Tara Reid is slashing prices

Tara Reid is currently partying in Sydney where she’s trying to charge $25,000 to $30,000 for club appearances. Predictably no one went for it, according to Page Six:

She had to drop her inflated price to a bargain-basement fee of about $3,500 when nobody would bite, Sydney Confidential reports. The surgically-enhanced sexpot was most recently seen cavorting for cash at the taste-challenged gala called the Hookers Ball in Darwin.

Wow, what a bargain! For only $3,500 I can have my special event smell like a sewage plant drenched in Sambuca. Where do I sign?

NOTE: I included pictures of Tara shopping at Ed Hardy’s in Sydney where I’ll assume they had to burn the entire store afterwards. Along with part of the surrounding block. At this rate, I imagine the entire Australian outback should be ablaze my mid-afternoon.

Photos: Pacific Coast News
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