Tara Reid has perfect boobs

July 19th, 2007 // 124 Comments

I think I’ve finally figured out why Tara Reid insists on showing off her stomach, and it’s to distract people from looking at her boobs. Look at those things. They’re not the same size, the same shape, or even pointing in the same direction. It’s like the plastic surgeon forgot what he was doing halfway through and just started sticking things in there at random. On her right you’ve got some fruits and vegetables, and on her left you’ve got, like, a bike or something. His desk lamp?


  1. Zoostation

    Horrible. Just horrible.

  2. Zoostation

    First and second. Respect.

  3. ddlytng

    man you have to really feel sorry for her and what has happened.

  4. wundersmack

    Hey, Tara! How’s it go– OWW!! My eye!

  5. random observer

    Not to mention the skin color. Oh the subtlenes, the slight glow, the perfect tan. For an oompa loompa of course.

  6. veggi

    Her left one just found water.

  7. VC

    And that dress surely doesn’t help

  8. Marta Kelling

    WTF?! The left one looks like one of those orange cones is stuffed in her bra!

  9. gossipmonger

    holy crap, they’re running in opposite directions!!

  10. my comment

    Her dentures are stained.

  11. Andrea

    seriously somebody should slap her…
    for christs sake put a bra on and find a more flattering dress, it’s not rocket science!

  12. whoneedsenemies

    Title should just read

    “Ready to burn your eyes out with a hot poker, read on!”

    How can she not afford a strapless bra?? How??

  13. Donkey

    She is number 2 prostitute in all of US & A.

    This one is number 1;

  14. I just thought these were a couple of mangoes

  15. whitegold

    What the fuck!!! Seriously, Tara Reid has the most fucked up plastic surgeon ever!!! Who the fuck is the hack she paid to do her stomach and chest, cuz that’s the worst job I’ve ever seen. She fucking falling apart. That’s embarassing?! Isn’t she supposed to be famous?! Doesn’t she have money?! Why couldn’t she have paid for a plastic surgeon that actually works in an office, rather than the guy with the knife that lives in the alley?

  16. mulva

    I thought she just recently had her stomach and boobs fixed from the first botched surgery? What the hell?

  17. bella

    At this point, its not funny anymore. And while Tara is obviously lacking in her ability to pick credible plastic surgeons or appropriate clothing to control the damage, the doctor (or doctors) who did this to her seriously need to have their licenses revoked and reimburse her for how they’ve completely wrecked her body. The best thing Tara can do now is have a reality show about plastic surgery – not like “the Swan” or any of those “12-operations in one day to make you look fabulous” shows, but a show that will make all the spoiled, rich 15-yr olds re-think their plastic surgery plans. Sorry, but a boob job ain’t a good sweet 16 present, and that picture of Tara is enuff reason why!

  18. lambman

    Next time take your surgeon out to Senior Tadpoles AFTER the opperation, not before.

  19. Donkey

    This one is number 1 prostitute in US & A;

  20. maeby

    It looks like she just stuffed her shirt with different types of vegetables. I can clearly identify a squash, a cucumber, a tomato, and what appears to be a piece of asparagus…

  21. leekyrich

    HAHAHAH 14

    it’s amazing to me that even tara reid could be oblivious of something that obvious.

  22. miss oblivious

    no, I definetly see a carrot in that left one…

  23. my comment

    Green is the new blech!

  24. wastedOne

    what does she do again?

  25. meee

    what in the FUCK is going on here

  26. She’s melting! She’s melting!

    What a world….what a world…

  27. wedgeone

    Why is she still appearing at places where the famous appear? What has she done worthy of note in the last year? Or 2 years?

    Why would the Chelsea football club consider her worthy to stand in front of their promo board? Is it because they thought she had a Heineken bottle stuffed in place of her left boob?

    Please go away Tara and don’t come around here no more.

  28. Christ on a Crotch

    WE all know her tits are fucked, but that is one UGLY dress. But it matches her ugly white trash self. There is nothing outstanding about this puta except the color of her eyes. That’s the only redeeming quality I can see in her.

    I am so glad I am a humble person who loves herself.

  29. snid

    Hey! Don’t be cruel. Poor Tara has a degenerative retina disease, and she’s slowly losing her sight. I applaud her courage in growing a seeing-eye tit.

  30. emma

    well, if you stupid kids can’t see that it’s the flash reflecting in the fabric, causing the “weird shape”, then you’re just… stupid.
    Her breasts are round, it’s not that hard to see.

    (that is one terribly ugly dress by the way!)

  31. Wonky

    #29 – That’s the best post I’ve read here in a VERY long time. Months I’d bet.


  32. yeah OK emma

    Yeah, OK, Emma, you keep telling yourself that.

  33. lapet

    She is running for President of the Shitty Titty Committee.


    She’s half pregnant and the left one is usually applied with ‘depress cream’. It’s the ONLY explanation.

    Either that, or they have emotions.

  35. If I were her I would
    make my plaztic
    zurgeon a nice batch
    of browniez laced
    with cynanide…then I’d
    mutalate him…..?



    I looked at it again and it’s like one of them is a normal tit, the other one is just her unborn twin throwing looks at the camera.

  37. sapphire

    Wait is this crooked one eyed boob the same chick with the sagging stomach?? Once upon a time when I was young and stupid I used to think celebrities had great bodies and I used to envy them. Now I’ve come to learn that they must earn most of their riches at the “funny” circus with the fat lady, the four hundred ton horned botbelly pig, and the midgets.

  38. bigsteamyone

    are they going east and west , or north and south ?

  39. lindsay

    ewww but i feel bad for her… um maybe she should just get rid of them all together and find a new doctor

  40. Michelle Double D

    ok… 2 days ago, it was her abs. today, its her boobs.

    can someone tell her that there is no shame in not having a perfect body. BUT there is good ways to hide your flaws.

    “Tankini” and “Bras” are not bad words.
    They are worn by millions of women around the world, everday. And it doesnt mean youre a loser if you wear them.

  41. Jen#2

    you know she could just have saggy boobs and one of the her boobs came out of her too tight bra, you can see on the other boob that she’s wearing one.

    Or she could have those tape to yourself cup things and one fell down and she didn’t notice.

    I would say that is likely as she did get her boobs fixed and they don’t look horrid in the bikini pictures.

  42. Penis Mightier

    Oh Tara. Poor sweet sweet Tara. Hollywood has chewed you up and spit you out, much like a wood chipper chews up once fine looking wood and spits out chips….chips that are but a fraction of what the wood was to begin with. Except in your case you got stuck in the wood chipper and jammed the thing and the motor exploded….and now look at you. Disgusting.

  43. Jen#2

    or it could be that body tape and one of the pieces unstuck.

  44. threearmedman

    I remember wanting to know what her pussy smelled like when I first saw her in American Pie…

    Now, I think I know…

  45. jack

    That photo is fake.. So fake..

  46. Joe Schmoo

    Its the shadow making the her boob look weird.

  47. threebabygirls

    uggghhhh. I feel sorry for her. She (or her stylist) sure picked the wrong style of dress for her!

  48. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I feel sorry for people who get cancer.I don’t feel sorry for imbeciles who mangle their body voluntarily through shitty plastic surgery. Why in fuck does she even go out in public? Nobody wants to see a mutant up close. NOBODY.

  49. flyby

    Amazon.com refuses to stop selling items that promote dog fighting. They are going to court to make sure they can keep selling these items.

    Oh, yes…and holy crap invest in a bra!

  50. BaldAsBritney

    “It’s the shadow making her tits look wierd”

    “It’s the angle of the camera”

    “It’s the flash reflecting off her dress”

    “The photos are fake”

    Smoke some more fucking crack you idiots. Her body is a saggy, deformed mess. Deal with it. She obviously has.

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