Tara Reid in a bikini (Daddy, is she melting?)

October 20th, 2008 // 169 Comments

Tara Reid hit the beach in Miami this weekend and CHRIST! DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT HER! It’s like someone was molding her out of clay then got drunk halfway through and quit: “Eh, that looks good. Who doesn’t love it when one asscheek hangs lower than the other like a runny pancake? Goddamn hot. Now who wants more Jagerbombs? WOO-HOO! Wait. What do you mean I left my clothes iron on her stomach? Haha, you’re crazy.”


  1. amanda

    she really does look awful.
    i thought she’d had her plastic surgery fixed, but i guess theres only so much you can do to someone that had every ounce of fat sucked out for no reason.
    either that or she cant afford to get it fixed since “taradise” got cancelled

  2. Toe Tapper

    Great Gertie what a gash! That’s not a camel toe, it looks like someone hacked her cooter with a machete.

  3. cball

    That poor dumb bitch. God, so my girls have awful body image to the point where they wear the chastest clothes everywhere, even the beach, yet Frankenstein here parades her ruined mess of a body around like it should be fucked by something other than a desperate hobo, old man, or male prostitute. I am disgusted.

  4. monkey gobble

    that vag must be starved, it’s eating her swim bottoms. my penis just retreated!

  5. Sam


  6. Seriously?

    Why not just wear a one piece? Would that be so difficult? It wouldn’t take care of the camel toe, but at least it would cover her stomach.

  7. you know, i would actually hit the top third (read: boobs on up) of that. but then if the rest of it started trying to get in on the action, i don’t know what i would do. i think i would set the top third down and calmly back off as my dong slinks into a somber depression as it realizes it’s about the have to get with “eggyolkio” from Ren & Stimpy. and they said cartoons were just drawings…pfft, women…

  8. John Galt

    Don’t kid yourselves that almost all of you wouldn’t hit this in an instant if given the opportunity. She is still hotter than most of the women you all know, let alone the ones that would even consider sleeping with you.

  9. britney's weave

    ok, i know some of these have been photoshopped (duck-billed camel toe?) but there’s still no excuse for having a 78-year-old body when you’re like 28.

  10. iVomit


    Seeing this just killed my appetite. Looks like I can stay on the diet just by seeing these photos.

  11. Sport

    What a travesty of science she has become.
    Hard to believe that is Bunny Lebowski we are looking at here.

  12. kelly

    nothing else in this world ups my self esteem about my fat ass quite like these pictures …

  13. EAB

    She’s the walking definition of “skinny fat.” Nasty.

  14. Joe

    Obviously a photo-shop job. Look at the two pics of her walking from behind, two completely different lower bodies???????????????????

  15. Kam

    She’s famous for two things: being a fall-down drunk, and botched plastic surgery. She has a body to fit. There’s nothing photoshopped here.

  16. Vicki

    OMG she has Camel Toe…ewwwwwwwwww!

  17. Vicki

    OMG she has Camel Toe…ewwwwwwwwww!

  18. jt

    not a nice ass
    but the boobs look hot

    you can’t always have it all

  19. JT

    Her implants look just like Lindsay’s.

  20. E. Norma Stitz

    Tara and Madonna have some nasty crusty bodies that no woman under 55 would be proud of. Filthy slut.

  21. amanda

    wow, i had no clue that was bunny lebowski!
    thats horrible!

  22. Thanks for ruining my Monday. I’m going to buy some bleach & douse my eyes…

  23. carlogo

    That is the camel toe to end all camel toe. Lawrence of Arabia would be mystified by that thing. Osama bin Laden saw it and felt homesick. That thing would start a blood feud in Yemen.

  24. S. Preston Esquire

    Booz does a body good, kids! Shit, she doesn’t have any money to get her botched stomach fixed. That is tah sad.

  25. rhon

    Anyone who thinks she looks hot must either be paid or have an equally horrid looking body.

    She looks awful, Hollyweird or not! Every carhop and waitress in L.A. looks better than that slug.


  26. Your Mother's Wet Fart Last Night

    I vomited and had diarrhea simultaneously.

    I’m now going to purge with some Mila Kunis, or, as I like to say: “I’m going to check out some of Mila’s kunis.”


    Oh, piss off….

  27. assgrabber

    She’s not looking stellar, I’ll be honest with you. But dudes don’t look good in bikini’s either. I do think she could very much benefit from a layer of courtesy fat. Some how she has too much skin or something? I don’t know. Maybe a diet of Stoli and menthols isn’t good for you. Should we look into that?

  28. Rome

    Yuck. This is the grossest thing I’ve seen in a long long time. I got goose bumps she’s that gross. Isn’t she like in her twenties?!? Bitch should be ashamed of herself and not got flaunting that ugly ass messed up body of hers in public. It’s called decency, Tara.

  29. friendlystoner

    such a shame, she use to be soooo hot as well.

    also note the worlds worst camel toe in the main pic, sic!!!!!

  30. blowhard

    If you try hard the first picture can be really cute – look – if her body were a face then it would be sucking on a lemon, plus that’s one helluva Kirt Douglas Spartacus chin pussy

    It’s good, cos I always wanted to go the Grand Canyon but I just haven’t had time, but she’s been nice enough to carry it about with her where her vagina should be for me to look at.

  31. Evil

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  32. sexy brains

    That runny pudding ass must have been photoshopped. But that 90-year old stomach, I believe that one.

    At least she got a decent tit job – now if she would only keep her pants on.

  33. Googolygoo

    The 14th/15th pics are photoshopped, but the rest ain’t so grand, either.

  34. Just_As_It_Is

    HAHAHA for all you fat fucks saying she is gross, vomiting and all sorts of outrageous pussy-ass reactions, let me laugh at you. Specially #76 & #78.

    Here in this site they can post pictures of the hottest chick sporting Shrek’s ass (green and all) and you would still be having goose bumps/diarrhea believing them. That’s the problem with you all Hollywood fans. You believe everything placed in front of your eyes.

    I particularly don’t like her, but these pictures have been obviously doctored. You can easily see it comparing pictures #5 and #14. And I believe this is not the first time they do this with pics of her. Remember the scam of Victoria Beckham’s leg?

    Lighten up, dummies.

  35. Anna

    She’s obviously running in that really bad one. God, just give her a break! she still has a better body than most people. Also, her face is gorgeous!

  36. Bud

    She looks like a used blow up doll!

  37. brittani

    in all honestly… my 66 year old grandmother has a better ass in a bikini than that… and she had 5 kids….


  38. blahblah

    what the fuck

  39. kk

    She’s disgusting. Plain and simple. A disgusting hag with the body of an old lady.

    Cover that nasty crusty shit up Tara!

  40. real deal

    clearly a bad photoshop work made for stupid that believe everything that this shit pages post.

  41. Limerick_Dan

    There once was a woman named Tara
    Whose skin looks like Yogi Berra
    It’s flabby and thin
    But when it catches the wind
    They could both sail the French Riviera

  42. Realist

    This is what happens when you opt for liposuction when what you really should be doing is giving up your all-liquid diet, eating a chicken breast once in awhile, and living something heavier than a shot glass.

  43. ZZ Top

    I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  44. Me

    Can those be real? I mean she’s in her 30′s not her 70′s…Like, I don’t see what she could have done to her skin to make it looks like that…I’m really at a loss

  45. LP

    @94 dude where have you been? LIPOSUCTION! Gee, it’s been out for a while! It’s not photoshop, what about all those pics from before!

    and to the people thinking she has a great bod but we don’t see it because of fake hollywood ideals, this happened to her because she was trying to fit hollywood standards while being as lazy as possible. So I’m not saying lets all bash her but defending that monstrosity?

  46. Britboysarehot

    The pic of her ass looks photoshopped. If it really looked like that, she would wear a sarong.

  47. Britboysarehot

    The pic of her ass looks photoshopped. If it really looked like that, she would wear a sarong.

  48. joey joejoe

    holy shit, i’ve seen better ass in granny porn..

  49. joey joejoe

    fuck i just had another look and my peepee got shocked so much i now have a camel toe

  50. McPalin

    She looks Quite hot for being 73 years old.

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