Tara Reid in Playboy

December 18th, 2009 // 255 Comments

Scans of Tara Reid’s Playboy spread are already starting to leak online, but in an effort to avoid Hugh Hefner coming to my house and putting his old man balls on my face – “The Holly Madison,” I believe he calls it – I’m only posting one pic to confirm how airbrushed these babies are. And, seriously, they have to be joking. I’ll believe Britney Spears writes quantum physics theorems in her diary before even considering the possibility Tara Reid has perfectly spherical breasts. They could have at least kept the anchor poking out. For realism’s sake.

Pics link to NSFW versions.

Scope Out the Entire Pictorial on Playboy.com Monday 12/21

Photo: Playboy

  1. imaspankyou

    first !

  2. guyinaz

    Some dude got carpal tunnel syndrome from having to airbrush the shit out of those pictures

  3. Guest

    I’m not even going to comment on how PHOTOSHOPPED this is ….

  4. ButtBoobs

    FIRST! She looks alright …

  5. Ohmygod. Someone will need a new mouse now after all that Photoshop editing.

  6. Jenn

    it looks like they plopped her head onto someone elses body and then did nothing to make them look the same at all……her face is even a different color >.< who are they trying to fool here?

  7. Parker

    ahahahaha it’s a caricature portrait like you get at the circus. What’s next, line drawings of stick figures?

  8. ELH

    It doesn’t even look like it was photoshopped onto some on elses body, it looks like her head was edited on top of a real doll. That is not skin, that is silicone.

  9. Crusty

    I have no idea who that is in the picture – but she’s good looking. I betcha Tara Reid would give her left boob to look that good..

  10. ppl

    It looks like beer goggle to me….

  11. Cooper

    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    > Gaussian blur
    (until original picture is battered to shit)

    funniest picture of the year

  12. Cindy

    The Rea Doll looks more lifelike than these pictures.

  13. Jason

    After seeing these doctored photos and comparing them with what she has to look at in the mirror every morning, Tara is going to need heavy doses of alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of her pathetically empty life. She doesn’t even have looks going for her. At least if she were hot she could get along well enough as a shallow person, but she can’t even do that. Emptiness is much worse than shallowness. Shallowness can conceal the emptiness hidden inside. Pure emptiness stares right at you and says, “You’re a fucking loser. And you’re ugly too.”

  14. whodiwho

    she looks like an ugly miss piggy

  15. dave

    She’s wearing someones else’s skin suit.

  16. Ricky Bobby

    wow, they airbrushed her so hard she doesn’t even have knuckles anymore

  17. Minie Mouse

    It’s not even done well. It looks like a cartoon.


    You can even see that these pics are photoshopped. This is a terrible picture and obviously not finished by the artist either. Your eyes even have a hard time focusing correctly while staring at her right titt.

    I think we need to just give up on going after Tara. Common now, when we saw her appear in movies such as Van Wilder and what not, you all thoguht wow I want to have wild sex with that girl.

    Well now that the directed painted on hollywood face has been removed you’re attacking her. Sure plastic surgery could have been done better or avoided all together. Either way I say we just move on to the next flavor of the year, megan fox is still crazy and I bet in a few more years she’ll end up with some sort of defect in her bought and CGI created beauty for us to attack.

  19. Sardonic

    No. No. You must be mistaken. This is her wax figure from Madame Tussauds.

  20. How much would Tara Reid have to pay to have that airbrush artist follow her around in her daily life, continuously airbrushing her so that she doesn’t look like a swamp monster to the naked eye?

  21. How much would Tara Reid have to pay to have that airbrush artist follow her around in her daily life, continuously airbrushing her so that she doesn’t look like a swamp monster to the naked eye?

  22. Fester Bestertester

    This photo has had excessive blurring applied to make a fraudulent case.

    If you don’t like Tara or Playboy, fine. Certainly the Playboy photos will be retouched as they always are, even for models with fewer apparent flaws than Tara Reid, however this amateurish piece of garbage is not even close to their publication standard.

    Is anyone even certain this is a picture of Tara Reid, the face bears no resemblance? It could easily be a blurry photo of some entirely different person.

  23. Balloon Boy

    We did it for the show

  24. B@RT

    First time they did so much airbrush on anyone?

  25. quake

    Photoshopped to fuck and back.

  26. T Woods

    I dunno. I’d tap that. I could do with a new place too… I wonder if she’s looking…

  27. Hecubus

    Holy crap, I honestly thought that was a joke pic. It looks like an unreleased screen from A scanner darkly.

  28. It’s not too often someone’s nude pictures have to be photoshopped in order to make them look HEAVIER (and amongst other things, obviously). Yes, it’s terribly photoshopped…her breasts don’t look like that, nor does her tummy or thighs…AND…she’s not that healthy: she’s MUCH thinner. I kind of feel bad for the girl honestly.

  29. O-M-goodness

    WOW talk about photoshopped

    She doesn’t even look real

  30. name

    These look as real as those Megan Fox “hacked” pictures

  31. Premo Rough

    Pictorials retouched by Randal?

  32. Delgo

    Looks like a Dechirico

  33. Racer X


  34. mikka!

    the worst photoshoped work ever .. you can notice all the arrangements!

    designer word!

  35. Haywood Jablowmie

    Who cares if it is ‘shopped? You will excuse me while I reach for the Vaseline, and a handful of sand. Aaaaah.

  36. Mr Obvious

    As the others have already stated over and over again. The blur level on this photo is beyond laughable. Check out her fingernail and the unbelievable low detail you can make out because of the extent of the blur that was used, lol. It doesn’t even look like a fingernail its so far blurred.

  37. AVX

    At this point it’s not even an airbrushed photograph, it’s a drawing.

  38. im

    With all that Photoshopping, why didn’t they make her face less ugly? I mean, if you recreate everything else about her, why not her remove the hollow barfly checks?

  39. timmy the dying boy

    Playboy has hit the skids something awful these days, but it’s nothing compared to what Penthouse has gone through.

  40. Sport


  41. Michael Vick

    Why didn’t they just insert photos of Andy Reid? That would have been as believable as this shit.

  42. Boogeyman King Dong

    Damn! Even her navel is airbrushed!

  43. God… it’s so photoshopped she looks like a plastic mannequin.

  44. Darth

    Window dummies for Playboy spreds?! Is this a crisis thing?!

  45. Fat Chicks Suck

    @28: Haha – I love your posts that always equate health with excess body fat. Unless it’s a VERY rare case where it’s too the extreme…the less body fat somebody has the healthier they are. I agree that this photo was photoshopped beyond comprehension…but you’re fucking clueless when it comes to health. Your pudgy arms are not “healthy” – you’re not overweight to the point that it’s unhealthy but if you slimmed down you’d look a lot better and likely even improve your health.

    Only in America are there people ignorant enough to associate healthy with fat. The fattest country in the world gets fatter and dumber by the day – I’m not sure how much longer I can take it.

  46. Tanzarian

    So this is what it feels like to have cataracts.

  47. Fat Chicks Suck

    @40: Really?

  48. KindOfBlue


  49. rah! rah!

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

  50. bllaz

    where are all her wrinkes and loose hanging skin flaps? This girl’s skin hangs on her like she used to be 200 lbs, but is now 100

    These pics are laughable- she should pay playboy to make hert look like this- her real life skin pics are disgusting

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