Tara Reid is transforming

May 15th, 2006 // 91 Comments



  1. I knoe how too spel

    Does anyone care about Tara Reid if her top is on?

  2. I knoe how too spel

    Wow, first, I’m a loser.

  3. jimmythefish

    It’s not her. Her stomach isn’t weird-looking.

  4. BigJim

    It’s her. She’s got the signature “ready to suck cock” O-shape in her mouth in the second photo, followed by the “licking cum off her lips” expression in the third one.

    Not to mention the heinous camel toe from years of getting pounded by every guy she could get her hands on.

    When I look at her, I seriously think about giving up the hooch.

  5. Goddamn pod people infesting Hollywood!

    I want my skanky drunk vomit covered Tara Reid back!!!!

  6. That’s not Tara Reid. If it is, then she needs to lay off the alchy.

  7. playahater101

    If that is her, I think she had a nosejob. I’m hunting for more pictures.

  8. She has the face of a man, but the body of a boy.

  9. Binky

    Well the dog tag necklace, the camouflage jeans… Infantry ‘dating’? I think her ‘career’ will do a lot better over in Baghdad.
    They could use a few ‘B’ teen horror flicks over there.
    Maybe Ali G could co-star.

  10. CruisingForCock

    I want that PRADA bag!

  11. Binky

    I want that Prada Hag

  12. Binky

    Well ok – it is ‘Happy Hour’

  13. Zed


    10. Her pants are ON.
    9. She isn’t sporting a lumpy stomach from past incompetent liposuction.
    8. Her bra size doesn’t appear to be 59DDDDD.
    7. Her roots aren’t showing.
    6. She doesn’t appear to be drunk.
    5. She doesn’t appear to be hallucinating.
    4. Her clothes don’t look as if they were purchased at Wal-Mart’s.
    3. She’s wearing sunglasses that seem to be more expensive than the ones she usually finds at Duane Reade.
    2. Her makeup isn’t manufactured by Maybelline.
    1. Her left breast isn’t hanging out of her shirt for all the world to see.

  14. waterranger

    I do like how her sunglasses match her bag, at least the drinking and too many plastic surgeries havent caused colourblindness.

    My Prada Bag is better :P

  15. blueballs

    Too bad they didnt show a butt pick cuz if the girl above had no ass, you know it is definitely Tara “the drunken whore” Reid!

  16. tsarinaamanda

    Poor Tara Reid. She seemed like such a sweet, likeable girl in the American Pie movies. I really thought her career could go places. Now look at her. She’s yet another Hollywood harlot, and the punchline for a million alcohol/plastic surgery jokes. What a fucking tard. Hell, if I had the chance she had, I sure wouldn’t have squandered it. But she actually looks almost normal in these pics. Maybe she actually watched “Taradise” in a sober moment and realized what a pathetic joke she became. At least she covered that monstrous, lumpy stomach and those scarred tits.

  17. CruisingForCock

    I’m on a mission to find that bag. Willing to do ATM for it.

  18. deyanira_spain


    and… it isn’t her nose…

    is it?

  19. cayana

    Man she has a weird looking nosejob. Looks like they took a few too many inches off.

  20. Elizabeth

    this does not look like tara reid

  21. Elusive Spork

    I think if you look closely the 2nd picture says it all….

    “What do you mean by dry county?” or even “He said I don’t do anal?”

  22. Shelley Bonnechance

    The only way I know Tara Reid IS Tara Reid is because of her strangely configured midriff/abdomen. She’s usually a lot less covered up than this, so I can’t tell who it is.

    Hard to tell with Blonde Celebrities.

    1) If she’s carrying a baby and/or a double mocha latte with extra whipped cream, it’s Britney.

    2) If she’s wearing bright red lipstick and smiling really really BIG and wearing a strange outfit, it’s Gwen Stefani.

    3) If she’s wearing bright red lipstick, looking sulky and has dark roots, it’s Christina Aguilera.

    4) If she’s frighteningly thin and posing with facial expressions that indicate she needs to find a restroom and have a poo, it’s Paris Hilton.

    5) If she’s wearing a curtain and big, black orthopedic shoes and making us all cry because we can remember how cute she used to be, it’s Meg Ryan.

  23. awful

    She has the nose of a burns victim. I have never noticed that before, which gives me doubts about these photos.

  24. Libraesque

    I’m with Zed, there’s NO WAY that’s her. Remember awhile back, after her tit fell out of her dress, she made this statement about not wanting to be known as just a party girl….she was changing her image….that was, like, 2 years ago, and has anyone seen a pic of her since then when she wasn’t a complete drunken heap with some guys hand up her skirt?????

  25. schoolgluestick

    There is no way that can be Tara Reid.

  26. If you want that “Prada” bag, go to a street corner in NYC because it ain’t real. Which means it ain’t Tara Reid. She may not have an income stream but she has enough sense to not carry a fake designer bag. Heck, she did a Taradise episode on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht. OMG – I can’t believe I just admitted to seeing a Taradise episode. Need go pull a TR and drink myself into oblivion.

  27. Nice fake Prada bag. She must be running out of money, at last. Now, maybe she can pursue her true calling — the 11-6 shift at Banana Republic at The Grove.

  28. OhMG It doesn teven look like her!!

    what happend to the funny drunk girl look?

  29. gostosaefutil

    Is this the re-birth/unfuglyness of Reid?

    New nose, new boob job, new belly lipo, new stylist?

    It could be easier (and cheaper) to kill and replace her by a well dressed sex doll.

  30. Rebekka

    Urgh! Lip liner ick.
    I really don’t think that’s her, I mean her actually having clothes on? No way.

  31. chickflick

    yay go tara reid! keep improving

  32. Italian Stallion

    If thats a new nose she needs to demand her drinking money back cause that shits crooked…..

  33. jimmythefish

    Oh, wait a minute. Isn’t that a club stamp on her right arm? This changes everything. The day after? I retract my statement and say that it’s her.

  34. eden

    does she look like a jew to you in the second pic? her nose looks huge and jewy. just plain disgusting- jews are all gross

  35. Land-Man

    Land Land Land Land

  36. TrannyGranny


    If I wanted to see an average looking, swollen faced, brain dead chick with all of her clothes on, I would go to Wal-Mart. Someone get that girl an 8-ball and some tequila!

  37. TrannyGranny

    The 2nd pic looks like she just got the news her pap-smear came back positive. As in “Tara, I’m positive science has never seen anything like this, I’m calling a haz-mat team and my buddies at Area-51″

  38. BigJim

    Okay, eden, I’m not Jewish. I don’t have any close Jewish friends either, but I think your indiscriminate slamming of Jews is very distasteful.

    Nevertheless, you have the right to speak your piece, just like I do. Here’s mine: FUCK YOU! DIE! DIE! DIE! It’s worthless, narrow-minded shitbags like you that make me want to clean my gun collection. If all you ever have to say on SF is ragging on Jews, then no one wants to hear it. Go to some skinhead rally instead. Or go play in traffic. No one cares what you do, you cum gargling piece of shit.

    Go die now.

  39. iambananas

    How can you’ze be making fun of her? She is actually quite pretty. It just doesn’t make sence.

    You people are just a bit too critical. People need to not be so bitter.

  40. iambananas


    Do you think that was an adult answer?

  41. Fa Cube Itches

    39 – Well, given that this is a celeb-bash site, almost every comment is going to be a bash on a Jew or Scientologist. Usually just not for being Jewish, though; Scientology seems to be fair game, however.

    Enh, I have to go to a function down in Hollywood this weekend, right near the big Scientology center. Anyone got any messages for Sherry-co? Just to make it worth my own while, I’ll be charging $5 a “cunt” after the first one.

  42. TrannyGranny

    Fa Cube!!!!!

    Holy Shit, I just got your name!!!!

    BigJim; Man, you should always keep your guns clean, what with the polar bears and all.

  43. eden

    to iambananas ande bigjim i think you are all inconsiderate bastards. u r nothing but jew loving freaks how could u sit there and defend jews? what are their purpose in this world? all they do it take up our space with their noses

  44. suzy

    she still has no figure and dresses badly

  45. WickedBitch

    There is no way that’s her.

    Whoever that is, her hair is too nice, smooth and shiny. Tara Reid’s hair ALWAYS looks sizzled, like she let a bumch of chimps bleach the shit out of it.

  46. -= ChebyratoR =-

    id hit with a shirt on!

  47. -= ChebyratoR =-

    oh wow im the only person to “hit it” woooo!!

  48. -= ChebyratoR =-

    oh wow im the only person to “hit it” woooo!!

  49. Is that a wet spot in the first picture?

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