Tara Reid is A-OK

December 28th, 2006 // 42 Comments

  1. Philip Ramirez

    I’m the second person to be first for this post.


  2. cairyn


    For once I was first, and then it gets wiped away. Just my shitty luck, I swear.

  3. vikingprincess

    Ewwwww. At least her boobs look mildly better then before the last time she got them fixed. If my stomach looked like that I’d be drunk all the time too.

  4. saddam

    at this point, i’d maybe be willing to give her a hot carl. maybe.

  5. how can someone fall so far so fast?

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Since I’ve already benn thru this entry I’m gonna do it again posting the OPPOSITE of what I said:

    Tara’s healthy and veneral disease free, her career is soaring and she’s the soberest person ever. I’m sure he water bottle is filled with water and not 200proof russian vodka.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    * the typos were included for your amusement.

  8. Typos are funny. Mashed potato bellies are not. Didn’t anybody tell Tara that the best way to lose weight is to replace food with six lines of strwberry coke and a bottle of Grey Goose?

  9. Damn it. This shit isn’t even funny any more. It’ just disturbing. Can’t somebody fix that shit? Fuck plastic surgeons.

  10. blueman

    sorry just puked a little, from that bikini shot

  11. BellaNY

    There comes a time in ones life when you look in the mirror and say “What the fuck was I thinking?? How could I have done this to myself?? I look like the “Crypt Keeper” ….That time has come for Tara Reid.

  12. woodhorse

    the genius of Paris Hiltons song “the stars are blind” becomes apparent now. did tara use a can of spray paint on her mirrors to block out the bad parts? how did her body get so bad so young? usually a woman has to have had several children and be at least 50 to have cellulite like that. i think she should donate her body to science. today.

  13. I think she already donated her body to science.

  14. lalalemon

    If you squint she looks pretty damn good.

  15. LA Critic

    Dear Tara,

    For the New Year I have a reminder for you..

    You are not a celebrity and you are not attractive, nor can you act…That being said, your body and your party habits are perfect for Porn. 2007, make the career move, than these photos would mean something.

    all the best,


  16. NicotineEyePatch

    Fifty sit-ups a day: free. The gunt of a sixty five year old: a few grand. Hooray for Hollywood!

    #15 LA Critic, no disrespect to your fine company, but the Vivid girls from the nineties who are in their mid to late thirties these days (Jeanne Fine, Janine) still look SO much better than this!

    Tara’d do better at Mile High, but please snag Lannie Barbie as soon as you get the chance… if you haven’t already :)

  17. happy_bunny

    Her abs look better than they used to. Apparently she found a decent surgeon to try to fix the damage. They’ll always be messed up though. She might want to consider switching from bikinis to one-pieces.

  18. woodhorse

    no, happy bunny, she did not find a decent surgeon. a decent surgeon could give her a tummy you could bounce a quarter off of. she is either painting off sections of her mirrors, has impaired vision (side effect of drugs and alcohol) or she can imbed her own version of reality in cement like K-Fed can.

  19. snot_rocket

    as a surgical RN, I must say that you can’t always blame the surgeon. I’ll bet the surgeon did a fine job but she just stretched it all out again and is ruining the work with all the boozing, bloating, falling w/ different men holding her up each time, rubbing it often on dry stripper poles, and the frequent rough gang bangs. whats sad is she actually thinks those cheap skanky belly chains deter from her granny flesh. Poor Tara.
    I won’t even start on her hair, which is just…ugh. Ok, I can’t let it go. lets just say, my barbie when I was 8, after I crimped, knotted, twisted, combed it thin, gooked it up w/ product until it was in clumps, left it floating in the pool for a few good weeks and then cut it crooked, still looked like it had been done by Bergdorf Goodman’s best stylist compared to hers. She looks like she got hers done at Wal-Mart on I-95 in S.Carolina near that place South of the Border. But not even a super Wal-Mart, just a regular one, its only amenity being a white-trash skank beauty parlor.

  20. snot_rocket

    I also feel the need to point out that the girl has absolutely NO curves except for the huge balls of saline stuffed in her chest. she literally has NO hips. thats so strange for a woman. Without the saline, she’d be a skanky belly-chain-wearing ruler.
    I’m officially starting a rumor that Tara Reed had part of her hip bones bilaterally removed by an orthopedic/plastic surgeon at the time of her lipo. Pass it on.

  21. caffebeotch

    OK, so wtf is up with that “bellybutton”? It almost looks like it was damaged in that nasty lipo accident. Tara’s face looks almost pained in that first pic. “I’m gonna make the OK sign, maybe they’ll believe me….” Ugh. Skank. Skanky skank. Skankety skank skank.

  22. LA Critic

    Okay, New Years and beyond prediction for Tara…Stay with me…

    Tara may actually become(if she hasn’t already) the second coming of Sally Kirkland.

    Now if any of you know SK, than you will know what I mean.

    There is one key difference, Sally could actually act at one point in her career.

    So Tara, if your reading and you don’t know SK, you need to get a quick history lesson, because you are in for a bad next 30 years.

    Happy New Year Eveyone!

    LA Critic

  23. woodhorse

    LOL #14 — #16, what’s a gunt?

  24. V

    What’s up with Sally Kirkland? Also, I can’t believe how flabby Tara’s arms are. She is really out of shape, even though she’s had all that fat sucked out of her.

  25. How can you look annorexic AND like a Cellulite-ridden mess?

  26. #19 and #20 snot_rocket


  27. pookiedoo

    She’s not making the “ok” sign. She’s saying she’s an asshole.

  28. Sheva

    Bellybutton? What bellybutton. That’s the normal entry hole for aliens to exchange critical data.

    She’s signing to another alien that she has the critical veneral disease information they want to download.

  29. Even if borrowed Brit’s lace bandage dress, it would look better. Cover the travesty before our eyes bleed.

  30. James

    What no low rent spooks this time? What a disappointment.

  31. drdisaia

    She smokes. The repair for her is probably not a great idea. It is probably too risky.

  32. Chemicakitty

    On the 2nd pic: the boobs look like they belong to a gal in her 20s, but the belly is from a man in his 60s

  33. jagoff

    OK, so the is not as hot as she used to be, but I guarantee she is still way hotter than all you fat ass chicks commenting on her stomach, and I guarantee that she is hotter than any chich any of you dumb ass dudes have ever banged. You’re all retarded.

  34. Carsten5577

    Disgusting stupid whore.

  35. nothing

    Sheesh. I wasn’t going to post a comment, but since no one else came out and said it…I’d hit it. No joke. I fuck her four ways to friday. Love them nasty bitches. Don’t know if I’d be giving her clit a nip with me lips though…that’s saved for Alba.

  36. elizabeththewellread

    I think I saw this gutterslut burst from a local trailer and scream obscenities at a 1986 Ford Taurus which was peeling out of the gravel “driveway.”

  37. danigirl

    her body looks like she was made from play doe…

  38. What a waste. I still remember her as she was in american pie. Man was she ever beautiful then. Again, what a waste.

    Randy Ridders,

  39. I don’t understand why everyone needs to slam Tara Reid. Granted, she’s a party girl, but come on, who in Hollywood isn’t these days? And by no means is this girl fat. She’s had a couple of botched plastic surgeries which are in no way her fault. I feel bad for her, she’s just out there doing her own thing and no one can seem to give her a break.

  40. don’t understand why everyone needs to slam Tara Reid. Granted, she’s a party girl, but come on, who in Hollywood isn’t these

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