Tara Reid in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 100 Comments

Here’s Tara Reid at the 2nd Annual Love Festival in Vegas or a very convincing sculpture of her that lacks mobility. I’m honestly on the fence. On the one hand, who requests a Tara Reid statue, or person, at their event? While on the other, who doesn’t enjoy creative ways of serving beef jerky? No, really, what is that? Chicken wire?

Photos: FilmMagic

  1. Doc

    Please focus on eating a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise and quit starving yourself. Starving yourself is as bad as over eating because both lead to health problems.

  2. KindOfBlue

    She looks slightly less horrific than before.

  3. Hefe

    LMFAO @ the dolts who think she looks better.

    She looks TERRIBLE. Her skin looks so abused I don’t even know what to say about it.

    It’s no wonder she has zero career now. Just another dumb Hollywood bimbo who ruined herself.

  4. Spankeem

    She looks like badly worn leather. My god how can a girl deteriortate so much so such a short time. She clearly needs to wear more clothes in the sun. I dont think I could keep my lunch down if she was in a bikini whilst I was eating. I wonder if her skin is abasive like a sharks?

  5. Eeeeeuuugghhhhhh!

    She has the body of an 80 year old……

  6. Lala Land

    Am I the only person that noticed her new veneers. They look like chicklets.

  7. After getting the shit kicked out of her on sites like this (yay me!), looks like the little chain-smoking whore’s developed an eating disorder too.

    Ohhhhh….. po widdle baby…. widdle tara is in twubble….

    She’ll be doing porn within 5 years…

  8. I think she is worth $20 Canadian for a lap dance BUT I AIN’T PAYING THE COVER CHARGE !!!

  9. Tek

    I used to have a crush on Tara… a decade ago. Her face still looks pretty, but that’s about as much as I can say. She needs to stay out of the sun… for a few years. Her skin justs looks horrible, even after what looks to be the long overdue fix of the numerous botched lipos and boob jobs she’s had done. She still has so much saggy and wrinkled skin, it’s not even funny. Starving yourself and not working out doesn’t = hot either. Hell, at this point she’d probably look better with an extra 10 lbs.

  10. So hot her body is.

  11. L E UT

    If the title didn’t say Tara Reid, I don’t think I’d recognize this chick. Well, until you get below the chin. Then, you’d definitely know it’s her by the botched surgeries she’s had and that rippled stomach. Her face looks nothing like her. She’s looking really, really rough. Shame, she was so gorgeous in the early 2000s before the slice and dices and overly done UV exposure.

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  14. This looks broadly defines Tanorexic for me. I'm sure there is more to Tara: what a pity she was still in his thirties, is defined by its appearance. If the shade her eyes and got a few decent roles, people can begin to take it more seriously.

  15. Nasty

    she should have just done porn the whole time: she would have made more money and probably wouldn’t look so ragged out by now.

  16. Darrin

    Posing with mexican gang-bangers is going to help her career. Yup.

  17. IKE

    Thanks asshole!!! MY EYES!!! MY FUCK1N’ EYES!!!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!!!!!!

  18. captain america


  19. Bart

    She looks good.

  20. siri

    Thats not her!!!!???:O:O:!!??

  21. Stephanie

    She has the body of a 60 year old sun worshipper. Ugh. Looking better? Perhaps. Looking good? I wouldn’t say so AT ALL.

  22. Rhialto

    Holy crap! What happened to her?! Did she reincarnate?!

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  25. look at the green triangle top bikini ! So sexy, right?

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  26. Fuxyslot


  27. MK

    why does this bitch keep wearing bikinis????? For fucks sake..

  28. Jen

    Haha. Her stomach looks like that wide ruled paper that we all learned how to write on. Only brown.

  29. amberlee


    She doesn’t look good but do u guys have to be so horrible?!!?!? Crude…. Revolting??? Whether or not she chooses to go around everywhere in a bikini, is it really up to us to judge her anyway?? What the hell has happened to this world that people feel they have the right to judge and say such disgusting things about a person they haven’t even met or known…. i’d hate to be in your head.. what goes around comes around so be careful….what if that was your sister or daughter…

    Oh that’s right, i’m from the generation before yours where people actually cared about others and not just themselves!

  30. Dude


  31. A&F

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  36. Jack In The Box

    Hey Darrin, you’re mother likes mexican gang bangers bitch

  37. melle

    im sorry but she looks like a meth addict. lol disgusting… people need to love themselves how they are and not try to change everything

  38. leah

    tara dont u own a full length mirror? please tell me that u can see wat we see. ewww, gross!

  39. pity giver

    She doesn’t look the shiniest marble in the bag, I get the feeling those closest to her are using her for a cash cow.

  40. Tim

    OMG… WTF is wrong with her skin… it’s all wrinkly and disgusting.

    It looks like she’s definately annorexic, somebody needs to force feed her.

    Women who are that skinny are just WRONG looking.

    There is sexy skinny, and then there is just disgusting skinny, like this.

    She doesn’t look good at all….. she looks like a freak.

  41. Tim

    Yeah she should have just done porn from the beginning…

    At least then she would get some protein in her diet…


    Anyone who thinks she look’s hot in those photos is insane!

    Amazing face, body of an 80 year old.


  42. Marcus

    drugs are bad, mmkay..

  43. bad sector.. :S

  44. Maybe better than before but still not working for me…

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  46. Ryan
    Commented on this photo:

    I spy camel toe

  47. mikesby
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck what are these celebrities doing to them selves? She used to be hot now she looks aged and washed up.

  48. big dick rick
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still fuck her.

  49. Jon Doe
    Commented on this photo:

    Her skin looks like leather… too much surgery.

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