Tara Reid looks decent in her bikini

February 19th, 2007 // 134 Comments

  1. Nimuë LaMer

    did she have salad bowls inmplanted into her chest?

  2. misanthrope

    She seems to be walking carefully as to not fall down.

  3. Nimuë LaMer

    oh snap! I was first? That’s never happened to me. My life is now complete.

  4. Dr.kevinpothead

    thank you Tara!!!! i always hoped shed turn herself back into “Vikki” from american pie and/ or whoever she played in van wilder!!!!
    she looks HOT here! nice legs too. hot caramel on legs, my friends!

  5. leeks

    Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet, gentlemen…that ass needs lots of work.

  6. jpjrocks

    Can you say, ‘God Dahm’

    I’d give her the old in out in a heart beat

  7. RichPort

    I guess she’s just taking a well deserved break from all those scripts she has to read.

  8. danielle

    Shouldn’t she be covered up or something?

    Plastic melts in high temperatures.

  9. lohanhasthebestcokeinCA

    cocaine does a body good.

    in other news, lindsay lohan still has the best coke in hollywood

  10. BarbadoSlim

    I guess I could tap it without throwing up inside my HazMat suit.

    No, you know what, I’m still gonna wait for a health certificate.

  11. She looks half-human, half-monster. I’m scared. And amused.

  12. Captain Walleye

    Don’t get me wrong…I’d hop on her in a second. That being said, however, her body still looks a little weird. It almost seems like she is in the advanced stages of recovering from liposuction.

  13. JungleRed

    Please, even that fat dude with the sunglasses is unimpressed.

  14. Kristin

    She looks good. =]

  15. It’s like the universe is balancing itself out with Britney turning into a trainwreck and Tara Reid turning into a normal human.

  16. misanthrope

    I don’t know if ‘better’ means ‘good’ in this case.

  17. Walnuts

    Severe case of noassatol.

  18. ja5on

    She needs ass implants more than anything.

  19. kathleen170

    Good for her.

  20. HarryNipples


  21. jrzmommy

    Does this chick have a purpose?

  22. ToiletDuck


    Yes, she is a cum repository…

  23. grape

    Fake Boobs: $12,000
    Hair extensions: $7000
    Lipo: $4500
    Teeth Whitening: $1200
    Swimsuit: $550
    World still thinking you’re an ugly, drunken, disgusting whore: Priceless.

  24. polypam

    You know how runners have those muscular butts with the side dimple due to all that training? Looks like Tara just bought herself one, albeit from a doctor and not from a fitness coach. First 6-pack abs courtesy of liposuction and now an attempt at a fit looking behind. Is she that adverse to exercise? Lazy bitch. It’s still as flat as a pancake, though.

  25. wedgeone

    Nope – can’t see myself around that stomach yet. Still looks deformed from all angles.

    lol #23

  26. wedgeone

    Sorry … #24, not #23.
    jrz still has her funny moments though. ;^)

  27. danielle

    Hey #25, you stupid fuck,

    The 90s called and they want their joke back.

    C’mon, you goof. Priceless jokes? Why not try a wassup joke too.


  28. twentytwelve

    Decent? If that’s decent, I have the body of a grade A porn star.

  29. danielle

    Hey #25,

    The 90s called and they want their joke back. Priceless jokes? C’mon you goof. Why not try a wassup joke too.


  30. danielle

    See, you made me repeat myself. I need a latte and foot rub.

    On a more on-topic note, Tara looks good. I’m no carpet muncher but I’d nibble that fur-pie.

  31. grape

    Nice double up

  32. twentytwelve

    and #29

    congratulations on making fun of someone for using a ridiculously overused joke, with another ridiculously overused joke.

  33. Are we SURE that this is Tara and not her little sister?

    If it IS Tara, then just what is it she does? I seriously think that she very quietly flies around fucking wealthy Japanese businessmen. Because she doesn’t make that much money anymore and yet is ALWAYS at some resort or another hanging out.

    I think it goes like that….Hi, Yes, we rep Tara Reid…sure, uh huh, yeah, anything but kissing. Ok, winn Hotel March 3rd through the 6th, yes sir I’ve got that down, she’ll be there.

  34. MrSemprini

    I was there and let me tell you, her body looks great. Not up close, of course, the restraining order won’t expire for another six weeks but thank goodness for telephoto lenses. And, by great, I mean that her body mostly stayed together the whole time she was out in the sun. Funny thing, she kept asking someone to turn the light down. The lifeguard said, “Umm, that’s the sun.” I think so, anyway. Boom mikes are so touchy. She says, “I don’t care who’s it is, just turn it down.” So cute. You just want to pinch her little cheeks. And, by that I mean that we would all like to tie her to a large object and throw her into a pond. Or a big vat of oatmeal. Mmmm, with tapioca and vanilla pudding, yeah…

  35. misanthrope

    @37… “Umm, that’s the sun.” Well done sir.

  36. grape

    #39 I agree. It’s funny cause it’s true!

  37. danielle

    >29, 31, 32<

    What? Was the Dick Sucking Convention not in town today? Quit posting under my name you useless piece of shit. Go back to the dumpster where you were concieved and hang yourself.

    Worthless troll.

  38. grape

    Nice cover up

  39. PapaHotNuts

    I wish an angry badger would bite Danielle in the pussy. That would be funny.

  40. danielle



  41. Clete

    another train wreck …have another cigarette or some shooters. Nice implants… they look more like goiters. She might want to invest in butt cheek implants and more lipo to give the appearance of a waistline.

  42. MrSemprini

    Careful folks, Danielle is on her period. I think. Looks that way from here. Man, gotta clean this telescope. Anybody got a rag? I got plenty of spit.

  43. danielle


    Seriously Fungus, get on with your sucicide attempts would ya?

  44. 86

    I don’t care she’s still an uninteresting skank.

  45. grape

    Basically she is just an very strange and angry little person who probably has not seen the sun in 3 years and the only people she can get one up over are the faceless ones she picks fights with here on the fish (who in reality are really only here to bitch about celebrities! Chur!) Oh the humility!

  46. Isn’t Tara just another Paris Hilton clone? Or just an average bimbo snail trail? Tis hard to tell the players apart anymore without a program. Of course Slitney Smears did step ahead of the pack with her new *”Neo nazi bookcamp makeover” (*Courtesy of Empire Records)

  47. frootloops

    #49 I think she’s about 12, too. She found that heart icon and uses it everywhere, even after “fuck you”! Wait untill she figures out how to dot her “i”s with it.

  48. Richie Rich

    Where is my damn response to my e-mail? I thought that would give you a Monday morning belly laugh. Gives you another reason for you and Air Force Dude to laugh at me.

  49. fame is funny

    She’s still gross. Girls like this are a dime a dozen (at least around here). Very plain and boring.

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