Tara Reid leaves rehab

Tara Reid has already checked out of rehab after only three weeks of treatment, according to People:

“She checked out on Saturday,” says the source. “She’s doing well. The whole family is very positive about this being the new beginning for her.”
Despite Reid being in treatment since only last month, her family and friends are optimistic about her future. “They are taking steps to do everything they can to help Tara keep on the right track,” adds the source.

I don’t care what People’s source/Tara’s publicist says, three weeks is nowhere near enough time to cure her level of alcoholism. We’re talking about a woman who once ate through a locked door to get to an almost empty bottle of Stoli’s. Don’t remember that story? That’s because it’s happening right now, and shit, she smells the beer in my liver. Look, Tara, a martini! *dives out window*

EDIT: Tara’s publicist is telling E! News “word of Reid’s departure is premature.” Which means she broke out and robbed a liquor store. I know showbiz talk.

Photos: WENN
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