Tara Reid has a weird stomach

May 2nd, 2005 // 3 Comments

tarareid_weirdstomach_small.jpgEverybody knows that Tara Reid’s breasts look like crap, but did anybody ever imagine that her stomach would be even worse? That has to be the work of surgery right? Normal stomachs don’t look like that. Or at least they’re not supposed to look like that. I can’t really even imagine what it would take for a stomach to look like that. Drugs? Alcohol? Being a dirty drunken whore? Or maybe having her breasts screwed up wasn’t good enough and she decided to finish her transformation into a complete freak by having the same surgeon work on her stomach. Mission accomplished, Tara. Mission accomplished.


  1. leecain317

    I think that is her liver waving a white flag

  2. andrewthezeppo

    You know, sometimes I actually feel bad for her. She used to be cute, she used to have a career, she used to have dignity. Remember the raspy voiced blond from Urben Legend…that girl rocked

  3. Tara Reid, who has been to rehab not too long ago, is looking a bit 'better. Even if his stomach is still a host of what seems a bit 'better than before. Maybe this picture is more flattering than others

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