Tara Reid is still alive, cleavagey

October 19th, 2007 // 84 Comments

Tara Reid showed up for the premiere of “Reservation Road” in Beverly Hills last night. She actually looks sort of hot. Which is weird, I know. Underneath all that inexplicable hotness is a sordid tale of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. But, yet, she looks decent. My penis is so confused right now. He’s just staring out the window, letting out the occasional sigh. Nothing makes sense to him anymore. I tried to get him to go lift up cars like we do every Friday, but he just turned to me and said, “What’s the point? When we’re done, Tara Reid will still be do-able.” *sigh*

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  1. Balls Johnson

    first niggs

  2. girl

    you can look up pwn on wikipedia, it did start off as a typo for owned.

  3. Balls Johnson

    Also I would fuck the poo out of that guy in the pics

  4. VimGander

    “pwn” originally was a typo for “own,” and it’s stuck around and become something of a fad among nerds who can’t get laid.

  5. supes

    You should feel good that you don’t know what it means. The only losers that use that word anymore are gamers and the fucking morons who still sya “first” when theyt post first on a fucking celeb bash board.

  6. TS


  7. 1MILF Hunter

    Too bad that dress doesn’t have an exposed midriff to show off that beautiful belly of hers. She needs to accentuate her positives.

  8. marina

    She looks pregnant!!! Puaj!

  9. she is looking fabulous these days

  10. TS

    What a bunch of tools…Holy smokes.

  11. How does anyone know she has had surgery ?


  12. No, it’s great, TS, WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!!

    we ARE cool!!!

  13. Oh, wait, but we know it NOW. So…well as long as we never use it.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Man Tara needs to get back on the fuckedupcrazyasshit stick. Back in the day she’d make Britney blush. Truly the student is now the master. Sunrise sunset I guess.

  15. no

    Her legs are jacked.

  16. fcuk u

    lmao @ ppl trying to pwn ppl who use pwn.

  17. TS

    let’s face it, we already know we’re cool. We certainly didn’t need any confirmation of that.


  19. Grace

    I didn’t know what you were talking about with her stomach so I had to google it. After 5 minutes of continuous vomiting, I was able to see color again.

  20. sherlock

    I’m willing to venture a guess that SWEETS is neither svelte nor demure.

  21. TS

    41, we’re not trying. It’s a given. And don’t speak until spoken to. You better recognize.

    And before lashing out, I’m just fucking with you. It’s Friday. Lighten up.

  22. I eat my own boogers. No one else will let me at theirs.

  23. Ript1&0

    She should change her name to Karla Hungus.

  24. TS, you are hilarious.
    #44 Grace so are you
    wait, #41, so are you!!!

    How come everyone is funny whenever I leave? Weird…

  25. Hi Sherlock,
    I had to look up both of those big giant words on Dictionary.com and get back to you.
    Svelte- mos def
    Not sure what to make of your booger eating.

  26. moka

    hot? she looks like she’s pregneant

  27. pregneant? Cleo eeas dat yu?

  28. TS

    Why thank you. you’re not so bad yourself. Care for a cocktail this lovely Friday afternoon? I am gonna have to wait, I will be in the office late again. Jobs are the worst invention ever. Either Jobs or offices, I haven’t decided yet.

  29. Anon

    “My penis is so confused right now. He’s just staring out the window, letting out the occasional sigh.”


  30. TheExpatriot

    She looks like a meringue.

  31. Jon Grant

    Am I the only one that thinks she’s pregnant?

    Massively inflated boobs and an A-line dress to disguise the stomach? Looks like a dead-cert to me.

  32. so what’s up with her knee’s????

  33. PapaJoeSimpson

    what’s up with your lack of education nephanie? It’s knees dumb turd..

  34. Uncle

    her niece is just fine, thanks.

  35. Catfan

    Yes why are her knees wrinkly? And where are pictures of CZJ?

  36. schack

    Cleavage is nice, but hairy nipples are first rate.

    PS TEXass TRANNY. do not try to hide. i know u.

  37. jay

    dang everytime i see her she keeps on getting hotter and hotter. i sure wished she would flash those nice tits and prove that her boobs and stomach are normal. anyway rock on tara..

  38. Hollywood Agent

    What happened to her hair!

    Will someone go out and get her a wig.

    Get a few of those Ava Gabor Wigs………

  39. bint

    Okay, seriously, this is pissing me off…no one here has noticed that her left boob is much bigger than the right one?

  40. sharpeidude

    She looks like she’s wearing a shower curtain.

    #14 – P.S….If you have to brag about it, it’s only 2 inches long.

  41. Lexoka

    I think this girl is actually extremely dangerous. She looks hot, but undressing her would likely result in a heart attack.

  42. eat me

    pwned, owned, or whatever the fuck the want to say—-your hating ’cause you didn’t get first post BITCH!!!!!! You morons………….now EAT

  43. Narcissist

    I think this is a great idea for her…cover up that stuff she’s covering up right here.

    …Yeah, weird…I WANT to lift her dress up, but I KNOW not to…confusing…

    I’m not going for that hair style though. Wondering if leg extensions would do anything for her knees (DON’T GET PLASTIC SURGERY, TARA! PLEEAAASE DON’T!) Anyway, I like that she’s sort of getting it together.

  44. Pea in the Pod

    She is wearing a Maternity Dress. I saw one just like it at JC Penny’s the other day. She must have terrible gas or something.

  45. Actually Tara is still hot and sexy..and did you notice that her boobs is still stand..I saw a post about tara where in she is the cover for an FHM magazine..she so sexy and so hot i read the post here http://showbizchika.dingexx.com/?p=137

  46. Soy

    if you stare long enough
    she starts to look like a white Oprah

  47. El Ces

    Nice. All she has to do is maintain this look and do some more movies. And lay off the sauce.

  48. xman

    I dont care about her breasts I think she is a goddess. I would do anything she wanted She is goergeous and a breath of fresh are to look at on here I love u Tara

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