Tara Reid is a diamond thief

March 6th, 2006 // 58 Comments

tara-reid-diamond-thief.jpgTara Reid showed up with twenty people at Rose McGowan’s private luncheon at the Diamond Acquifer Oscar suite at the Soho House in Hollywood and swiped all the gift bags that had been set aside for guests, which included a $1,000 diamond bracelet. An employee of the Diamond Acquifer told Page Six, “Gone! They took them all! Thieves!”

It’s about time Tara Reid gave up on acting and took up a life of crime. A year ago I would have recommended a career in porno, but now I’m really liking the criminal angle. Any slut can have sex, but it takes a real special gal like Tara Reid to be shot to death while trying to rob a bank.



  1. edmont

    ahhahah you guys are hilarious..ripping apart Kimmie was her name over her love of that boobalicious whore bag…”talent??” “beautiful”???
    Honey if having freakin huge fake bubbins, dyeing your hair a skeazy hooker blonde, going ultra tanning, and doing nothing with your time but being a drunk crack whore makes you talented and beautiful then every hooker in the world would be “beautiful” and “talented”…at least most hookers can still act better than Tara Whorebagreid.. i rest my case!

  2. Nadine

    what a classless bitch

  3. LaydeeBug

    OK, I say we set Kimmie on fire…anyone with me…..now I know she’s 8-10 years old. Amanda Bynes…….gag, I just yakked. And Newsflash….Tara Reid is NOT beutiful nor talented.

    BUT on a positive note, It’s good to see Tara in good form doing what she was meant to do. I mean, we all have our destinies, right, even white trash drunken whores.

    This story gets 15 points for believability.

  4. poopstick

    Somebody please help the Poop here, ’cause I am not familiar with Tara’s work. What exactly is she famous for again?? Is she an actress, or one of the Pussycat Dolls? Or did she do a porn video with the midget host from Fear Factor…Poop really needs to know!

  5. senin

    Maybe she can hock them and get some well needed plastic surgery on those ugly tits of hers. Scarred nipples are not attractive.

  6. Butterfly

    If she were in the Pussycat Dolls, at least we could see her on stage . . . not stealing the wallets in the dressing rooms or guests.

    But I agree with #53. We all have our destinys & now we know we’ll never see her with an Oscar giving an acceptance speech. Instead, we’ll see that orange glow that melted down Oscars give off in the smelt. And Tara with a bottle nearby with a few lines of coke.

    Yes, we all have our paths in Life!

  7. the only word I can think about when I see her is: “STUPID”

  8. Returd

    C’mon folks, everyone bitches ’bout Jodie being a bulldyke… she was virtually continuously butt-fucked by nigga DeNiro, ratface Scorcese and the like from an early pre-lolita age. Of course she’s fed up with the fatcock! Anyway, every time I see I have a comulsive-maniac jerk-off reflex that goes until the very vreamy end. She is sexy even at 40+. I can easily imagine myself twisting her sloppy udders from behind while my fly-tongues slowly swirl down her lower back and onto her butts, once firm now aging, down till the donut-hole. Mmmmm… yummy!

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