Tara Reid has an amazing ass

August 2nd, 2007 // 161 Comments

Here are some more shots from Tara Reid’s bikini vacation in St. Tropez. I think I finally figured out why Tara keeps her stomach looking like this, and it’s to distract anybody from looking at her butt. I’m not even sure what I’m looking at. It’s like when the plastic surgeon asked what she wanted her butt to look like she pointed to a picture of Hugh Hefner. Then the plastic surgeon put his blindfold back on and continued operating.


  1. Libby


  2. kevin


  3. Penis Mightier

    You guys are cool.

  4. libby is a retard

    people like you annoy me! Get off the computer and go turn the Disney Channel back on …..you’re gay! BTW that is one hot ass

  5. Penis Mightier

    There’s a Disney channel? Is it available in Canada? I gots ta get me some of dat!!

  6. Whatever

    First! Um…Second! No, THIRD!

    Ahhh fuck it.

  7. charm

    She doesn’t look bad in the last pictures, clothed. I think she needs to seriously consider changing her look.
    The sloshed-sorority-girl look only works when you’re young enough to actually be a sorority girl.

  8. I have to agree this “first” thing is pretty lame! LAME!!!!!
    Really what is going on with Tara??? She is such a cute girl I don’t understand what happened………..Maybe it is from smoking!
    This just out………….Nicotine eats your ass away!!!!
    This should be the next anti-smoking add!

  9. Chauncey Gardner

    Okay, after two days, my recently-developed Tara Reid fetish is officially over. I could have overlooked the stomach thing and the weird teets, but she’s more ass-less than I initially thought; she’s basically shaped like a letter ‘H’. This I cannot abide.

  10. gohan

    She is the complete opposite of a butterface….weird

  11. LF

    If you know you look like that, why would you wear something to show it off? I just don’t get it.

  12. Penis Mightier

    She has no idea how bad she looks.

  13. havoc



  14. wedgeone

    Moving on to some REAL celeb news:

    Lane Garrison from “Prison Break” gets to be evaluated for 90 days by shrinks to see what kind of penalty he should get for killing someone when he wrecked his car while drunk & high on coke.

    I wonder if “getting fisted by Hulk Hogan up to the shoulder” is a viable punishment?

  15. adeliza

    now that’s a granny ass for sure.

    Look how fucked up she is in pic #9…

    Man I didn’t think it was humanly possible to get yer eye to go south like that.

  16. wedgeone

    Everyone look @ pic #9 – Tara just had a stroke!
    One pupil is dilated much larger than the other one.

  17. What does she do for money?

  18. wedgeone

    or maybe it was just a wonky eye thing like Paris.
    Nice one #15 – great minds think alike.

  19. Mick

    I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but, leave the damn girl alone already. If we’ve all seen one or two photos of her in a bikini than it’s enough.

  20. Yuck. She used to be so pretty.

  21. antoine

    I’d still hit it……….but that’s just because I’m nasty like that!!!!

  22. wedgeone

    and what’s up with the two queers in the last pic? When did Tara become a fag-hag?

  23. Zee Brat

    That’s Awesome.

  24. Zee Brat

    @ 22

    I find that insulting. I am a fag. And I would never hang with Tara Reid. And it is insulting that you would insinuate that my people would. Ewwwww.

  25. adeliza


  26. Victor

    MMMMMMMM……..I think I would like to like that sand off her right ass cheek. I would love to do some many nasty things to that ass. That goes for her whole body too. I could do so many imaginable nasty things to her, it wouldn’t be funny. I would lick that asshole clean and dry. Then suck on that nice pretty twat of hers until I got it cleaner than douche would.

  27. Dan

    Bitches, exercise.

  28. Dan

    Her ass looks like that because she has no muscle tone.

  29. muffin wants to go home now

    She doesn’t look THAT bad. She’s getting older now, like late 20′s right? Of course she is not going to be tight and perfect. She is fine for her age. Give her a break.

  30. Hates Pan-cacas

    Wouldja STOP already, please?????

    I mean fa Christ’s sake, we’ve seen this hideous gluteus minimus beaucoup times. yick!

  31. Lickety Spik

    In spanish she’s be called Sinatra (Sin-Atras).


    Get it adeliza????

  32. Hecubus

    Superfish seems to be pretty amusing lately. That doesn’t even nearly make up for posting these pictures without adequate warning though.

    Oh and Muffin person, late twenties isn’t old enough to get old man ass sag, not even if you have a flesh eating virus or something. Look at Winona Ryder or Angelina Jolie or Drew Barrymore or any healthy woman on the planet.

  33. Annie Rexia

    Actually she’s early thirties. She needs to basically dump the bikinis, pick up some nice one peice suits (they do make them Tara) and start hitting the gym-HARD. It’s not that she is buckass ugly, but the girl just has to let go of the dream of being a sex symbol for young teenage boys. Tara, it’s over. Have a little dignity and cover up. Made for T.V. is your destiny. Just embrace it and stop making a fool out of yourself.

  34. Aubree

    So she’s got no ass and she has some issues with gravity already…

    How old is she anyway?

    And all of this stuff about “she used to be so pretty” She was never pretty…
    Ashley Judd, Cate Blanchett, Keira Knightly…they’re PRETTY.

    This overly tanned blond drunkerd has always been a little sleezy,if ya ask me. The only thing she ever should get props for is making an appearance in “The Big Lebowski”

    Pretty like Posh Beckham is pretty-I mean jeeze already

  35. Guy

    Wait, humans bodies change when they get older? WTF?!

  36. Henry

    ah tara…i remember her in “american pie”…i thought she was kinda cute. as the years went by she went from kinda cute to kinda horrific looking. what does she have left to mangle? face? check. ass? check. tits? check. stomach? double check. yikes. yeah she gets ragged on a lot, but i mean come on she deserves it for putting herself out there looking worse than that guy in robocop that got the toxic ooze bath. if she had never gotten any work done at all at worst she would just be some trashy white chick…now she is that and all tore up…double yikes!

  37. Stephanie

    Muffin, if you think the late 20s is old… I really can’t wait until you start getting close to it. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  38. Taylor

    I don’t think her ass is that bad.. move on to something else all ready

  39. Henry

    not that bad of an ass taylor? if that is not bad…what is bad? i mean really. do you work for her or something?

  40. Lola

    “The sloshed-sorority-girl look only works when you’re young enough to actually be a sorority girl. ”

    Yeah, but (no but yeah), most sorority girls stay looking like “sloshed-sorority-girls” when they’re older.

  41. adeliza

    #31 Lickety Spik-
    I’m a little slow today. I must admit, I don’t get it.

    Should I be embarassed?

  42. Elisabeth


    Its easy. They removed too much of her bottom, you can look right at her anus…its horrible… yuck… just look at it, I`m right..

  43. whackjob

    in NASA-speak…LSS(SR). [life support system(sperm receptacle)]

  44. Lola

    “MMMMMMMM……..I think I would like to like that sand off her right ass cheek. I would love to do some many nasty things to that ass. That goes for her whole body too. I could do so many imaginable nasty things to her, it wouldn’t be funny. I would lick that asshole clean and dry. Then suck on that nice pretty twat of hers until I got it cleaner than douche would.”

    Get a blowup doll, ye daft twat.

  45. Lickety Spik

    #41, It took me a couple of tries too. Assuming you’re spanish,

    “sin” means without (or sans).
    “atras” means back.

    So, Sinatra or “sin atras” means “without back” or ass, if you will.

    Oh well, I generally amuse myself and have a tendency of being corny. Sorry Girl.

  46. MightyDick


    Clearly they used photoshop to paste in the ass of Abraham Lincoln. Who has been dead for over a century. Because only a man who has been dead for over 100 years could have an ass that ugly.

  47. Frick!

    GRANDPA?!?!? What are you doing on the superficial in a bikini?

  48. Shallow Val

    When I was a teen and had a slamming b-ball booty, I used to say, “Gee, I feel sorry for girls with no ass.”

    Then in my 30′s when I put on a little more weight, I started to say “Shoot, I wish I had no ass.”

    Now, at 39, and semi-normal again, looking at this poor white girl with no butt, I go back to my original saying “Gee, I feel sorry for girls with not ass, who have nothing but downhill to go.”

    Thanks for the ass, Mom, you rock!!! It’s still high!!!

  49. Wonky_Twat

    #33 So true!

    Of all of these celebrity tarts, the only one who can really claim to be ‘sloshed-sorority-girl’ aged is Hohan, and you know damn well she’ll just be another Paris/Britney/Tara–trying to hold onto something fleeting that isn’t even worth it in the first place. But it’s all they’ve got.

  50. adeliza

    #45……NO PROBLEM!!!!

    Glad to know the chemicals haven’t done too much damage to the brain!

    I’m not Spanish, are you? Adeliza is actually some sort of French name I ran across in my reading. I guess it could be construed as Spanish, hell it might be!!
    Any way,
    As far as Tara goes I guess you can say,

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