Tara Reid in a biki- AHH!

April 23rd, 2009 // 103 Comments

I know, as Americans, we’re not supposed to torture. But sometimes I can’t help myself. Now, where’s the microfilm, you sonofabitch?! I can do this all day.

Photos: Retna/The Sun

  1. Snikes

    I love her so much, I wish to touch her with my hands.

  2. ashleyyyy

    thats sad, because she was so pretty in American Pie and Josey and the Pussy Cats..

  3. She looks fine but can not fix a ghetto, that’s enough. To see her taste in clothes or those drunk guys grab her ass or surgeons. He needs a stripper. There in the dim light and all will be in the top 5%. She looks like a pain in the ass. At least Paris-ish sounds fun.

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