Tara Reid in a bikini (Daddy, is she melting?)

October 20th, 2008 // 169 Comments

Tara Reid hit the beach in Miami this weekend and CHRIST! DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT HER! It’s like someone was molding her out of clay then got drunk halfway through and quit: “Eh, that looks good. Who doesn’t love it when one asscheek hangs lower than the other like a runny pancake? Goddamn hot. Now who wants more Jagerbombs? WOO-HOO! Wait. What do you mean I left my clothes iron on her stomach? Haha, you’re crazy.”


  1. Jeff

    Somewhere a lonely camel is looking for its toe….

  2. John

    FIRST! ..and wtf

  3. Deacon Jones

    Man, what the fuck is going on with this broad?

    Her skin looks like Janice Dickinson’s, only she’s half her age. Great lipo job Doc.

  4. nastyjay

    id still bang that ragged

  5. One word: “Gross.”

    But seriously, WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER????

  6. A Woman

    I thought she got her stomach fixed….guess not. I find it hard to believe that she’s my age. I don’t have a perfect body, either, but I still don’t look like THAT.

  7. That is some butt ugly camel toe..

  8. Shamus McBride

    That big old camel toe is the icing on the cake…

  9. mamadough

    with all the work that has ever been done on joan rivers, and this is the best the plastic surgeons can do on tara reid?

  10. cltsig

    I not only vomited in my mouth but on my shirt. And pants. And computer. Projectile is the word I’m looking for.

  11. cltsig

    I not only vomited in my mouth but on my shirt. And pants. And computer. Projectile is the word I’m looking for.

  12. crabdonkey

    do some sit ups or gain some weight to counteract that stomach

  13. Air Mail

    She just needs to get into a regular workout program.

  14. barbra77

    Is this doctored? Seriously.

  15. That is horrendous. How did a young woman with a previously hot body get in to such a state? How does one go about completely ruining themselves like that?

  16. How?

    That dirty jew who did her surgery should have his license revoked. WTF look at her ass and stomach how does that happen??? its not just excessive drugs, sex and partying but damn EWW

  17. simplicity

    what’s wrong with her skin?
    that doesn’t look real.


    maybe she should call up kim k or serena williams and borrow some ass …… thanks i had a big boner this morning when i got up….now its gone,where i dont…..

  19. gorillaface

    She actually doesn’t look half bad in most of these pictures. I think you’re clutching at straws here.

  20. frankinSloth

    ya know… in all honesty, once you get past that first really bad one and the shot of her ass… she doesn’t look That bad… her rack certainly is looking better an even downright good so I wonder if she got that butcherjob she had fixed up… guess we’ll have to wait til she lets them fall out in public again.. which is only a matter of time.

  21. NothingIsFucked

    I’d still fix her cable.

  22. Sledman

    Why on earth does she look like that? I don’t recall her ever being fat or even chubby. I can understand getting a boob job, but the stomach and ass? WTF? I feel sad for her. How horrible she must feel to look at herself in the mirror or a tabloid and know she paid for that disfigurement.

  23. Toby Maquire

    How about some EXERCISE ??!!??

  24. alex

    That’s what anyone but a walking twig would look like if someone took a picture of you mid-run. I think some of you just look at tabloids because you feel so shitty about your own pathetic little life that seeing a celebrity showing weakness just gets you off. Sick fucks.

  25. Stephen Hawking

    Clearly the plastic surgeon replaced her anus with a black hole. That’s why her ass is collapsing into it and “cameltoe” for her now looks like the back of a g-string bikini.

  26. lidsay

    Nice b**bs! you surely reminds me of the hot and sexy cougar I once met on __Agelessmate.c om__ I mean, if you don’t really care about the age, sometimes, you will enjoy somenthing better! kid u no!

  27. Just someone

    That last pic of her ass is soooo not real … It doesnt look that bad, look at pic #5, it cant be the same ass.

  28. MassGrrrl

    That last photo must be doctored.

    I outweigh her by 30# — at least — and my ass and thighs don’t look even remotely like that. And, yes, I’ve seen the view from the rear via digital camera.

    And, alex, Tara Reid doesn’t exercise. She’s likely running 3 steps to her beer and cigarette.

  29. mamadough

    throw her on her side and you could have a more intellectual conversation with her cooch than her real face.

  30. Ted Mosby

    The boobs look good. Rest of the body is what happens when you abuse alcohol and ding dongs.

  31. Lily

    I agree with people who say she actually looks good here, and that people who think otherwise are brainwashed by fake Hollywood ideals. That is the type of mentality that belongs in the past. Ever since the nuclear holocaust, THIS is what a hot girl looks like among the survivors. We all need to accept that and move on.

  32. Her Plastic Surgeon and Miley Sirius Orthodontist ought to share the same jail cell,,,

  33. Jesus. What the F–I don’t know what to say…It must’ve been a combination of plastic surgery gone wrong, bad diet, and a massive lack of exercise. Oh yeah, and drug use? I don’t know if drug use can turn you into a wrinkly, sagging, hanging, flesh-melting, crinkly monster, but I’m trying to find some explanation…

    She needs to get some exercise, and not wear bikinis in public. I feel sorry for the chick.

  34. yourdailydoseofobvious

    I hate to rush to her defense, but i agree that these are probably doctored. The weird-skin-created-by-shadow pictures usually are. And what the hell is Splash News?

  35. question

    When were the Tara Reid defenders hired?

  36. Shes perfect for the sequel to “curious case of Benjamin Button”

  37. Mandy

    These pictures are only a little worse than lots of previous pictures of Tara. How can anybody be shocked that her body is falling apart given how she lives and the butchered plastic surgery she’s had?

  38. You're all mindless vapid brain-dead turds

    Every one of you idiots has a brain that’s in worse shape than Tara Reid’s butt.

  39. Fish dude,

    Did we piss you off? What did we do to make you so mad? First you punish us with that ass scary picture of Madonna hold her cock on stage and now these horrible pictures of Tara Reid. These pictures have the ability to turn most straight men gay.

    Can we please have a new post?

  40. Jill

    OMG poor Tara-
    And REALLY she has worked VERY hard to look like that…
    So sad.

  41. Vince Lombardi

    Why, I believe Ms. Reid is auditioning for the role of the young Madonna….

  42. Vince Lombardi

    What’s really weird is these are apparently modeling shots – see her looking at her bikini top several times? Those beads are supposed to tell how strong the UV is – they darken with high UV, lighten when it’s less. Who the heck would hire a partial-birth raisin to model their swimwear line? Oh, really? Hefner? Well, that explains a lot.

  43. CaptainMorgan

    Well, she looks better than my wife. And guys, God did invent the light switch, blinds and a pillow for just this reason.

  44. Max Planck

    The only parts that aren’t sagging are made of silicone.

  45. chuck

    WTF!! her has lookes like and old lady’s

  46. Britney is a Disgusting Hog

    Nice floppy meat curtains…

  47. TheJoker07

    Good god!

  48. Fat Chicks Suck

    These pictures are definitely doctored. She obviously doesn’t look nearly as good as she did back before she had any of this surgery…but her ass DEFINITELY doesn’t look like that last picture and I’m sure he stomach doesn’t look that bad either.

  49. Shithead

    What a monstrous ass… for me to blow a monstrous load on.

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