Tara Reid in a bikini (Daddy, is she melting?)

October 20th, 2008 // 169 Comments

Tara Reid hit the beach in Miami this weekend and CHRIST! DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT HER! It’s like someone was molding her out of clay then got drunk halfway through and quit: “Eh, that looks good. Who doesn’t love it when one asscheek hangs lower than the other like a runny pancake? Goddamn hot. Now who wants more Jagerbombs? WOO-HOO! Wait. What do you mean I left my clothes iron on her stomach? Haha, you’re crazy.”


  1. Is she still waiting for the writer’s strike to end? LOL

  2. Erik

    That cameltoe is as pronounced as John McCain’s dementia and Sarah Palin’s mental retardation (or, as she calls it, her “Trig-onometry”).

  3. duckduckgoose

    that cameltoe almost made me throw up, have a violent case of explosive diarrhea, and a seizure.

  4. pat

    Just don’t take her out for Mexican if you’re planning to punish yourself by having sex with her. The sight of her collapsed asscheeks flapping violently when she farts would be enough to make you both blind and deaf.

  5. sariyou

    Good god in heaven!

    I really just don’t understand! Where did all that extra skin come from?!! I don’t recall her being fat or bloaty, I really do believe it is just MELTING off of her. This looks like what happened when my baby sister left the silly puddy out back on the picnic table!

    #26 & #54- Thanks. just spit wine all over my keyboard. :-D

  6. bar room hero

    She was a big party girl and now it is showing.

    I should know, hanging around bars constantly, that alcohol can shoot a broad’s looks to shit…

  7. bar room hero

    She also reminds me of those women you pick up that look really hot until you remove their clothes…


  8. Kurt Vile

    Kee ryste. It’s like she was made in China by 5-cent-a-day laborers using defective “Hot Chick” parts.

  9. She’s got John McCain’s ass and Sarah Palin’s vag (right after Trig’s anvil head came out).

  10. Dx: Stage IV Camel Toe

    Photoshopped? HELL NO. I used to work in a plastic surgeon’s office, and new patients would come in with complaints of botched lipo jobs all the time that looked exactly like this. It’s what happens when you do lipo on some one who doesn’t need it. (it works best on stubborn pockets of fat– like “saddlebags”,) also, if the surgeon isn’t careful, the cannula they use can leave divots under the skin making it look dimpled and deformed, especially when there isn’t very much adipose (fat) tissue to work with in the first place.

    Simply put, this is merely the result of too much money and not enough common sense. (Hollywood in a nutshell).

  11. ahhhhahahHAHA

    Her ass/legs literally look like a pair of those weird baggy trousers (sweatpants) the only difference is instead of being grey and needing ironed it’s skin coloured and real.


  12. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  13. As far as I can remember...

    I think the reason her body is like that is because after liposuction your skin is left dimpled if you put on weight again, because you literally can’t put weight back on in the same place (because they have removed the fat cells where fat would be stored and grow) so it gets pushed to the side a little instead, and what happens is you get fat again but you’re left with all these little dents where the fat was sucked out and can never return.

    ahem. Technically…

    It’s even worse when skinny or normal weight people get lipo because the will inevitably put on weight and be left with horrible skin/bodies even though they are not fat.

    Just look it up. It’s a well known side-effect of lipo. I found out about it like 5 years ago and to this day whenever the word lipo is mentioned it is accompanied by the word ‘dimpling’ in my head..
    I guess she thought it was worth the risk but I feel quite sorry for her. Every celebrity has had plastic surgery and it goes wrong for barely none of them. Seems she ended up with all the bad luck and side-effects that should have been shared out amongst all celebrities.

  14. I’m glad they “INVENTED” porn movies, folks!!

  15. FutureAxeMurderer

    I guess this is what happens when you treat your body like a cesspool.

  16. Kevin Smith

    She’s disgusting. I’d have to be rolling, drunk, on xanax bars and blind to fuck her in the dark. That shit is nothing to be proud of, she should cover it up as a public service!

  17. Plastique

    Remember when she used to be gorgeous – N A T U R A L L Y ?

    She was so insecure that she went for …. THIS?

  18. mimi

    pray for Tara! She needs Gods attention! Pray that she finds that guidance.

  19. #109, Still boring? Wow! Good one! Still not eligible to walk on the same fucking ground as me, and still looking like a fucking idiot trying to play around in my world. I’m in the big leagues and you’re in the fucking small leagues. Whatever you have to say about any comment I make, my comment counts and yours fucking doesn’t, get it? I count, you don’t. I will ALWAYS be a winner, and you will ALWAYS be a loser. Yeaaah, you got it :)

  20. McCain

    I would hammer that shit.

  21. MIles

    Who are you guy’s kidding? Tara is perfect! Yea, the only thing that splurged over my computer stuff was jizz. Yummy!! She is so hot! Her body is amazing, completely flawless from head to toe. She is seriously the hottest babe on the planet. Watch out Audriana Lima. Tara is coming through. Yumm. That’s all I can say. Her ass is so nice, and her tits. WOW!!! Best tits ever. I would motor boat her all day long. Imagine how nice she is in bed. Tara Reid= Beautiful!!

  22. Tim

    The truth.. I agree.. Just take a look.. They have photoshopped all of her pics. This video proves it! http://www.tmz.com/2008/10/20/tara-reid-optical-confusion/

  23. tc

    Normally, you see a girl with a not-so-hot bod, and you think “I’ll do her in the ass” instead.

    Then you look at her ass…………………………….

  24. Tara Reid’s belly has been fukced up ever since she had a back alley lipo job by some hack for free. These dumb ass Hollywood chicks think it’s a bargain getting free work done by unskilled plastic surgeons who want to make a name for themselves by naming the various “starlets” they’ve worked on.

    PS: What positive word of mouth advertising – hack a drunk floozie to bits now everyone comes running for your “services”!

  25. doodad

    I come here because of the spot on realism. My god, have they nothing else to photoshop. This is a really bad job. Bob is your uncle and weave is the sport now ladies.

  26. Stefan

    She was so beautiful!

  27. smoking burned out eyesocket holes

    geez, can’t she put some photoshop on that stomach? what created that ass?

  28. Kahlee

    That won’t be fixed by sit ups, that is her SKIN that is fucked up and scarred. Her actual muscels underneath maybe completely toned for all we know.

    Although since its Tara I’m assuming not.

  29. reply

    honestly, she really isnt in as bad of shape as so many are saying. I mean all you have to do is watch Dr 90210 and you will see some truly saggy skin. I’m sure she has a godd heart, is still comfortable enough to be wearina a bikini and has a cute face.. We should give her a little slack. Genetics are also hugely responsible. Focus on the good….none of us are perfect9

  30. frankin

    So sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. harry

    OMG, she is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Several days ago, I saw her sexy photos on a daitng site mysportsdate.com. It is said she ios dating friends there.

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  33. vanillapill

    I know she got botched plastic surgery but there’s obviously some photoshop going on here. Look at her two ass pictures, one’s perfectly fine, the other looks like cottage cheese. Taken at almost the same time. You people are idiots.

  34. my comment

    She got some nasty lipo done. There’s no photo-shopping going on here. She had the fat sucked out of her body now it is like a loose deflated balloon. Bend this way, it shows, bend that way, it doesn’t. That ass is truly frightening.

    It’s not rocket science, #132.

  35. 1moreidiotintheworld

    OMG!!! I wouldn’t let my own dog fuck her! I wouldn’t let my worst enemy fuck her…. Anyone know how to clean puke out of a keyboard????

  36. She’s uglier that John McCain’s smile.

  37. haha

    LMAO @ #102

  38. haha

    LMAO @ #102

  39. kic mic kalmamiss baddd

  40. Madonna

    I blame inbreeding. The photoshopper is inbred.

  41. Madonna

    I blame inbreeding. The photoshopper is inbred.

  42. deva

    In all her cottage cheese glory, I would still fuck her before that smelly gorilla Serena Williams.
    She reminds me of the joke about the bear and rabbit in the forest where the bear asks if the rabbit can get shit out of his fur. He replies ‘no’ and the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit.
    Not that I’m saying she wipes her ass with a rabbit. But you get my drift.

  43. n8d

    Some of those pics, i am like “yeah…i’d hit it”.
    Some of them i think “i’d let her blow me”
    And the rest of them, i throw-up a little in my throat.

  44. nate

    boobies are nice though. who cares about a stomach? i like her boobies. her boobies are nice though. i like her boobies a lot though. boobies. boobies.

  45. shake that ass

    i’ll tear that ass up!

  46. pappy

    Her stomach looks like my grandmother’s face.

  47. Hughey

    She is very hot and beautiful for a 73 year old.

  48. Nick

    I saw better looking men in drag every day in jail. Then they pounded my ass to a frenzy. Now I’m back home giving Brooke head.

  49. Wow

    Her baithing suit has a built in vagina.

  50. Wow

    Her baithing suit has a built in vagina.

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