Tara Reid in a bikini: Pure majesty

July 27th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s Tara Reid vacationing with her new boyfriend Michael Axtmann in St. Tropez yesterday, and you guys go ahead and enjoy. I’ll be doing something a little less damaging to my eyes like, I dunno, staring directly into the sun for five hours. *opens window* AH! That’s a healthy burn.

Photos: Fame, Flynet

  1. anon

    she’s quite lumpy

  2. Pico Mornay

    I think that the only decent part in her body are her tits…

  3. ohtara

    plastic surgery is sweet!

  4. Taz

    she was hot in van wilder

  5. negroid

    I likes that. Yum yum!!! Tara, I’d tear you up, sexy thang!!

  6. negroid

    I likes that. Yum yum!!! Tara, I’d tear you up, sexy thang!!

  7. Harold^Sick

    Likely, her vagina is reminiscent of a piece of lettuce, which inadvertently fell from Jared’s Subway sandwich, and was forgotten under the sun for days.

  8. gnipgnop

    In the eighth pic it appears that the deli counter is open.

  9. Nuage

    I’d still do her

  10. DJ

    8th pic…wtf?

  11. sierra

    #3 seriously? have you seen her frankennipples?

  12. sixpack

    ….vacation again????? This bitch works…WHEN??

  13. uh Uh UH! Yeah

    Picture 8 meat curtain is now my screensaver

  14. Gross times a thousand!!!

  15. Does the boyfriend realize he’s dating a tranny yet or is he blind to what actually he fucks at night?

  16. pretty bikini…………the bottoms looks like panties

  17. i dunno, she’s a little too skinny for my tastes though…

  18. Sheik Yabooty

    She’s on the right side of the globe for her looks…

  19. If you spend a couple of years working close to Tara (lights out) Reid and develop a bond,,,you’ll bang her…she still have the face, & charm and I’m assuming the docs didn’t touch her cooze…

  20. twzzlrgirl

    Fish!!!!! OMG, my eyes!!!

    Can I sue?

  21. She’s no Perez Hilton…But I’d still do her!

  22. unui

    yay Tara!
    is the boat ok?

  23. @19.. You know youre seriously giving that sperm bucket the benefit of the doubt with that assumption no one touched her vah jay jay considering you can see everything else has been surgically “enhanced” for full FAILURE.

    Tsk Tsk.. ;D

  24. jesus

    years ago i would bang this whore at least twice. these days, i think not.

  25. Darth Retard

    I’m sure this guy thinks he is in 7th heaven cause he’s banging the chick from American Pie.

    Sadly he is also banging the chick from My Boss’s Daughter and Alone In The Dark.

  26. sean

    i hear that all of the “ugly chicks who were once extremely hot chicks, who only now are attempting to de-uglify themselves to become the extremely hot chicks they once were” chicks fuck great because they feel they have to make up for their shortcomings.

  27. crazypants

    Seriously she looks fine. Yes, she has the bad lipo stomach, but what’s done is done. Fake boobs, but lots of people are cool w/ those.

    She’s slim, not too flabby or slack or untoned. Her butt looks good in all of the standing pics. No one looks good clambering out of the water or off the board or whatever she’s on – it’s just not a good look for anyone.

    She was partying on a boat and drinking umbrella drinks w/ her friends in St Tropez. Later that night she probably went clubbing.

    WTF did you do this weekend, ya hating bastards?

  28. Champ

    waste of a life. Sad really.

  29. EuroNeckPain

    #27 you have low standards and to answer your question, I was on the beach near St Tropez this weekend, see, not all of us go to Walmart on weekends.

    Seriously, this woman doesn’t make me laugh any more, her body is wrong all over (chicklet teeth, overbleached hair, uneven boobs sitting too low, weird legs, lumpy stomach, and a chest like a tree trunk); It is disturbing because she used to be very good looking and she did not need these “enhancements”. Mental sickness is not funny.

  30. Mama Pinkus

    That gal needs fuller coverage

  31. whatever

    You freaks on here that think YOU look good in a bikini at her age, need to get a life and stop being so judgemental. First, she’s prettier than you, looks better than you and has more money than you.

    All of you that are complaining are over-weight or bald, or ugly or jealous!

    Get a life. If she gave you a double-look, you’d trip over your own feet just to touch her hand..You know you would, you’d never admit it though.

    Bunch of jealous, petty people..So funny..grow up!

  32. bobby

    yuck, stick a fork in her she is done

  33. Scott

    “#27 you have low standards and to answer your question, I was on the beach near St Tropez this weekend, see, not all of us go to Walmart on weekends.”



    That was quite possibly the most asinine joke I’ve ever read. Fail.

  34. The Nice Girl

    Seriously, WTF is hanging out of her suit in #8? I’m a woman, and even I’m not sure what that is.

  35. Thandrale

    Why doesn’t the dumbass wear a one piece? Then she’d be relatively hot again.

    Personally though I like a gal with some mileage on her. It’s better than those smooth plastic looking barbie bodies.

  36. NoMoreDouches


  37. I keep waiting for an alien to pop out of her deformed chest.

  38. Finland

    I’m also wondering what tha fck is that …thing in 8th pic :DDD

  39. #32, honestly…why would anyone be jealous of her? I do look better in a bikini than she does. I LOOK HUMAN…as she does not (sadly). She was hot several years ago before she had several botched plastic surgery procedures. The “your just jealous, yada yada yada” banter won’t work in this case. Sure, I feel bad for the girl for having bad plastic surgery. But that doesn’t mean she looks good because I feel sorry for her…and sure as hell doesn’t mean any of us are JEALOUS of her. What a bunch of asinine bullshit you came up with. Get real.

  40. whatever

    #40…You’re so jealous and weak minded. That is quite obvious!

  41. mattillac

    i’d bang her till my dick fell off if i could get SUPER HIGH!!! otherwise, eew.

  42. Meh

    This woman has some pretty mangled labia. What are they doing growing out of her thighs? Did a surgeon remove and reattach them to her legs?

  43. Fox13

    41 – take your meds please.

    Girl is hideous…HIDEOUS!

  44. Fox13

    41 – take your meds please.

    Girl is hideous…HIDEOUS!

  45. whatever

    #41..Whatever…grow up and stop being so judgemental, and mental.

  46. omgfufu

    First comment after years of reading the SF.

    Hey SF… FUCK YOU!

    Lohan suddenly looks attractive.

  47. DCMikeRotch

    I feel the need to lick her like a kid with an ice cream cone. Because her body looks like it’s melting and shit in the sun.

  48. Annie Likes Anal

    I know I am going to get lambasted for this, but exactly what the hell is wrong with a one piece swim suit. They make tons of cute, sexy ones and Tara, and Lisa Rhinna, especially, could benefit. Why the need to show off the bad lipo which has made this chick such a joke. If she has a nude scene to prep for (good god lets hope that’s not the case) then it’s called spray tan Tara. It might even save you from the leather monster, which, judging from the amount of time you spend in bikinis, is knocking on your door baby.

  49. Annie Likes Anal

    P.S. Her boyfriend has a serious case of the gay face. Hollah!

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