Tara Reid hired as a spokesmodel? What the fu…

October 23rd, 2009 // 51 Comments

Location: BlackBerry Spokesmodel Hiring Offices

EXEC #1: Well, it’s your last day in this shithole, you gonna do something crazy? Maybe stir the coffee in the lounge with your penis? Flip everybody off? Take a dump on the boss’s desk?
EXEC #2: Eh, something like that…

Photos: Flynet

  1. CrunchyCheeseTwists


  2. Lengthen that dress down past her knees and maybe give her different shoes, you’d have a cute spokesmodel. Just keep her away from bikinis.

  3. Faith

    She looks great here…

  4. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I’d let her handle my blackberry if she let me touch her pinkberry.

  5. kris

    I think she looks pretty damn good!

  6. The vapid little bitches that buy Blackberries have something to relate to. Duh. Genius, if you ask me.

  7. phuture98

    She’s HOT.. must be chilling on the party tip.

  8. Ljutefisk

    i can’t fap to this

  9. Excuse me, but I have to go disinfect my BlackBerry now.

  10. DMoan

    Germany. Need we say more?

  11. PrettySmile

    Very pretty smile.

  12. Madison

    She actually looks really good compared to a lot of other pictures I’ve seen of her lately.

  13. Randal

    A good move by the Blackberry giant.

    Tara is easily recognized by the youth of today and has also grown up in the digital era that surrounds children today. A beautiful face promoting great technology. It’s a perfect fit.


  14. yuki

    yay tara!

  15. Alex

    That last pic practically screams “I wanna join team bukkake”

  16. Jenna

    Agree with all those that said, “Keep her clothed and she looks good.”

    Unless she’s drunk and plastered to a floor – she always looks cheerful and shiny.

  17. khloe kardashian's meat curtains

    she doesn’t look too bad in clothes

  18. OK, Next!

    If she keeps it covered, she’s actually cute. But what are those things around her ankles? Ankle weights?

  19. Toolboy

    These photos make me question reality….I feel funny down yonder, but I know it smells like cigarettes and vodka….but still, eye wood.

  20. Just once please just once

    … I would love to hear Randal say something nasty and ignorant like the rest of us fucking savages…

  21. Dance_across_water

    she actually looks good in these pictures. i was expecting worse…

  22. TheMunger

    Gotta sell wrinkle cream some how…

  23. ALEX

    Is that the new BlackBerry ” BOLD” 9700 ?????????

  24. Amy

    Spokesmodel for blow, not-eating, and cheap plastic surgery?

  25. chick

    FANTASTIC commentary! Don’t think anyone would have said it better.

  26. dude

    id hit it clothed…

  27. brr

    She really does look good in these pictures.

  28. She’d be perfect for Storm2 marketing. I can see it now…Storm and Tara Reid DO have a similar history!

  29. Screw that I”m getting an iphone.

  30. isa

    she looks good with her clothes on. keep it that way!

  31. happy

    Oh come on people, stop. We all wished we looked like that.

  32. Lis

    Hope that was ironie…
    I don’t, by the way.

  33. Bob

    It’s in GERMANY, people. The Germans, as we know, don’t have any taste when it comes to celebs or any part of pop culture, really.

  34. Mama Pinkus

    she looks decent covered up

  35. Zee

    Anyone know who those shoes are by???

  36. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    From this point forward, I will always associate Blackberry’s with STDs, bad plastic surgery, reckless drunken stupidity, and dingleberries. I will never spend my money on anything that has to do with Blackberry, so quit begging me.

  37. No Return

    With some clothes on, this plastic surgery freak actually looks good.

  38. SHE looks frikin AMAZING in these photos! SOOO CUTE and put on a little weight, great hair and smile. BEAutiful!! GO tara!!

  39. Turd the third

    She looks like a brainless bimbo wearing a plastic garbage bag. I guess that proves she is really the trash we all see her to be. She needs to be at the cubside in front of a trailer at a trailer park.

  40. Darth

    She’s probably getting paid in beer and sausages.

  41. Rhialto

    (pic 6) Hello?! When is my next beer break?!

  42. Martina

    She actually looks like a WOMAN here, and not a bikini sampling mall rat.

  43. Gina

    I think those are Minolos on her feet. I play Sorority Life and my avatar has a pair.

  44. adidas86


  45. adidas86


  46. Kick

    I’d rather see her than Katy Perry, Megan Fox or Dita Von Dyke.

  47. She could use a break.

  48. DJS

    I think Tara is one of the most beatiful women on earth. I hope she gets some movie parts soon.

  49. DJS

    I think Tara is one of the most beatiful women on earth. I hope she gets some movie parts soon.

  50. lol, this is too funny

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