Tara Reid has a negative ass

March 21st, 2006 // 105 Comments

Tara Reid showed up to the 2 Be Free 2006 Fall Fashion Show sporting low rise jeans and an ass so flat it actually curves inward. It’s like somebody punched her in the butt as hard as they could and everything flew up into her chest. If she and Hank Hill had a kid, it’d have an ass so non-existent it would actually suck in matter. Like a blackhole, only less scientific.


  1. LRonHoover

    I’d HIT IT! Right in her ‘negative’ pooper!

  2. NastyTodd

    lmao@negative ass

    as opposed to jlo with pie ass

  3. Lush

    Yeah… I gotta say, she’s looking hot in these pics, ass or no ass.

  4. billabong021

    #1, wrd

  5. tlcccc123

    If the best asses were flat as pancakes, Tara Reid would be IHOP. I say a few hundred squats a day wouldn’t hurt our dear Tara…

  6. She actually looks somewhat decent in those pictures. I mean, her tits aren’t hanging out and she doesn’t have a washrag on as a skirt.

  7. rds0811

    She’s really gone downhill since Van Wilder

  8. jagbag

    uh she’s pretty hot.

  9. I think she looks hot. No ass is much hotter than big ass. I’d have lesbian sex with her… Not that I’m into that or anything. Just saying, that’s all.

  10. krisdylee

    Even if you’re skinny as a stick, those low-riders do nothing for a girl’s body. Never mind her non-ass, she weighs like 65 pounds and still has a muffin top. BTW, this chick is a waste of time…..

  11. By the way, if you’re gonna go all out with a diet, make-up artist, hot clothes, why not go that extra mile and get your hair done. Jebus. Maybe she ran out of money at that point – she’s not exactly the new Julia Roberts; I hear the prostitution industry is really booming right about now…

  12. Whoa…whoa…whoa….

    She actually has PANTS on?


    *has a heart attack and dies*

  13. downshine

    wow- what a flat ass ! she doesnt need a
    j-lo booty but my wall has more curves than Tara. go do some squats!

  14. suzy

    i can’t stand this person…

    she cannot dress herself at all…

    those pants are horrible, and she probably thinks it makes her look like she has a butt.. but it makes her look terrible…

    your back pockets are not meant to be on your legs!

  15. bakismaki

    I’m more of a breast man, but that butt is straight up wackness.

    You can’t be hot if you don’t have at least a somewhat decent butt. The best you can be is cute but not hot. Unfortunately I’ve seen tara reid drunk so many times that I can’t consider her cute at this point. So I don’t know what she is at this point but she ain’t hot. I thought I was the only person who used the terminology “negative ass.”

  16. Tania

    She actually looks pretty decent in these pics, aside from her non-existent ass and the fact that her hair looks like bleached hay that caught on fire then was stamped out with a rake.

  17. Craig & "em"

    Yeah…besides the fact that
    1.)She looks older than Sharon Stone
    2.)Her lop sided boobs aren’t showing
    3.)She’s got more FAT in her elbows than she does her A$$ and…..
    4.)She’s Butgly (Butt Ugly)

    I’d Hit That….with everyone else’s penis!

  18. She must have had it removed along with the rest of her stomach.

  19. All the fat from her ass has been sucked into her liver to detox all the booze.

  20. rds0811

    She’s like 10 pounds and STILL has a fat face rofl

  21. Woofhouse

    Her only job as “worthless celebrity slut” is to look good, and she’s done a real bad job of that in the last few years. Now her ass is eating her pants, and she has the hips of a 12 year old boy. Yea yea, so she’d give a stranger a bj in a public toilet…You’d still have to look at her.

  22. HA! I remember seeing this photo somewhere, and i said the same thing, NO ASS WHATSOEVER!!!

  23. pickletickle

    I have to disagree with #9
    Often times a big ass is better than no ass.

    “The bigger the cushion the better the pushin’”

  24. Sheva

    We’re currently trapped here in negative gravity forced against our will to go against our will. Please help us.

    8 Ball

  25. HelloTimeBomb

    The ass is flat/non-existant but I think it’s still okay. The girl in general though.. she needs an overhaul. Actually never mind, she’s already a write-off. I don’t think she’s interesting.

  26. Mr. Fritz

    She doesn’t look as bad as the other photos. I think she is just buzzing while these were taken. The night was young and she probably snorted coke at Dennis Rodman’s house before arriving. She could be more curvy and work on getting an apple bottom like Beyonce. She is curvy in the right areas.

  27. scarlett138

    HAHA, hilarious. That’s one fugly looking ass, but at least this shows us another side of her, other than her usual spillin- out-of-her-top pose for the camera

  28. gogoboots

    She’s showing of her ass on purpose? Why? She has none!

  29. Dee

    I didnt recognize her..she looks sober in the pic…
    yes she could use a butt..a woman w/o a butt is like a day w/o sunshine. It balances everything out.

  30. QOTD

    Ass or no Ass, she still lacks class!

  31. llago

    kind of blew it with that last line. it should have read: Like a blackhole, only with more sucking.

  32. Jayne

    She reminds me of Pumpkin from Flavor of Love.
    But skinnier and less sober.

  33. aura

    lol @ everyone saying her flat ass is ok & that she’s hot. That’s funnier than the term “negative ass”.

    But I have to say, this outfit is an improvement. At least she’s covered up her giant, saggy, fake breasts & lipo mutilated stomach. Now she just needs to put a paper bag over her head & everything will be all good. She can cut holes out where her eyes are, though. Her eyes are pretty.

  34. mYslead

    i still think she’s okay

  35. polypam

    Beside the flat ass, am I the only one who is sick of this LA-style of beat-to-shit designer jeans + Beadazzled tank top + pointy shoes? You’d be hard-pressed to find a NY fashionista dressed like this, though you can still find Jersey girls doing it. Which Tara Reid is so it actually all makes sense. But I still think she looks very sloppy.

  36. hafaball

    suzy, she looks successfully dressed to me, I’m not sure what pics your looking at hehe…

    But dare I say…she actually doesn’t look that bad. Maybe that hiatus was good for her, either that or she just wasn’t being as interesting as Lohan, Hilton or Spears. (i.e. being a complete dumbass)

  37. In my opinion, Tara does not have the figure to wear these low-slung jeans she has been sporting. She looks better these days, granted, but if I had her stomach/hips and back fat, I would not wear those clothes.

  38. eyespy27


  39. bunnyhugger

    skinny girl, what kind of ass should she have?
    crack is baaad. i figure if the belly don’t flop over the front, the pants fit.
    and at my age, i would kill for that ass. uh, on me.

    and this is the first time i’ve ever seen her looking like a normal person. could this be a new trend??

  40. i heard that cocaine shrinks your ass.

  41. I’m sorry to hijack the thread, I don’t mean to. I just have to say that you all must start reading the sister blog, I Watch Stuff http://www.iwatchstuff.com/
    It’s gotten funnier since the last time you were there, I promise. You’re all missing out on some rare comic gems.

    And just to stay on topic I have to sum it up by saying that yes, Tara does look much better than her previous pictures. But it changes nothing. She still has no style, no brain, and no shame. Poor girl, she used to be kinda pretty.

  42. Pez_D_Spencer

    What’s going on with her boobs? Are they supposed to be at elbow level??

  43. TaiTai

    That first photo scared me. I thought it was Meryl Streep or Goldie Hawn from that movie Death Becomes Her.

  44. here

    Agree with those above who’d hit it. Mountains of ass impede important travel into the valley. Additionally, she should hum her Social Security number under the table when I do my taxes this weekend.

  45. jennyjenjen

    Dude, her ass looks way better than that one pic on the superficial when she is partying w/ Paris and her mini gets hiked up.. flab and cellulite city. Good for her for taking it off..

  46. URalllosers

    I can’t stand to look at her now, but can anyone tell me which movie she did the most nudity in? I want to rent it. thanks for the help.

  47. Doctor Poop

    She looks alright. Sadly, the Van Wilder days are long gone…and her tits are absolutely disgusting (why the hell did she mess with them?)…but she looks a lot better than she has been lately. I’d probably hit it as long as she kept her top on.

  48. jugsgirl

    i feel bad for her, maybe she has some sort of terminal disease. she used to be so cute. is it aids?

  49. Brit

    Tara Reid IS hot ;-)…in that trailer trash sort of way..

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