Tara Reid in a bikini (Daddy, is she melting?)

October 20th, 2008 // 169 Comments

Tara Reid hit the beach in Miami this weekend and CHRIST! DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT HER! It’s like someone was molding her out of clay then got drunk halfway through and quit: “Eh, that looks good. Who doesn’t love it when one asscheek hangs lower than the other like a runny pancake? Goddamn hot. Now who wants more Jagerbombs? WOO-HOO! Wait. What do you mean I left my clothes iron on her stomach? Haha, you’re crazy.”


  1. Vanessa T.

    These pictures from behind are really bad. This stretched out skin can happen to young women who are constantly dieting and are malnourished. Diet is an integral part to having beautiful healthy looking skin. In addition, years of using tanning beds along with extreme dieting can leave even the most youthful woman with sagging skin. These photos of her ass and thighs should be enough to keep women away from tanning beds and starving themselves to look good. Yes, you might look sexy in clothes when you are very thin, but when the clothing comes of …

  2. Mama Pinkus

    Someday that gal will be an old, drunken bag lady, still wearing a bikini. *SHUDDER*

  3. Christy Smith

    I think the last two photos of her from behind were photoshopped-they don’t look anything like the first one. As far as her stomach goes–I bet half of you on here that made bad comments about her, still don’t look half as good as she does.

  4. Paloma

    That cannot be her real ass. Seriously. That is fake.

  5. o yeth it is

    That’s her real ass and her cameltoe and that gal is an old drunken bag lady now.

  6. Katie

    What’s wrong with you all? Cut the girl a break. She is not fat…or out of shape…or showing the obvious signs of poor nutrition as some of you suggested. She really did have botched plastic surgery and unfortunately, some things just can’t be fixed once they are done improperly. I know she made the choice to have the surgery, but ultimately she is a victim and now you are all rallying to trash her. I say good for her that she’s gained enough self confidence and grace to except her body flaws and all and still relax with friends in a bikini.

  7. guyth

    She is busy with her online dating thing, Her profile was seen at the fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^ yesterday.

  8. Jasmine

    I have 2 kids and my stomach looks way better than hers!

  9. Shallow Val

    EWWW! Ay Dios mio, sacame los ojos! (Screaming!!!)

    Holy shit on a shingle…I out weigh her by at least 80 lbs and my thighs look NOTHING, not even close to that. Maybe cuz I’ve been riding my bike for 25 years. Holy God, take a run up a hill bitch! Gagging!!!!

  10. Pants

    Obviously not fake. That is sick, how can she walk around like that, not saying she should be ashamed and stuff but cover up better, where a one piece and some shorts.

  11. Wow…, she is so sexy and hot. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  12. Daaaaaaamn! I wonder what all of the racists on this site are saying about Tara Reid? They dogged Serena Williams in her bikini, but man this broad is complete and utter white trash. Her ass looks like…..man i dont even know what to say, never seen anything comparable, maybe two rotten bananas alongside each other?

  13. Those boobs are POST-surgery? My God.

  14. w00tw00t

    I’d totally still hit it. Go Tara go! Wait, that’s my hand. Now get on my penis. Oh yeaaa. C’mon guys, does every woman have perfect skin? Women’s imperfections is where true feminine beauty lies. Trust me, I know better than all of you self-proclaimed chronic masturbators. I hit Tara’s siter back in high school – so talking bout 2nd degree and all.

  15. I think this is all photoshoped! I now for her stomach but her ass is tight!!!
    I love you Tara!!!

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