s less spam…

  28. Juliabella

    It’s like WiseMan flew a plane into the thread.

  29. grape

    What a complete freakshow.

  30. Lowlands

    The Lowlands myspace-page…Yeah,maybe i’ve to do it.

  31. RichPort

    Wiseman, It’s bad enough that I get trolled all the time by some dickless, faceless pussy, but to completely destroy a thread with this bullshit is beyond ludicrous. I hope every member of your fucking Islamic fucking curry eating family dies of dysentery and you choke on ginormous piece of pork and when I say pork I mean horse cock, and when I say horse cock I’m talking about your terrorist brother who used to rape you with a caddle prod. I hope you fucking die! Astafalah Azeem!

  32. Wow! The Koran is TOTALLY boring! No WONDER there are so many Pissed off middle-easterners. I mean damn, I thought the last season of “Friends” was bad!

  33. grape

    #66- I was meaning DamnYell.

  34. RichPort…….No shit. How did you know my brother use to rape me with a caddle prod. What the fuck is a caddle prod? I’m hoping you meant ‘Cattle’ prod, besides what we do in our religion is our business and you should show more tolerance.

  35. hastapasta

    #87 – what the hell is a “Pathetic wrethes”?

  36. Lowlands

    (86)Wtf,i was even not born in the lowlands.I’m gonna put my real name.

  37. yolatengo

    worse adminstration of a website ever!!

    HEY WISEASS i have a nice vest for you to wear…

  38. grape

    You should show more tolerance in not forcing your religious beliefs on to others who really couldn’t give a fuck.

  39. Number93……. Fuck yourself. A wrethe is something I wear around my cock when I fuck your mother.

  40. #92 WiseMan,

    Stop playing the “You should show more Tolerance” game.

    You came in and disrupted a thread, called people turds and wretches, and even window lickers (huh?) and now you are pretending that you are just some poor little guy being attacked. At least have the balls to stand up instead of backing down like a 4 year old girl who just lost her dolly.

    You attacked, you were attacked back and then you laid down and captiulatied after some crying about showing tolerance. Well don’t worry, go back, run to your mommy and daddy, have a pork chop and it will all be better in the morning.

  41. WiseMan

    Number98…….I like grapes especially when your sister eats them out of my ass.

  42. hastapasta

    definitely time to go back on your meds, WiseMan — the voices in your head will get quieter – I promise

  43. RichPort

    #88 – Once again, not funny. I swear, you need some serious help here. Not even close to my style.

  44. Felix LaPoubelle

    anyway… I didn’t know that tara reid was all into allah

  45. WiseMan

    Spindoc…..who the fuck is laying down to anyone. Try this on for size. You are a cock sucking piece of shit dick turd swallowing ass stabbing commie prick cone eater!

  46. grape

    Spindoc: Haha ‘Window Licker’. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, it’s brilliant. And I agree. Wiseman needs to log off his computer and lie down for a while.

  47. grape

    Wiseman- Just because you know how to swear and use a lot of dirty words, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. In fact it makes you even more pathetic.

  48. Felix LaPoubelle

    everyone just stop for a minute. what would allah do?

    I think I’ve made my point

  49. Lowlands

    Is there any christian-freak who can put the old testament on this page?

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