Tara Reid has shoes

I used to think that Tara Reid’s constant stumbling and inability to get out a coherent sentence was due to her excessive consumption of alcohol, but then I realized that it wasn’t because she was drunk – she’s just insane. She recently asked London’s Baglioni Hotel for a second room to house her shoes, with a source telling the Daily Telegraph, “She booked herself into one of our most expensive suites at around $2,000 a night but then requested a second room too to keep all her shoes. It was absolutely bizarre. She said she’d collected all these shoes while she’d been travelling around Europe, but why she has to house them separately remains a mystery. The irony is that Miss Hilton was also staying but she was no trouble at all.”

No, my friends. The irony is that Tara Reid is still alive, despite having the IQ of a sock monkey.

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