Tara Reid in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 100 Comments

Here’s Tara Reid at the 2nd Annual Love Festival in Vegas or a very convincing sculpture of her that lacks mobility. I’m honestly on the fence. On the one hand, who requests a Tara Reid statue, or person, at their event? While on the other, who doesn’t enjoy creative ways of serving beef jerky? No, really, what is that? Chicken wire?

Photos: FilmMagic

  1. dude

    she looks…uhhh….better?

  2. mike nike

    Looks like she had her stomach fixed from that bad liposuction. Good for her.

  3. julia

    First. She looks good

  4. Pico Mornay

    Fist!!!! Bitches….MMMM I think I let her blow me…thats all

  5. dude

    that being said, the poor girl is starving herself for our approval.

  6. Me again

    She hates herself

  7. Dee

    Hmm. Personally I don’t think anorexic really match the orange & green ensemble she’s got going.

  8. Jones

    She needs to put on a teensy bit of weight, & not tan so much. She was so cute back in her American Pie days. Why do chicks feel like they need to conform to this version of “attractive”?

  9. Suzie Q

    Pico Mornay honey, Tara Reid will never blow you.

  10. Keith

    The poor body has had more work done to in than a 1968 Volkswagen Microbus.

  11. Champ

    What the fuck?
    MULTIPLE people think she looks hot? Or Better?


    Good god.

  12. Oh Shit, I Said Fuck.

    #8 I don’t know, but I’m glad when they do.

  13. mordantmouth

    @ Me again:

    That’s good. I hate her too. We’re all on the same page.

  14. Jen

    Uhh, Tara looks kinda gross and old.

  15. That’s it. My Tara Reid thing is over.

  16. Why does she looks like she’lost 100 pounds in 3 months?

  17. Woodcock

    @16: The wonders of crystal meth

  18. Superking

    Well , you can fuck her , you just have to look at her face the whole time, I mean seriously , her smile is beautiful. JUST DON`T LOOK DOWN WHILE FUCKING HER.

  19. Jimmy

    This looks more like one of Dr. Frankenstein’s failed experiments. Turning that skin into leather, she’s looking more like a stack of wallets sewn together. Imaging this self-absorbed star wannabe without make-up. I can hear the screams of terror!

  20. Starscape

    Fully agree.

    Hasn’t it been accepted anywhere she’s known that she’s a complete mess in almost every way??

  21. OJ's Mom


    Your stomach looks like a roadmap of the dirt roads in Nebraska.

    Your left tit looks like it has had enough, and is trying to find a way to crawl over your shoulder and out of this photo.

    Filthy skank, find Jesus.

    Free OJ

  22. Champ

    FollowUp …



    Everything below the Tits?

    Do a sit-up or something if you want to look better. Just another Hollyweird freak trying to stay relevant via doctors rather than sweat.

    Let’s be serious folks, if she wasnt ‘famous’ NONE of us would give her a second glance at the beach other than to point and wretch.

  23. Racer X


    //the funny thing is that she “thinks” she look good

  24. america's pie

    best she has looked ever…still a fugster though

  25. tc

    I would tap that.

    I have absolutely no fucking idea what ‘tap’ means.

  26. chupacabra

    pic 4 – that cholo texting behind her is wearing tight underwear UNDER his swim trunks. WTF?

  27. chupacabra

    I meant pic 1

  28. Erin

    She looks like the Republican party – lots of time and effort and money at plastic surgery, but still damaged goods that nobody really wants.

  29. Deacon Jones

    You guys remember “Taradise”?

    Holy fuck was that show funny. I truly enjoyed watching her get progressively more shitfaced throughout the episode.

    Her body looks like a 50 year old Long Island housewife’s.

  30. Deacon Jones

    (in raspy, valley girl voice, during middle of party on Riviera)

    “Oh my god, this is crazy! This is crazy!” (looks at cameraman)
    “C’mere, cmere,” (grabs Frenchmen by arm)
    “Isn’t this place crazy?!” (takes swig from cig, looks at Frenchmen)
    “Yah!” (guy walks away, Tara gets gang tackled into pool, martini goes flying)

  31. e

    TIME TO PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

  32. TetterkeT

    Wow, first wonk boobs, now wonk belly. What a weekend!

  33. pimp

    i just puked…

  34. Lele

    Shove a burger in her mouth. Please. Someone.

  35. Sherlock H.

    Jesus, who is the fag next to her???

  36. Tits and bones. Go Tara!

  37. Evil

    She should just tattoo all of that mess.

  38. woosh

    that poor poor girl.

  39. mensa

    @ 22: grumpy much? here, take your xanax. good boy.

  40. @35 Baby Bash I think

  41. It looks to me like she didn’t diet after the lipo. I’d hit her… repeatedly.

  42. Pico Mornay

    Suzie Q…I think I love You…and in your lines I can read you want to blow me…

  43. khephran

    heidi montag in like 10 years amirite

  44. Kal Trate

    Is she mudsharking now?

  45. Diwali Singh

    Yuck! Anorexia-city.

  46. Anonymous

    What does she DO?

  47. turd da third

    Ewwwwwwww, ugly face, walmart quality tit job, and a stomach that looks like its been used as a speed bump and still has the tire tracks on it….. just a glamour bitch I guess……nobody seems to care, she certainly doesn’t

  48. bar room hero

    She looks like hell. Looks like a crack whore…

  49. Jon

    Yuck. Crazy bitch.

    It feels like looking at a 60 year old granny in a bikini, even though the rational part of my brain knows she’s quite young.

  50. Jon

    And i just went in for a close up!

    Her skin is already starting to get that leathery too tanned texture.


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