Tara Reid in a biki- AHH!

April 23rd, 2009 // 103 Comments

I know, as Americans, we’re not supposed to torture. But sometimes I can’t help myself. Now, where’s the microfilm, you sonofabitch?! I can do this all day.

Photos: Retna/The Sun

  1. Tara

    My Frankenbellybumps are bigger than your sad little cocks, you fucking cubicle nobodies.

  2. Justin

    She is really hot,i just heard that she is hooking up with a tall basketball player on a tall dating place named: _____Tallconnect . CO M ,really?

  3. havana

    there’s a mistake in the pictures below the main one

  4. dk

    what a fucking disaster….

  5. Theres not need to beat this chic up! wish she didnt take the easy way out for her own sake,,,

  6. SoTe

    That’s not Tara… that midget is trying to take over the blog… run for your lives!!!!!
    Tara’s abs remind me of my grandma…after she was dead. yup, I said it.

  7. She looks like a chick that lost 400 lbs and can’t afford radical skin removal treatment.

  8. SoTe

    Oh my god, that’s worst. Put the midget back!

  9. xxxdeadgirlsuperstarxxx

    poor doggy

  10. Rick

    At least this dog gets a contact high. Paris’ dog got mutant STDs and an inflamed septum.

  11. nastyness

    Silly Tara..
    its April… Halloween doesn’t come tell October you can take off your costume now…

  12. smarg

    I bet she’d be a fun fuck. She knows what to do with a man’s cock. I bet she takes it in the ass, too.


  13. Fake!
    You can tell by the way her skin sags in all the wrong places.

    This is just like that movie with Tara Reid where she gets turned out by a bunch of immature frat boys and ends up getting her guts crushed by Van Wilder.

  14. Valerie

    @ 13–she’d HAVE to…..seriously…..poor, poor girl : (

  15. Sam

    The dog is trying to explain to Tara an important point some flamer made back in the Miss California story: “No self-respecting man is going to enjoy topping someone with a shitty hole. Responsible bottoms clean out.”

  16. #15 – agree. seriously. fine looking young girl who effed up her looks permanently. Sad.

  17. Zanna

    Nice “spray tan halo” around her face.

    She’s got expression of someone who thought that spray on six-pack ab tan was going to fix EVERYTHING.

  18. More like the spray on Sharpei…

  19. miggs

    As long as she gets her nightly dose of spray on group semen, she’ll be fine.

  20. James

    Yeah, aside from the weirdness on her stomach, (which, get over it, it’s not like there’s anything she can DO about it at this point) she looks fine. She’s in good shape.

    Good God. Everyone can calm the fuck down.

  21. Vally

    poor almost hottie. she looks ok but one cant fix ghetto, she just is. look at her taste in clothing or people who hold her drunk ass up or surgeons. she needs to be a stripper. there she’d be in the top 5% in the dim lights and all. she looks like a pain in the ass. at least paris looks fun-ish.

  22. Dog

    I’m going to scoot on those bumps again tonight.

  23. Tara's boyfriend

    She has the most rancid 3am cumburps.

  24. Lesson to be learn here, for the sweat hogs, who prefer surgery instead of a nice morning run…

  25. amanda

    why dosnt she just wear a 1 piece or a tankini?
    bikinis are made for people w/something to show off, and her body looks fine in clothes!

  26. wpgtech

    Maybe my standards are lower, but I’d still hit that.

  27. I guess the term “pig skin” is no longer just a reference to the football.

  28. liz4sale

    i feel bad for her. hollywood chewed her up and spit her out. shes even got the scars to prove it. seriously tho, it must take every ounce of her courage to go out like that.

  29. Andrea Casson

    Think you all need to lay off with the nasty comments there are far worse out there and she is a lovely girl.

  30. #28, I added a drinking game to your link. It is called Jerry’s Kids. I think I will play it right now, only with pills instead of beers.

  31. So Sad

    How sad it is that people have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer and bad mouth people they don’t even know. What a world we live in!! I know some dumb asses are going to have something really shitty and rude to say about me and again with NO clue who I am…..and gues what who the fu*k are you and why should I care. That being said…..I guess it’s true what they say, talking badly about others helps some people feel better about themselves. GET A LIFE!!
    and if you have that much free time… do something that matters in this world.

    Let the games begin………

  32. amanda

    look at you, talking bad about people youve never met – nice work!

  33. Beans Baxter

    She could’ve just worked out and all those toxins would’ve left the body. Instead she went the surgery route. Her boobs were fine as they were. Such a shame.

    Would still hit with assunder.

  34. #32 are you new here??

  35. Courtyardpigeon

    The worst part about this is that she was VERY hot and decided to do this to herself instead of dieting and exercising.

  36. #32 – We can curse here you fucking douche.

  37. AJ

    She looks as good as she can get in her bikini. The boy shorts are a wise choice for most females that do not exercise regularly.

  38. Rhialto

    Holy shit! Did she got her belly button fixed?

  39. Biki Fan

    That is a cute biki girl, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BIKI!?

  40. Truth

    Hell I’d still bang her!

  41. So Sad

    #33 – Hook line and sinker……what I said doesn’t even come close to the awful things others have said on this site. Don’t be so simple, that you can’t see the bigger picture.

    #35 – Does that matter?

    #37 – What’s your point? nice name calling….feel better now?

    I’m well aware that there are going to be people that don’t like or want to hear what I have to say. They will call me names ex>#37. Like I said before it’s whatever makes you feel better about yourself. THE TRUTH HURTS!!!! Some people can’t handle it and this is their way of dealing with that…..

    What’s next????

  42. Gando

    Maybe they transplanted the belly button of the lill doggie to her?

  43. Mr. Jones

    Looking at her tummy reminds me…

    Isn’t there a new Nightmare on Elm Street coming out?

  44. Rhialto

    When were these photos taken?

  45. #31. Thanks, I love it. Check your email.

  46. #42 – You are new here I see… and I feel fantastic. Well except for my pants, which are always tight on the crotch. Which sucks when I go to the grocery store because I keep getting accused of trying to steal a keilbasa…

    Lemme see… you come here trying to be righteous and begging for responses, then try to be indignant when you get them… is that about right? I was right. You are a fucking douche. Go save the world somewhere else.

  47. Zanna

    So Sad should change its name to MASSENGIL.

  48. Sally

    #32: Why in the world would you read a blog side titled “the superficial” and then complain about it being superficial. Um…that’s kinda the point. Maybe you should reconsider your reading if it bothers you so much.
    I agree that it is sad to torture Tara Reid and she’s been rather unfortunate in the surgery department, but I also think it is sad that you read this blog and let it bother you so much. Get over it. Move on.

  49. liz4sale

    #32/#42 just curious..what exactly are you doing that matters in the world?

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