Tara Reid gets owned by Paris Hilton

August 28th, 2006 // 66 Comments

tara_reid_denied.jpgTMZ has a great video of Tara Reid being denied entry to Hyde and then moments later having her former best friend Paris Hilton waltz by with Kim Kardashian and go straight in. It’s almost sad. Like watching Gary Coleman try to buy a TV only to find out his credit card is maxed out. Only it’s not a TV. It’s a hamburger.


  1. Wow, the ONLY thing she had going for her were looks and fame….and now they are both gone.

    Remember when years back she got a bunch of really good press for showing up at the Oscars NOT dressed like a whore? She was too much of a dumb-ass to realize that maybe she should try doing that more often.

    As for PAris….She’s a herpes riddles cow, but she’s getting what she deserves being in a club where that music is playing.

  2. biatcho

    why do I feel like I just watched outtakes from Zoolander?

  3. guest1234567

    So isn’t a bar supposed to make money? JFC, she would spend so much on her bar tab it would pay the rent for next month!

  4. salstress

    By the way that bar is called North and is on Sunset Blvd and is small and exclusive with a guest list.

    Also, isn’t that the scumbag Girls Gone Wild dude kissing her on his way out?

  5. EazyE

    Nice bedhead in the back, Tara.
    The bouncer and everyone waiting outside probably spotted her shagging a homeless guy in the back of her car before she stumbled out and tried to weave her way in.
    Too bad. She could have danced the night away inside to Michael Damian’s “Rock On.”

  6. That is sad. What? It is. haha, just kidding, who gives a shit!

  7. pagebetty

    ===== Tara should’ve left right away. This is so stupid though. Paris getting in does not make her an A list celeb. She was coming from down the pee stinking street, passed some druggies and homeless people, in her designer duds and lo and behold! she got into to a club that was plays really sucky music. LOL======= A-list? Please.=====

    You can tell these stupid celebs that the next hottest nightspot to be seen at is under a bridge or in a stinky alley somewhere. So dumb.

  8. onesunnyday

    Um, this video is probably faked just for publicity, I don’t believe this shyte.

  9. radically4peace

    This must be a really cool club, anyway. They’re playing great current hits, such as Foot Loose and Billie Jean. It seriously sounded like they must have hired a wedding DJ.

  10. sortit

    again she should have left immediately….

  11. bboy4life

    The reason why the music sucks is because these “hollywood” DJs are WACK!!!! These DJs arent real DJs. They are just manning a jukebox. The reason you are hearing these old wack ass songs is because of new DJ technology with MP3s and this new Wack Ass DJ system called Serrato. This Serrato system allows you to play your stored MP3s from your laptop into your turntables via a synchronized vinyl plates. So these wack ass DJs now have the capability to download any freakin song and play it at a club. As before REAL DJs didnt have this access so therefore they played cool ass new shit and added an obscure record to their playlist but it would be a dope jam. Now a days these wack ass DJs think that everything sounds cool. They dont even mix songs anymore. They just push buttons. BUT peeps who attend these clubs think its cool because its hollywood and Paris is in the house. F*#K wack ass DJs!!! Keep it REAL!!!

  12. lisad71

    I intially felt kinda sorry for the skank, but then she was just standing there, lingering, like she just took a number at the deli counter and was waiting to hear that she was next. Tara should come on back to the East coast. There is definitely more starry eyed love for washed up celebs in the Hamptons and Miami this time of year.

  13. Ms. Sass

    Agreed, she should have just left. I can’t wait to see the video where it’s Paris not being let into a club. Her 15 minutes are almost up (should have been up a long time ago).

  14. bakismaki

    What was the last time this bitch worked? The only line she needs to find her way to is the unemployment line.

  15. loving it….though i hate them both

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