Tara Reid in a bikini: Pure majesty

July 27th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s Tara Reid vacationing with her new boyfriend Michael Axtmann in St. Tropez yesterday, and you guys go ahead and enjoy. I’ll be doing something a little less damaging to my eyes like, I dunno, staring directly into the sun for five hours. *opens window* AH! That’s a healthy burn.

Photos: Fame, Flynet

  1. M

    why is sooo flabby…. loose as some one twice her age


    What is so complicated about that? It’s simple and has immediate benefits. Why can’t you remember? Why do you torture yourself and others this way?

    Write it down, and pass it on to the brown bikini monster in those last pics.

  3. Blur


    What are you talking about, “at her age”? She’s not even 35 yet.

    The problem is she’s had some bad and unnecessary cosmetic surgery performed.

    Besides, do you think actors and actresses always look like they do in movies? They usually diet and work out for 2 months before filming, which is enough for most people to get into shape.

  4. Blurb

    She looks better than most people.

  5. Dread not

    I want to have a relationship with, Tara, like the one that, Lilo and SamRo have, only hetero. I spend my time spinning vinyl at the club, shootin’ sexy/smooth “wuzzup looks” to hot chicks bumpin’ and grindin’ to the music I’m spinnin’ that makes them feel SO good, as the Pavlovian response takes hold, cemented with the help of copious amounts of Grey Goose Vodka. Comin’ home after the clubs close, walk into my gate to find, Tara sitting on my front step. She’s been there waiting for me, desperate for my love and affection, willing to do whatever she can, so that the next time she texts me, I actually answer her back after the 46th one. And when we get inside the house, she’ more than eager to remind me WHY I need to answer those text messages. Oh, yes, to have my own personal, insecure, self loathing, booze hound/coke whore stalker, with Daddy issues. Well, besides, Mischa Barton. That bitch just crazy! Know how much effort it took to get ass her locked up and off my front door step?! Shit! On second thought, scratch what I just said. Too much drama for my taste.

  6. dink squeeze

    She looks like David Spade from the back

  7. confused

    I don’t really understand whats SO bad about her. Sure her tummy looks a little…..funny but i live in a beach town and she looks 90% “better” in a bikini then most people i see everyday. I think she should gain like 10 lbs….it might help her out. And in the 8th pic…thats what your leg looks like when you weigh 90 lbs. It’s her bone protruding because shes got such skinny legs. Like i said, i think her being so skinny makes her look worse…if she gained back the weight she had sucked out, i think it would do her some good. She was fine to begin with. I think everyone just always writes based on what SW writes. He says “gross” you all agree. He says “hot” you all agree. Aside from the few who actually realize everyones different and whats hot to some may not be hot to others, you all hate on the same people.

  8. Darth

    It looks like she got a belly button upgrade.

  9. Galtacticus

    What happened to that piece of loose leather what came off? Burnt it?

  10. Disturbing – she is like one of those crazy bitches you might bang while on vacation but would never tell anyone about it. Then you would undergo extensive psychiatric counseling for years to repair the mental damage.

  11. Gando

    59. Galtacticus –

    It was put in a lead box and burried deep in a deserted mine.

  12. mattillac

    i’d fuck her ’till my dick fell off if i could get SUPER HIGH! otherwise, gross.

  13. Bootlegger69

    I don’t see a damn thing wrong with any of the pics. She is a definite spinner spread her legs stick her on your tongue and spin her. She is obviously hotter than anyone on this little comment section could ever get a hold of look at the freaking boat she is on…people with boats like that do not pick up women like you idiots are describing. I’d make her and Lohan both scream their little lungs out.

  14. If you (lights out), Tara Reid and develop a bond, close, you bang it … She still faced, and will highlight the work spend a couple of years and I’m assuming did not contact Reader cooze …

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