Tara Reid is posing for Playboy

October 9th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Hugh Hefner, what the fuck? From InTouch:

The American Pie star, who underwent a botched liposuction procedure in 2004, posed entirely nude for the popular magazine at a private residence on October 7 in Santa Monica, Calif. Although Tara, 33, was a bit nervous shooting, she seemed to ease into it as the day went on. “She was a bit insecure about her body when they first started,” says an insider. “She looked great and finally got into the groove.” Tara had said in the past that she would never pose for Playboy, saying, “I know there are problems with my stomach. There are bumps on it, it’s uneven, but it’s not that bad. My stomach scars are my battle wounds.”

There’s no way there’s enough Photoshop in the world for this to even remotely resemble a good idea. The only thing less erotic would be pics of Pamela Anderson’s naked body while she’s getting a C-section. And just barely.

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  1. Superevil

    Who the fuck wants to see that?

  2. Hank

    And thus ends another Hollywood career. The sleep their way to the top, and as the age, they sleep their way to the bottom…and out the door.

  3. D

    Thank god for photoshop…

  4. Superevil

    Who the fuck wants to see that?

  5. ding a ling

    She looks like she is 50.

  6. Dr Truth

    Holy shit the people at Playboy are retarded. Tara Reid 7 years past her sell by date, non nude Heidi, preggers Lisa Rinna, Jayde Nicole as PMOY, etc. Why is it so hard to not fuck what should be a relatively simple concept? Get attractive girls to take off clothes for money. It’s not hard.

  7. John

    I’ve been looking for a good reason to cut off my dick.

  8. Jan

    Photoshop has finally met its match.

  9. abby

    She looks like she is 75.

  10. Good thing she has a tan, or else some one might think she’s a deflated skin sack of a zombie.

  11. Randal

    Tara is a beautiful person and thankfully, there are many in the world that see beyond the scars and mistakes made by her plastic surgeon. There’s a lot more to say about her own strength, not shying away from the public eye despite how she looks.

    A person who enjoys life and takes the good with the bad.


  12. Sabalon

    I’d rather see a completely untouched photoshoot of her than the crap Playboy will do to it

  13. Randal, gay should be stupid.


    Nigga pleaz. She’s whoring for Playboy becuase she’s broke and desperate, not because she’s bravely facing the public eye.

  14. anon

    “My stomach scars are my battle wounds?!??” Oh, please.

  15. Turd the third

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, there is only one word for that bag of shit….NASTY……..

  16. farty mcshitface

    i guess hugh wants to traumatize his remaining base. this chick looks sooo much older than 33. more like 83. very, very scary.

  17. farty mcshitface

    i mean good lord, this chick has ZERO muscle on her frame. she needs to hit the weights and fill out that ghastly frame in the worst kind of way!!!

  18. JDiddy

    I’d tap that.

  19. Racer X

    The FAIL is strong with this one.

  20. WTdoubleF!!!

    Oh wise and benificent Superficial Sage, when thou sayest, “There’s no way there’s enough Photoshop in the world for this to even remotely resemble a good idea,” thou speaketh the truth, forsooth.

    Way bad idea no matter how you look at it.

  21. jumpin_j

    (upon coming across the pictorial) “AHHHHH!!! THE LIGHT!!!! IT BLINDS US!!!!” Covering up the eyes now bleeding from it’s sockets, shreeking in eternal pain.

    I’ll take my Oscar now.

  22. Christopher

    maybe they’ll just airbrush Tara Reid’s face onto someone remotely attractive, like a 45 year old man.

  23. Kodos

    Is there any way that the Playboy Board of Directors can vote to take away Hugh Hefner’s power as the Ed. in Chief?

    Because whoever is making the decisions to showcase these shallow, unattractive, vacuous whores who have polluted the pages lately needs to be removed, so a once-great publication can regain some credibility.

    This bitch is hideous. Even before the meat cleaver to the belly.

  24. havoc

    Why God, why? Have we displeased you that much? Go ahead and send the four horsemen of the apocalypse. We deserve it.

    The book of Revelations is upon us and the seventh seal has apparently been broken.

    Good luck all…….


  25. Barry Cuda

    Hey # 1: The pictorial is only for the Braille edition…

  26. Turd the third

    She has got a face and body that would make a rubber dildo wilt…………

  27. Joe Seefuss

    @ 24: Hey, I thought that when Obama hired a Communist for a White House Czar :-0

  28. oh yeah i like older women

  29. Urbanspaceman

    Her legs are interesting considering she’s only 33.

  30. Aja

    I think she’s basically very pretty. Oh and Randal always says such nice things!

  31. jamein

    too much sun, smoking, and partying take its toll. i can’t believe she’s only 33.

    then you look at someone like kate beckinsale who’s aobut the same age, or even courtney cox who’s over 10 years older and you need a napkin to catch your drool

  32. Hello There

    Play-doh. Hehe/

  33. vintage Rough

    Sureeeee! Tara is beautiful, at the same point Playboy faithfuls( if there is) should start a petition to finally get Hugh to a home. At least hell get his head examine there frequently…

  34. Hello There

    @27 shut up. nobody wants to hear about annoying politics here.

  35. Robot

    Wow she use to be so hot WTF happened!? She looks like she’s going to die soon. So is there a creepy person on this website that would still tap that?

  36. The Donger

    Can everybody take a step back and look at this for what it is? Hollywood is so stupid sometimes it’s pathetic. I wonder why these people feel they are so entitled to everything. Especially this turd.

  37. buggr

    @25 unfortunately the braille edition is extra-lumpy

  38. This chick looks like an aged being from another planet trying to “wear” a once attractive human being.

  39. Ol

    Is she shooting up heroin?

  40. EB

    For someone whose stomach looks like pummeled play-doh, she sure wears a lot of belly-baring bikinis. Cover that up!

  41. lola

    She would have had the cutest little body if she had worked for it and not gone under the knife. Such a shame, but kudos to her for having the confidence to go around half naked anyways

  42. DBR

    How wasted does she have to be to think she looks hot? I’m guessing VERY wasted. I agree, cover that up!

  43. Sport

    Cute – is that the old lady from ‘Something About Mary?’

  44. Nameless

    Man, Playboy has really gone downhill.

  45. LEB

    So… has anyone ever introduced this woman to an elliptical machine? Or pilates maybe?

  46. Ok so that is disgusting!! I used to think she was hot but not a chance now!!! She actually has the body of a granny with a tan! Ewww!

  47. skippy

    my god. in the movie “Evil Dead 2″ after Ash buries his girlfriend that got killed by the beast in the woods but her undead body soon rises from the grave and attacks Ash. Tara Reid looks exactly like Ash’s undead girlfriend. holy shit.

  48. n

    seriously…if she worked out and put on some muscle she could save the lumpy, bumpy legs and deflated butt. Damn Tara do some squats!

  49. Smart

    Hef is a genius. Pretty girls come and go on Playboy. How do you generate some buzz? Put in a scarred up, down and out, former actress with a bit of name recognition power. It’s like a train-wreck – we can’t help but look, and it’ll probably sell a few magazines for the company.

  50. Annie Loves Anal

    This chick has obviously never worked out, hence the lipo in that now fucked-up stomach. Let my fellow commentators have stated “Tons and tons of photo shop. Some people feel sorry for this slag. Not me. She had a good thing going and pissed it away. My god, she’s 33 and my 52 year old chain smoking never exercising sister looks better than her. Fuck her.

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